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Shannen Doherty 911 Call

Hi, I'm Famous ...

And My Fan's Suicidal

12/9/2012 7:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shannen Doherty
 had NO IDEA how to explain to a 911 dispatcher why she was calling from across the country to report a suicide threat -- after a NJ fan threatened to kill herself on Twitter last month -- so she settled on the "I'm an actress" routine ... and TMZ has the audio.

TMZ broke the story ... Shannen phoned police in Westhampton Township after receiving several disturbing messages from the fan on Twitter.

In the call, Doherty says, "This is going to sound incredibly strange ... my name is Shannen Doherty and I'm an actress. I'm on Twitter, sadly, and there is a girl that is threatening to shoot herself and she lives somewhere over there."

As we reported, officers were dispatched to the fan's home following Shannen's call -- and were able to confirm the fan was okay. According to the WTPD, officers met with the fan (a 27-year-old woman) who said she had no intentions of actually harming herself.

As for the rest of the 911 call, it's pretty standard -- except for the very end, when the dispatcher breaks character to tell Shannen how his co-workers are obsessed with her.

Don't hear that often.


No Avatar


Wow! Good for her ! How many of the ABC list would even bother...or remember to read the Obits the next day...

653 days ago


that guy sounds like he ran a marathon before he got on that phone. Breathing all heavy and ****!

653 days ago


Celeb life is under shadow alwayz.

653 days ago


shannon is doing a nice ting and doesn't deserve criticism. i think the dispatcher needs an ambulance - he can't breathe. he sounds like an obscene phone caller

653 days ago


She never stated she was famous. She was correct to play it safe in case the girl was serious. She sounded like she was sincerely concerned for the fan.

653 days ago


I think that was great. Let's us see her as a human, not just another messed up actress. As for the police, he was having her hold until the other officers got to the house, in case she received any more information from the woman. It is natural that he spoke with her. Did you want him to put her on hold?

653 days ago


Typical tabloid journalism. She had concerns about a fan threatening to kill herself, she gave her name to the dispatcher and stated she was an actress in order to validate the call (granted, I know someone else could have called claiming to be her) and did so out of concern for someone she didnt even know. What would the "headline" have been if this fan had actually killed herself and Shannon did nothing? "Shannon too busy to make a simple 911 call'?

653 days ago


Wow my opinion of Shannon Doherty has just escalated! Good for her for caring that much about her fans.

653 days ago

Gloria Unread    

"I'm on Twitter, sadly..."
I can't play the audio right now, but I hope this sounds exactly as it reads..

653 days ago


Put your name on these stories so we know who is the D-bag. want to hate on her for trying to help?? What did you do to help the situation...besides being an a-hole?

653 days ago


Wow TMZ way to make her out to be a self-absorbed, entitled c-word. She did the right thing. Just last weekend several of the readers of my blog were forced to do the same for a 'celeb' we follow on Facebook. When someone makes a credible threat of suicide or violence, you have to take it seriously. Leave the authorities to handle the details about whether the person really intends to go through with it or not. It seems every month we hear of a desperate person who killed themselves or others, and their Twitter and Facebook are full of their intentions but their cries go unheard.
I never really paid any attention to Shannon Doherty, but she did the right thing, and I commend her for it. Now if only people would stop with the attention seeking bs, and not make these claims in the first place. It upsets so many people and requires emergency resources that should be used only for emergency purposes. Glad it worked for all, and hopefully that fan is getting the help she needs.

653 days ago


Yes... Let's bash her for being compassionate and giving a "you know what" and actually being human and saving someone's life.....

653 days ago


Tmz u are SOOO Fu*cling annoying sometimes. Always trying to twist the truth and make a story when there isn't one. She was trying to help someone GET OVER IT!!

653 days ago


Kudos to Shannen, she did the right thing!

653 days ago


Shannon seemed completely normal and caring.
Give her a break people!!

653 days ago
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