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Ariel Winter's Sister

Grilled Over Drug Use

by Mom's Attorneys

12/10/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ariel Winter
's sister -- and current guardian -- sat down for a deposition with her mother's attorneys, and was hammered with questions about drug use ... TMZ has learned ... but the questions for the most part netted the history of your average Joan.

Shanelle Gray was grilled last week by Chrystal Workman's attorneys in the ongoing guardianship case for the "Modern Family" star -- and sources connected to Shanelle tell us she was asked if she ever took drugs ... specifically, cocaine.

We're told Shanelle said she tried cocaine only once -- either in 2005 or 2006 -- at a Hollywood party. She thought someone laced it with something bad ... because she got sick.

We're told Shanelle told the attorneys she went to the hospital as a precautionary measure, and was released that same night.

We're also told Shanelle copped to spending a "few days in jail" in Virgina, when she was 19  ... in connection with a reckless driving incident.

And our sources say Shanelle was asked if she ever got a DUI. We're told she said she was pulled over in LA in 2005 or 2006 and was given a ticket on a night when she had "one glass of wine." She says the judge eventually threw out the ticket because her blood alcohol level was so low.

Sources close to Chrystal tell us her attorneys plan to use Shanelle's depo info during the guardianship hearing ... in an attempt to show she is not a suitable role model or guardian for Ariel.


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Shanelle is now a 30 something year old mother wife, and whatever she did 10 years ago does not matter. Ariell is still better off with her sister than a mother who does not have her best intrest,

598 days ago


This is NONE of my business to hear very personal things about her life. Are you going to give us her credit score too? TMZ, this is too far. No one should know this but her own family.

598 days ago


Easier to assume most celebrities are druggies. A better question is to ask... "How long have you been clean?"

598 days ago


Wonder how well the mother would do if asked the same questions? Hope Shanelle's attorney can grill the mother.

598 days ago


The attorneys are just as desperate as Workman. Shanelle has grown in those 10 yrs. She is married to an heir of Pepsi, and her and her husband run a very successful business or 2? Ariel is in the right place, she appears happy, well looked after and loved. They need to stop wasting the courts time and money and keep this dingbat far far away from this young lady. I'm sure if they go back 10 yrs. on Workman, and "fine comb" her, we'll be in for some interesting stories too.

598 days ago


the more they try to attack her the more normal she comes across. not to mention honest.

598 days ago

Keyser Söze    

If drugs use as a young adult was proof enough that someone isn't suitable to be the guardian of a teenager,,, well, yeah, no one would be the guardian of anyone.

I get it - Workman is desperate, grasping at straws to get her daughter back, but, frankly, it would make way more sense to her to have an actual sit- down with her children to resolve all of the family issue.

If she keeps doing what she is doing right now (attacking her eldest instead of trying to talk to her), it will just guarantee that she will lost both of her daughters.

598 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Of course she tried weed but she didn't inhale. She's a liar. The majority of people in her age range have experiemented, and not "accidentally" with most of the common drugs of abuse out there. She just happened to get pulled over when she had consumed one glass of wine? She's either a very bad driver, a very good liar, or blew the cop. There's just way too much denial and bullsh1t with all of these excuses. This whole family sounds Effed up to me.

598 days ago


most of us have tried or used drugs at least once, hell, some presidents own up to that. also most young adults go thru a party period, drinking and doing stupid things. she sounds like a well rounded woman who has a mother trying to sell revealing photos of her.

598 days ago


who cares? who are these people?

598 days ago

really! really?    

Way to go "mom". Really pathetic that you would prefer your young daughter to go into foster care than be in the home of someone who loves her and she loves in return. Isn't that why you are trying to discredit Shanelle? The judge has already deemed you are unfit so where do you want Ariel to live? Ridiculously spiteful...

598 days ago

Peter Sc    

It is so many years ago. Former President Bush was also arrested decades ago and he still became President and a role model.
For all I know even Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton can make a diplomatic career 20 years from now if they can keep themselves alive. Just look at Berlusconi in Italy. He is about to make a comeback and he is for many Europeans a role model.

598 days ago


Who is Ariel Winter? Who is Ariel Winter's sister? Who are any of these people and why should I care about it?

597 days ago


I hear nothing in her depo that paints her as unfit as it's all from long ago, and she has since been a model citizen. Unlike her own mother, she's never had her kids removed from the home over abuse. This is a messy, sad case.

597 days ago

its a fact    

Well, it still seems to me that "Mommy" lost her meal ticket and will go to any lengths to get it back...just saying

597 days ago
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