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Australian Radio Station

History of Airing

Dangerous Pranks

12/10/2012 8:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's some serious hypocrisy at the Australian radio station that pulled the plug on the Kate Middleton pranksters -- because the station has a history of setting up dangerous stunts ... some purposely designed to cause panic and mayhem.

2DayFM's "Kyle and Jackie O" show aired a segment called "Desperate Acts" back in 2009 ... where a listener was given $1,000 to call her sister and convince her their mother was injured, bleeding, and in need of medical attention.

It worked ... the sister called 911 and sent paramedics speeding to the mother, who was totally fine.

That hoax prompted a police investigation.

Later in 2009 ... Kyle and Jackie O hooked up a teenager to a lie detector while her mother grilled her about her sex life. The stunt blew up in their faces when the girl suddenly revealed she had been raped when she was 12.

That segment led to another police investigation, and got the DJs a week-long suspension.

Additionally, 2DayFM has reportedly been on probation multiple times for violating Australia's broadcast code.

Despite getting repeatedly slapped on the wrist for their stunts ... 2DayFM honchos still signed off on Michael Christian and Mel Greig pulling the Kate prank.

2DayFM's response to the nurse's death has been that "no one could have predicted" the tragedy -- arguably true -- but they've also broadcast stunts where tragedy is not only foreseeable, but desired.

So, canceling the DJ's show ... hypocritical?


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Does anyone

683 days ago


Does anyone else believe she was probably killed? I mean I wouldn't commit suicide for Kate or anyone idc if they're from the royal family..whatever that even means now a days... Maybe they were mad that she let the phone call go through to the other nurse that released info..maybe they were mad and sent someone to kill her

683 days ago


parachute these two pricks into Iran

683 days ago



683 days ago


There was nothing dangerous about that prank call. Some unstable idiot offs themself because they are embarrassed over it. Not their problem.

683 days ago


R.I.P. - to that poor nurse.
But ... Didn't it register on that first call that Kate is the Queen's DAUGHTER-IN-LAW and NOT her 'grand daughter?'

683 days ago


Australia emergency services is 000 NOT 911....

683 days ago


Everyone does prank calls. No one knew that stupid nurse would kill herself over it. If she was doing her job correctly the call would have never have made it pass the intro. They didnt even sound remotely like the queen and prince charles. People need to stop looking for other people to blame. As for the other pranks, some were wrong but it happens and they should be punished for that but that wasn't the djs that did this prank. Leave these djs alone, they were doing something that they thought they pulling a joke

683 days ago


"2DayFM's response to the nurse's death has been that "no one could have predicted" the tragedy -- arguably true......" What's "arguable" about that?!?! Who could POSSIBLY have predicted that the woman would kill herself over a mistake at work?!?!?! If I killed myself every time I made a mistake at work, I would have barely reached puberty!

683 days ago


For the record we dont call 911 in Australia, we call 000. Its easier to remember when your frantically mashing the key pad.

683 days ago


Those Dj's should never work in any form of media again. They are responsible for what happened, no matter how extreme. If they didn't do what they did, that woman would still be alive.

683 days ago


yeah it was a prank call and there seems to be alot of blame on these two DJ's for this poor nurse taking her own life. When the call was aired later there were no names they nurse didn't answer with her name to be identified. The hospital have changed their story from "no we didn't receive notification to the prank airing" to "There may have been notification" Even though the royals have stated they haven't made any complaints about the call and the total loss of privacy both those nurses would have been in the crapper for talking about Kate's condition. Sadly it seems that they need someone to blame for this and the DJ's are getting it all, yes the call went to far but no names we named of the staff.
As for the other 'pranks' that had happened the 000 (not 911 here) and the lie detector were by different DJ's not the ones involved in the royal prank. Sadly they aired the girl confessing to the rape on air. (you don't want to know the male DJ's follow up question to that confession, I stopped listening to the station after that) any how, yes they made the call, yes it was stupid but hey the hospital keeps changing there story. Just my thoughts are with the nurses family in this time and I don't believe the DJ's should be held accountable for her death.

683 days ago


OK everyone get your facts straight on this I'm and Aussie and we DON"T CALL 911 we call 000....pranks on radio's are common and WHY THE HELL did the call even get put through they had ridiculous accents and was sure the call would be terminated and WHY THE HELL is the hospital getting NO FLACK for this or the so called security that should have been in's is really awful that the nurse committed suicide but she had a history of depression.....The DJ's are not physic who could have seen what was going to happen and they were also only doing what they were told to do by their producers!!! There is ALWAYS more to every story so make sure you know the story before adding more bull**** to it!!! From an Aussie who is sick of everyone passing the buck!!!

683 days ago


I reckon the sister would probably have called 000, not 911.

683 days ago


Let's be honest for a moment here; there is no evidence which could possibly prove that the prank is the reason for the suicide. People don't just decide to commit suicide out of the blue, people who commit suicide, do so because they have felt that way for a very long time. I can assure you this ill-fated lady would have had a history of depression, and was planning to end her life for a while.

What does this mean?

It was only a question of time before this lady couldn't cope anymore; life requires you to cope. Life would have reacted to her in another way, if not in this way. So I do not see how it is the Australian DJs' faults. Sure, they were foolish and stupid, but far more severe things happen in America everyday. If you really meant what you wrote, you would be attempting to do something about American shows such as Punk'd, in which the whole premise follows people's humiliation by myriad pranks being subjected upon them.

The only difference between the Australian radio station and Punk'd is that the latter has not had anyone commit suicide yet, but that's a poor reason for not addressing the problem promptly, don't you think?

Also, in regard to your third paragraph, ''It worked ... the sister called 911'', 911 is an American emergency number, it's not inclusive to the whole world.

683 days ago
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