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Wendy Williams

TRASHES Beyonce:

'[She] Can't Talk'

12/8/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Wendy Williams
managed to call herself a Beyonce fan in one sentence ... and then essentially call her an idiot just seconds later ... saying the diva "sounds like she has a fifth grade education."

On an episode of her show this week, Williams said she was looking forward to watching Beyonce's documentary, but said she needed to watch it with the closed captioning on because "You know Beyonce can’t talk."

The audience booed and Williams tried to backtrack ... but the damage was done.

Good luck getting Nets tickets.


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ok, so Im not a fan of Beyonce, but I have heard worse...Wendy is being a hater! Leave the girl alone...not everyone is good/great at public speaking.

684 days ago


Yep beyonce does have a speech problem. She can sing but she cant talk.

684 days ago


I'm a black female and I'm not hating on Beyonce at all! I will never let my little girls idolize Beyonce! I was disappointed in Michelle Obama for promoting the Beyonce Brand as someone to look up too yet there are so many Black female entertainers and actress that are way better role models than B is! For one she does not promote education! She could have at least picked Alicia Keys who is a UN ambassodor!

684 days ago

M.T.G. 39TH     

Listen to y'all, always got something to say about people y'all don't know. Read all the comments, somebody can't spell educated, but got the nerve to disrespect that lady. It's something wrong with everybody in the world. Wendy is a Hood b****, she'll do or say anything for money. Y'all some f***** up people.

684 days ago


BEYONCE is RICH than a mthfkr - Wendy Williams looks like she was shtted out of a transgender's person ass - BEYONCE is doing the damn thang - A LOT of mthfkrs out there with college degrees bust'n suds stock'n shelves, and kick'n it with RONALD MCDONALD. 

684 days ago


I agree with Wendy.

684 days ago


Education is supposed to be the outlet to your dreams , and if her dream was singing and she became extremely wealthy **** education

684 days ago

Los Pepes    

WW is right

684 days ago

M.T.G. 39TH     

Why y'all bothering her anyway, y'all don't have to deal with her, plus she don't owe y'all s***.

684 days ago


The way ur voice sounds do tell-tell if U finished school. If U didn't know someone didn't finish , you're only judging their way of speaking . You learn Ur grown -up speaking past A highschool grad and College isn't for everyone smart or not.Speak

684 days ago



684 days ago


I don't really care for Beyonce and I really don't think she can sing. I used to love Destiny's Child but when she went solo, it didn't set well with me. I don't know why so many praise her. If I saw her in the streets, I would walk right by her. She does not seem genuine to me, like she puts up a front, which is probably why Destiny's Child broke up. I am not a hater. The only thing she has that I don't is that kind of money and Jay Z (love him). Other than that, she is a typical hina that wears makeup like the rest of us women that keep ourselves up. You take that makeup, weave and man away, then what? Exactly, her **** don't smell like roses and she can miss me with how much she cares about her fans. They all say that. Now, Aaliyah (r.i.p.) and Lady Gaga can't sing all that great either but are as humble and genuine as can be. Fame didn't phase them. I can care less about her, her gold fangs that I wld never rock and her family. Daddy isn't perfect either. Lol

684 days ago

M.T.G. 39TH     

She's running out of things to talk about.

684 days ago


Wendy Williams SHOULD be reporting on how much of that $500k she paid those women and children she ripped off. Talk about a scrooge xmas.

684 days ago


Well the big joke on America is that most Hollywood stars have maybe a high school education, really. I mean think about it: Most people on the Internet are pretty ruthless when they hear that someone in the news has only a school education, making jokes about being qualified to flip burgers or one of Honey Boo Boo's relatives.

684 days ago
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