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Australian DJs

Ducking for Cover

12/7/2012 8:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The two Australian DJs at the center of the Kate Middleton hospital prank have gone RADIO SILENT since news broke that the nurse at the hospital committed suicide ... TMZ has learned. 

The DJs are under serious fire after pulling off a stunt where they pretended to be the Queen of England (fake voice and all) and duped nurse Jacintha Saldanha into connecting them to the people treating Middleton, who revealed details about Kate's condition.

Saldanha's body was discovered early this morning ... and cops believe it's an obvious suicide.

TMZ called the Australian radio station where the DJs work ... and were told by the executive producer that the DJs will NOT be taking any calls, period.

The E.P. explained ... the DJs have been "ordered" not to speak to the media. It's unclear who issued the order.

The producer added, "I advise you to stop trying to call them."


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Figures they would run for the hills and not face the music like any respectable person would. Not even a statement released from them just the station....what cowards. They need to stay off the air for good considering how many laws they broke for a stupid prank! That most likely was the cause of this woman's death, right before the holidays too, I feel so bad for her family. This time of year will never be the same for them again.

651 days ago


They should hide

651 days ago


F thst nurse who cant take a joke. What, "royalty" is outside of basic humor?? She probably would have killed herself if the Christmas tree lot said they ran out of trees.

651 days ago


She was murderd by the british secret was set up to look like a was ordered by the royal family. The royal family is a very powerful family, dont get it twisted, they are their own facists regime. They dont need anyones permission to own the world, because they already do. That dam fetus is just carrying on the inbreeding of a nasty, deprived, satist, monarch.

651 days ago


those 2 dj's should be fired....its a shame in this world of social media that people don't understand that words & actions have consequences....sometimes deadly....why are we dumbing down society instead of trying to raise people up? And what is the matter with society in general that we get our jollies from demeaning and inflicting pain on people we don't even know?

651 days ago


how many times do radios do crank calls even worse then this and they upset people and say stupid things daily hourly around the world, i dont blame the hosts everyone should lay off them

651 days ago


lock them up for 20 years or more !....

651 days ago


Pranks can have the same effect on someone as if they were being bullied.

651 days ago


Whatever happens to them irregardless of lawsuit / fired - public opinion holds alot of weight ! They will Never live this down , period ! Karma is a bitch guys !!

651 days ago


Mixed feelings here...I know things are diff in diff places. But aren't there some type of guidelines or privacy laws that this nurse or the other one didn't follow? They should have never gotten any info from the nurse. Like someone else said this is the Royal Family security should've been in place to prevent random ppl with horrible accents through...where's the dumb nurse that gave the info? She didn't kill herself? And could the Queen not call Kate or the Prince on a freaking cell!? Oh! I do feel that maybe the Djs should've pulled the plug when they got through. Should they be fired? Hmmm prob so. Held responsible for her suicide!? Not at all.

651 days ago


Unf..kingbelievable! These f'ing idiots deserve to rot in hell! This nurse obviously felt compelled under the false pretense of power

651 days ago


Where the hell did the rest of my free speech comment go?? Morons..all of u!

651 days ago


I worked in radio for 10 year and pranked many people over the years, she was clearly unstable, regardless of her embarrassment from the call. Good thing Ashton Kuthchers "victims" didn't immediatly run into traffic or jumps of bridge decks otherwise many people would be dead. It unfortunate but not a life ending situation to leave an entire family to struggle for the rest of their lives because of it.

651 days ago


They didn't ask for private medical info, they asked how she was doing today. It was the nurse who started spewing all of the details. AND..if this woman was this fragile I don't think it was such a good idea for her to be working in a hospital.

651 days ago
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