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Kate Middleton Nurse Suicide

Lexus Pulls Ads from Radio

Station Behind the Prank

12/8/2012 12:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lexus Australia
has axed all of their advertising from 2DAYFM ... the radio station that allowed two DJs to prank call Kate Middleton's hospital ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ spoke to a rep for Lexus AU ... who tells us the company has officially pulled the plug on their media campaign due to "the current situation​" -- specifically the suspected suicide of the nurse who answered the call.

We're told this isn't the first time Lexus AU has pulled ads from 2DAYFM. The car company pulled ads from the station last year as well following an incident with a different announcer.

This recent ad campaign (which began November 1) was the company's first with the station since then.


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I don't think this was in any way the DJ's fault and people should just leave them alone. It's not like Kate was dying and they pulled that prank, she was just having morning sickness, for Pete's sake! And they just asked how she was, they didn't do anything over the top! It's sad that the nurse felt like she had to end her life but that is hardly anyone's doing but her own. If anyone is to blame, I think it's anyone who blew this whole thing out of proportion and blamed the nurse for her "incompetence"

684 days ago

I luv u RPattz!    

It's sad to see a grown man with Bieber hair. 😳

684 days ago

What's up     

Good work TMZ, that's the old DJ who had nothing to do with the prank. Good research

684 days ago


He looks like the slim jim guy!!!

684 days ago


So.... Who is going to be responsible if one of the DJs committ suicide? Lexus? I'm saying that to say this: Everything tragic that happens doesn't need blame. Radio stations do prank calls ALL the time. Go to YouTube and and see how many times Ricky Smiley has done that... I'll wait..

684 days ago


This station did nothing wrong. The whole call was actually VERY funny. The nurse should have learned from her honest mistake and moved on. Saying her blood is on these DJs hands is ludicrous

684 days ago


The media is just out of control with all of this, over reporting morning sickness to the 9th degree like the woman is on her death bed. Is morning sickness really something to stir up a fricken frenzy about? Its ridiculous.

684 days ago


Ummm you have the wrong guy in the picture. That is not Michael Christian in the photo - you might want to get the right photo to go with this story.

684 days ago


The 2 d ouche bags should be shot. What low life bottom feeder plays games like that.

684 days ago


There is nothing to prove that her death is related to this prank. It could even have been murder.

684 days ago


This is why most of the prank calls you hear on the radio are FAKE. They're paid actors from a freakin service. Most stations do this.

684 days ago


I feel sorry for them. They live a catch 22 life. Damn is they do damn if they don't. But don't we all? No, the nurse should had killed herself. Nor should any of those who have. Yes, they should have had some type of access/ code key. The dj's would be ashamed now that it's not NOW just ****z $ giggles. But hadn't the queen thought that she should do something before they did? This is all that any loss of life leaves with with. A bunch of questions. I've always liked the Royals. If the were to follow the voulturs around and eat off of their every privates moment the Paparazzi would die out too. This just goes to show that they are only people too. Uninvinciable. Long live the Royals.

684 days ago


Wow. This is going to far. Radio stations do this all the time. IF the woman commited suicide do to this, she would have done for any reason, obviously (but sadly) unstable. They didn't think the hospital would buy their accents or release her medical information so easily. Surely, one would think if this hospital has been dealing with the royal for so long, they would be trained on media, paps, etc trying to call and get info. Had the woman not commited suicide, we would all be laughing about it.

684 days ago

Surfer Gal    

It's much the same as when the Rutgers roommate put the spycam on his roommate's homosexual encounter. Morally he was wrong for the "prank" but it went to a court of law and his punishment was minimal. The DJs are morally wrong, but if it was taken to court their punishment would be practically non-existent. The injustice of it all is what causes people to take their lives. And not this "oh they had mental problems already" nonsense I keep reading on these boards.

684 days ago


Her death is being treated as unsuspicious if it was murder it would be suspicious cir***stances

684 days ago
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