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Australian DJs

Ducking for Cover

12/7/2012 8:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The two Australian DJs at the center of the Kate Middleton hospital prank have gone RADIO SILENT since news broke that the nurse at the hospital committed suicide ... TMZ has learned. 

The DJs are under serious fire after pulling off a stunt where they pretended to be the Queen of England (fake voice and all) and duped nurse Jacintha Saldanha into connecting them to the people treating Middleton, who revealed details about Kate's condition.

Saldanha's body was discovered early this morning ... and cops believe it's an obvious suicide.

TMZ called the Australian radio station where the DJs work ... and were told by the executive producer that the DJs will NOT be taking any calls, period.

The E.P. explained ... the DJs have been "ordered" not to speak to the media. It's unclear who issued the order.

The producer added, "I advise you to stop trying to call them."


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Whatever with all the comments - bottom line is prank calls should cease-period. Aw, and now the djs aren't taking any calls boo hoo ... I personally hate listening to prank calls, did a few when I was 10 or 11 years old - wasn't funny then and not funny now. I refuse to even listen to it - heard one annoying one recently.

662 days ago


I feel very sorry for the nurse and her family. I know the Royals are beloved in London, but I can't imagine being so ashamed of being duped by a stupid prank that I would kill myself.

As stupid as the prank was, I don't feel the DJs are responsible. They did nothing to PERSONALLY harm the nurse or her reputation. I also don't think they should be fired for the prank. However, it might make sense for them to lay low for a while.

662 days ago


This is just sad. Pranksters don't think things through and they certainly do not care about the harm and hurt they cause others. There is a line between humor and plain mean-spiritedness.Too many people lack empathy, being uncaring, cruel and selfish.

The Australian DJs are prime examples. They bear culpability in this operator's death. There may have been other things going on in this nurse's life, but it takes very little to push a mentally fragile person over the edge.

662 days ago


Did GAY BLACK MAN actually say whites are polluting the world?! Lmao! Ignorant comment aside...I'm thinking hes one of the people enjoying the easy life of govt aid gotten from us busting our asses working everyday. Sorry..his comment infuriated me! Lol

662 days ago


Someone needs to find out how much pressure and heat she is taking from the royals as well as from the hospital itself.

I am sure UK government is pissed in which they probably privately accuse her of betraying her queen and country.

662 days ago


Thank you for posting a follow up to this story, but anyone who laughed at and shared the video/audio of the original prank, making this poor woman a global laughing stock, is complicit in her death. Shame on you.

662 days ago


I heard the call it wasn't bad at all. I don't understand why she would take her life over it. I'm not taking light of the situation but did they really think oh she's gonna take her life if we do this? Who would have thought that would have happened? No one would have u don't think it's fair to blame them. I hope her family stays strong through all this.

662 days ago

American Patriot    

IT is clear that she was killed by MI6.

Just like Princess DI, she fu* up and was punished for it! Real James Bond ****.

662 days ago


TMZ every time I get to the bottom of a page KimTrash's ugly face with her big mouth hanging open is there. Please remove them already.

662 days ago

Mary Ann    

Does the UK have hippa rules? If not, they need too, and it should also condemn the actions of imposters trying to find out confidential medical information.

662 days ago


Who cares? It was a joke! No one should be under fire for it. Just because that nurse was weak minded and killed herself over a prank doesn't mean the DJ's should be blamed for her weak mind.

662 days ago


I'm sorry but this was a prank. Nothing more and nothing less. There is a reason why hospitals should not give information over the phone and this is a prime example why celebrities and VIPs should never be an exception simply because of their status. Prank calls are very common, especially from radio stations. Let's not make villains out of these two for a simple phone call. The nurse must have already been mentally unstable and her suicide was her own mentally clouded decision. It would appear that she isn't even the one who passed out the information and the second nurse didn't run out and kill herself. Unfortunate and sad? Yes! Who is to blame? No one! Blame mental illness!

662 days ago


"do you know much pressure you put on someone when you tell them to "woman (or man) up"?...

More victim talk.

662 days ago


It was a stupid stunt, but that is what "wacky morning show" DJ's do. No one would commit suicide just because of this. Obviously the nurse had mental issues and this pushed her over the edge, but if it wasn't this it would have been something else eventually.

662 days ago


Sad that she died but to be honest the hospital should be screening calls better than that. A general announcement that no info period about the royal family would have taken 5 minutes. Life saved.

662 days ago
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