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Notorious B.I.G.

Autopsy Report

Reveals Graphic Details

12/7/2012 7:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Christopher Wallace
sustained gunshot wounds to his chest, shoulder, leg, forearm and scrotum on the night he was murdered in L.A. back in 1997 ... this according to the never-before-seen autopsy report, just obtained by TMZ.

The report confirms Wallace -- who was listed at 6'1", 395 lbs -- was struck a total of 4 times in a drive-by shooting on Wilshire Blvd while the 24-year-old rapper sat in the passenger seat of a Chevy Suburban.

According to the report, 3 of the shots were NOT fatal.

-- Gunshot #1 struck Wallace in the left forearm and traveled down to his wrist.
-- Gunshot #2 struck Wallace in the back, missed all vital organs, and exited through his left shoulder.
-- Gunshot #3 struck Wallace on his outer left thigh and exited through his inner left thigh.

The reports says ... after Gunshot #3 exited the thigh, "the projectile strikes the left side of the scrotum, causing a very shallow, 3/8 inch linear laceration."

The fatal bullet was Gunshot #4 ... which entered Wallace's body through his right hip and ripped its way through several vital organs ... before coming to rest in his left shoulder area.

According to the report, the bullet perforated Wallace's colon, liver, heart and the upper lobe of his left lung.

Immediately after the shooting Wallace was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Hospital -- where doctors performed an emergency thoracotomy ... but it was too late. Wallace was pronounced dead at 1:15 AM.

According to the report, all 4 of the gunshots traveled through the Suburban passenger door before striking Wallace. Two of the bullets were found on the gurney that transported Wallace to the hospital. Another bullet was discovered at the hospital when the body was turned over after doctors had pronounced him dead.

During the autopsy, the coroner listed Wallace as "morbidly obese." A toxicology test revealed Wallace had no traces of drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of his death.

Wallace's body was eventually ID'd by his mother and wife.

One last thing ... on one of the pages of the autopsy report, there is a note scribbled under the headline "Other Pertinent Information" which reads: "Decedent may be rap singer."

Wallace was 24.



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This is what a Thug Rapper gets.

687 days ago


I'm not sure what this story has to do with anything tmz?! Although, it says he was sitting in the passenger seat and all four bullets entered the passenger do before striking him.... So how the hell did 3 of the 4 bullets enter his left side? And his back... Really?! Was he sitting backwards? I guess I need a lesson in ballistics.

687 days ago

BB not bb    

I don't think that Biggie was a thug. He had no drugs or alcohol in his system. I don't think he promoted cromes and drugs and mistreating women in his music, from what I know of him. He grew up poor in some housing projects, but that doens't make him a thug. I don't think rap and hip hop had anything to do with being a thug when it was initiated. It was just music from NYC street culture. That doesn't necessarily include being a thug or glorifying it.

687 days ago


I love you TMZ but whats the point with this? Must be a slow news day....

687 days ago


Only humans receive autopsies. Animals receive necropsies.

687 days ago


Should of rendered his body for lard.
Maybe the most humane thing he ever did.

687 days ago


TMZ ...........
wake up. charlie sheen is trying to make lohan his new goddess. i expect this to be one of the things you talk about this afternoon.
you can thank me on air today.
anyway- when are you gonna start paying me for all that i do around here?

687 days ago


Don't. Care.

687 days ago


I think an autopsy report is an important part of the grieving process. It gives closure and puts questions, speculation and rumors to rest. At the same time, I would hope the family of the deceased has some say in whether or not it’s published in the media.

Mr. B.I.G.: You died way too young, yet accomplished so much that is now your legacy. You will be remembered and missed forever. RIP

687 days ago


Dude was so big it took 15 years to complete the autopsy.

687 days ago


How was he shot from both the left and the right if he was in the passenger side?

687 days ago


I dont understand why this is relevant after all this time......I also dont understand all the childish/ignorant/racist comments. Get a life u peices of ****!!!!

687 days ago


Holy **** are 95% of users on this site mongoloids? This is history, who rhianna is ****ing this week , nor is anything about Justin bieber or nicki minajs "carreers". The type of human that is more s*** than papparizzo themselves who feed off celebs are the people that fawn over pointless celeb gossip that correlates in no way with their own insignificant lives

687 days ago


This is the medical info that I would expect from a shooting incident...nothing shocking or out of the ordinary...let us review police reports, police interviews and interrogations, and evidence from the half-@ss "police investigation" sad but I dont think that this case will ever be solved...perhaps due to police coverup, lack of evidence or lack of a thorough investigation. As far as the autopsy report, I was happy to read that there was no drugs/alcohol in the rappers system at time of death because it seems like we assume that all rappers live a party lifestyle drinking and drugging and clubbing. I think that because of the cir***stances of Tupacs death around the same time and the fingers being pointed in B.I.G's direction, his people should have kept him low key and def out of California. Not smart to drive thru the streets of L.A. nonchalantly at that particular time but because he didnt avoid LA after allegations that he ordered Tupacs murder, this is more evidence to show B.I.G felt no reason to avoid CA because he knew he didnt have anything to do with it. Still, had he not come to CA during this time, he may still be alive. Such a shame. Whether you like rap/hiphop music or not, wecan all agree that no one deserves to die. And on a side note, I find it erie that he named his album at that time "Ready to Die". So sad...

687 days ago

Dom The Mover    

R.I.P. My Lyrical Poet

687 days ago
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