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Australian DJs

Ducking for Cover

12/7/2012 8:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The two Australian DJs at the center of the Kate Middleton hospital prank have gone RADIO SILENT since news broke that the nurse at the hospital committed suicide ... TMZ has learned. 

The DJs are under serious fire after pulling off a stunt where they pretended to be the Queen of England (fake voice and all) and duped nurse Jacintha Saldanha into connecting them to the people treating Middleton, who revealed details about Kate's condition.

Saldanha's body was discovered early this morning ... and cops believe it's an obvious suicide.

TMZ called the Australian radio station where the DJs work ... and were told by the executive producer that the DJs will NOT be taking any calls, period.

The E.P. explained ... the DJs have been "ordered" not to speak to the media. It's unclear who issued the order.

The producer added, "I advise you to stop trying to call them."


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We have a lot of "prank" type show here in the US, are we going to start blaming shows like them or those in them for what somebody does because of a prank they played on someone? Clearly this woman wasn't mentally stable if she killed herself over a prank that was played on her or what people were saying after the prank

652 days ago


I was a radio morning show co-host/producer for enough years to know that the DJ's will not only be fired now but the family will sue for sure...and they should! Right now the general manager is getting hell from the Owners and he in turn is giving it to the program director for not putting them on leave in the first place. They will have to live with this shame forever! Too sad.

652 days ago


DOUCHEBAGS! I hope they end up with HUGE mental problems after this so called stunt that resulted in the DEATH of the unsuspecting participant! Peoples medical conditions are private and protected by law! I hope both the Australian government and the British government go after these people and make a HUGE example out of them!!!!! HOW DO YOU THINK THE ROYAL FAMILY AND ESPECIALLY KATE MIDDLETON FEEL ABOUT THE NURSE COMMITTING SUICIDE OVER A STUPID RADIO PRANK!

652 days ago


This prank wasn't funny from the start. These people who pulled this prank had to have known that giving information like that was a good way to lose ones job. And this poor dear took it a step further, and took her own life. I hope you people at that radio station enjoy your Holiday seasons, you sorry bastards. I also hope this radio station is sued out of business.

652 days ago


If anyone still ha any doubts about what the Royals aka The Firm is capable of....don't to be naive. Deaths can and have been made to look like suicides before. Just ask MI5 or the FBI/ CIA. Kate is nw carrying the next royal heir(s) to the throne and therefore her value just went up ten fold. There were already reports William had asked the Queen to ensure Kate's safety...well she/ they just did by example.

As far as the "prank" it was a low form of toilet humor. Those who are protecting th DJ's consider this...what if they inadvertently found out Kate and or the unborn child were in critical condition? Or worse that she had miscarried or close to? Wouldn't be so funny or innocent then would it? Also Kate is now at greater risk from those who now possibly see her as a valuable kidnapping target and Wiiliam KNOWS this. It was NOT viewed as just a joke phone call but a SERIOUS breach of security. But I do think the hospital should take full responsibility for it not the nurses who made a tragic error in judgement.

652 days ago


This story should be dedicated to the woman they shamed. Of course these rejects will be punished. To be heckled and remorseful enough to commit suicide as a direct result of a privacy breaching prank? They should never be on radio again. And I love shock jock radio but these fools are beyond. Way beyond. Diff btw fun and pure disrespect to a national public figure. Shame on them.

652 days ago


Very sad. The DJ's broke the law by recording the call and not informing those on the other end. You would think a professional broadcaster would know this. They should be held accountable. They thought it would be funny to try to humiliate hospital personnel and violate Kate’s privacy. This woman was a victim of their “joke” and they should be held responsible. I can’t imagine how being humiliated in front of the world must have felt. RIP

652 days ago


I almost blame the British tabloid industry. They are so frenzied by every little piece of gossip that it's put enough fear into the British populace that any scandal will be met with un-ending attacks by the media. I'm certain this woman was terrified with what the tabloids would do to her once they found out who she was and couldn't face it. Really sad commentary on the British 'News' industry in my mind.

652 days ago


The English are a bit deranged to put these inbreds on such a high pedestal.

652 days ago


They do not need to make a statement. The nurse killed herself and that's on her and her alone. It is not their fault that she was mentally unstable.

652 days ago


They cannot be blamed. They did a simple stunt that harmed no one but the person that overreacted to such a degree that would have been unimaginable to comprehend beforehand.

652 days ago


This is stupid. It was a in good fun prank.. the fact the nurse killed herself is plain stupid. If she honestly thought she had to die because of almost connecting a call.. she deserved to already be dead im sorry. It was a dumb prank phone call where nothing bad was said and they didnt even get to talk to kate. and even if they would have, who cares? I doubt they would of said anything bad, probably wouldn't of known what to say.

652 days ago

American Patriot    

It was no SUICIDE!!...Scotland Yard offed her, just like they killed Princess DI.

If you screw with the Royal Family, then your toast...

652 days ago


The hasn't been a Queen of England for THREE HUNDRED YEARS.
She is the Queen of the United Kingdom. Stop getting it wrong.

652 days ago


This is because of the ridiculous idolization of the obsolete royal family. So sad.
Too bad it wasn't Lowhan that had killed herself.

652 days ago
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