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Brooke Mueller

Faces Jail

For Testing Dirty

12/10/2012 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1210-jail-brooke-mueller-tmzBrooke Mueller is in hot water because she violated her probation by drinking alcohol ... TMZ has learned.

As you know ... Brooke pled guilty to felony drug possession in May and was placed on probation for 1 year. Part of the deal -- she was ordered not to drink alcohol.

Sources very close to Brooke and familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... when Brooke was hospitalized last week for OD'ing on drugs (Adderall), her blood was tested and alcohol was present in her system.

It's unclear if prosecutors will go to court to yank Brooke off probation and into the pokey. One thing that could help her -- the alcohol level in her blood was very low.


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So its ok for a rich skank to.vop as long as its a little bit? Since she rubbed Charlie's balls she is allowed to break the law? I get pucked up for missing a civil court date in Clinton county Indiana but this wh0re can blow a celebrity and tmz says well its just a lil violation so she will be ok? Burn it down ppl burn it all down.

684 days ago


Can I stick the tip of my penis in her and get away with it cause it was only a tiny bit?

684 days ago


Does anyone know a person passing out from Adderall? I know plenty that would stay awake like forever.

684 days ago


I bet I get tossed from this forum for saying wh0re before she gets in trouble for a felony narcotic. Why do we put up with this ppl? We all let this happen everyday and say its ok cause they have this and that. Its not ok we could storm the walls we could take it all back. China men are tiny why don't we invade? Cause of there numbers. We have the.numbers right here and the will something about it.

684 days ago


She used mouthwash, that's all. She's been clean and sober since she cut out the bad influences from her life, you know, for the sake of the children. She's just dehydrated and exhausted, you guys. From making her art, that her suitcase pimp definitely didn't buy on Etsy in an attempt to explain why she was covered in crack pipe residue.

684 days ago


She can carry narcotics over the state.borders. tmz post the number of the probate. Let's all call and force it to.happen for those kids need not live in this madness. Tmz you post the numbers or you just as much at fault for making it a story. Man up Harvey you make money off it. Do something good for the community you feed off of.

684 days ago


Does this mean I won't get my order for:

1 dream catcher pendant necklace
1 feather and bead drop earrings
2 beaded headbands with a stand running thru the
middle part
1 mood ring
2 wave toe rings
1 magic mushroom charm
1 elongated tigers eye ring
1 'nobody's perfect' silver cursive necklace

In time for Christmas?
This is REALLY disappointing.

684 days ago


Lets all call the ppls court and have Harvey taken off the air at least on that show. He preys on filth knows more then he allows posted and calls it ok cause it was just a lil bit of a crime. A small violation of probation. Even if the addies where hers excess is illegal as well. Shame shame. Take em off the air

684 days ago


Lock this whore up and throw away the key.

684 days ago


Low alcohol levels? Well, in keeping with the jewelry making defense, she could say the rubbing alcohol she tried to clean her hands with entered her system through the pores of her skin ...

684 days ago


Gosh didn't she say she was going to get the lab results to prove she was clean. Liar Liar pants on fire. Dont believe anything that comes out from her mouth.

684 days ago

Latch Johnson    

Low alcohol doesn't equal no alcohol. Toss her in jail for a violation, or sock her with a huge fine. Help pay our enormous debt.

684 days ago


She is getting 50,000 a month whithout lifting a finger and this is all she can think of to do with her money,
she doesnt even spend time with her kids.
she is gross. Dirty inside and out.
she needs a long jail stay to straitn her ass out.

684 days ago


no fine because she has because she has Charlie Sheen to pay for it she needs to be thrown in jail just like Lindsay that is the only way these girls are going to learn put them in the jail with a bunch of p**** licking females who is willing to hurt them just for the attention and see what happens

684 days ago


Dirty test for a dirty girl!!

684 days ago
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