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Kate Middleton Nurse Suicide

You Be the Judge

12/8/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1207-kate-middleton-radio-gettyThe suicide of the London nurse who was "pranked" by two Australian radio DJs has incited outrage from around the globe. So, we gotta ask …


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The First thimg I though of when I heard this was the Brits flipped their lid and I'm certain, made her feel like the worldvwas ending because she saidva few words on the phone. It was a harmless call really, but because itvwas the beloved royals my god the world is over! RIP

684 days ago


How about who cares?

684 days ago


I think it's sad how the DJ's are being blamed for this. People needed to put blame on a coward that killed themselves.

684 days ago


She's clueless!!! The Queen herself isnt gonna call directly to chat w/ you. You dont think they have phone services? And BTW, you're at WORK!!!!!!!!!!

684 days ago


Unlike most posting here, I have a background of post-graduate studies in psychiatry.

The DJs lack empathy for others. All they care about is ratings and power over others. There is something wrong with people who have a need to be cruel to other people, period.

Crank calls are not funny; at the least they are the mark of immaturity. Contributing to pain, stress of another is always a risk a jokester takes when playing a trick.

Why do people think it alright to be cruel to others. There is a fine line between humor and hate. Once people learn the difference between a joke and the need to be hurtful, the better off the world will be.

The DJs bear SOME culpability in the nurse's death.

One never knows about another's mental health, so it is beat to be kind.

684 days ago


The people that are outraged by any of this are F-ing idiots. How many times in the past has a person killed themselves over a prank phone call. Give me a break that woman was obviously unstable to begin with. The DJ's did nothing wrong and had no way of knowing the looney would whack herself. SHE KILLER HERSELF, nobody else did it she did it. its her own fault period end of story.

684 days ago


The bad guys was the MEDIA for hyping this up. Including commentary from the media who called the nurses stupid for not seeing through the fake accents. Everyone just piled on, I guess they have nothing better to report on.

684 days ago

Jealous much?    

Honestly, it isn't the DJ's fault. With those awful accents they were doing, they thought they would just get hung up on. Even my mother whose second language is English knew that was not a good British accent.

Where I live there is a radio show who one day got a hold of Scooter Braun's number and tried to call him. They were so unprepared when his assistant picked up that she knew right away they were fake, made up some lie and hung up on them. I can bet you this is what the Australian DJs thought would happen to them

684 days ago


I think it's a stupid prank for one. It wasn't remotely funny, and I don't care who the patient is... hospitals don't need to be prank called. There are patients whose real families are checking in on them, they get emergency calls, calls from sick people seeking advice. They don't need prank calls harassing their patients. However, that being said... the woman who committed suicide merely answered the phone and passed the call off. It was the other nurse who made the biff and actually gave out personal information. So the nurse who committed suicide had to have other reasons for taking her own life.

684 days ago

M G    

Follow the money @2DayFMSydney Someone at the hospital said something (u r fire = dead) that cracked the poor woman...think about it

684 days ago


Upon hearing the news about the crank call, I thought about the employees who were possibly going to get in trouble over having let the call through and the ramifications.

Years ago I was working as a receptionist and got a radio station call asking me questions and I got rid of them quickly.

684 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

OK just posted this as a reply but it bears repeating...

i'm sick and tired of everyone assuming only weak minded "mentally ill" p*ssies who can't accept responsibility take their own lives.

I'm sorry but mentally sound people of strong mind and conviction, who are raised with a high emphasis on maintaining honesty and integrity in their lives do in fact kill themselves when they feel that have fallen short of maintaining those values in life and have done harm to others (something these DJ's will probably never understand). They are not weak minded people, quite the opposite, nor are they mentally ill. They are men and women of integrity who would rather die then face the humiliation of having not lived up to the values they so strongly hold. It is a matter of personal responsibility, a way of taking responsibility for their actions that have harmed other. (and ironically not taking responsibility for her actions is what this nurse is being accused of for taking her own life).

Example: Think Japan. Japan has the highest suicide rate of any country in the world. How many times have you read about a powerful CEO or government official taking their own life in the wake of a scandal? It is a matter of preserving ones honor. the Japanese have a tolerant attitude toward suicide, and in many occasions suicide is seen as a morally responsible action. Japan is just one of many nations whose culture takes honesty and integrity very seriously. In such cultures taking ones own life in the wake of acting dishonorably is the morally responsible thing to do, not a copout.

684 days ago


You forgot - pick the bad guy - the nurse herself. She alone is responsible for her own suicide.

684 days ago


I'm not buying the royal family did it conspiracies but they definitely had a role in driving this woman over the edge. The ruining her career and possible legal ramifications by the royal family were probably the cause. The DJ's may have pulled the prank but ultimately they had no power over the results while that can not be said for the royal family. Why is no heat going their way

684 days ago


The heat these DJs are getting is stupid. They did nothing wrong. I highly doubt they expected the nurse to just put them through without question. I have listened to way harsher radio pranks that dont end in suicide so its like phreaky said, there had to be something else going on in this chicks life to kill herself and this simple joke.

684 days ago
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