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Australian DJs


Over Nurse's Suicide

12/10/2012 5:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1210_radio_djsMichael Christian and Mel Greig -- the two Australian radio DJs behind the Kate Middleton hospital prank call that led to the suicide of a nurse -- say they are "incredibly sorry" for what transpired ... as they speak out for the first time.

The pair sat down with "A Current Affair" in Australia and described how they found out that Jacintha Saldanha had taken her life. Michael said they got the news at the same time and Mel called it "the worst phone call I've ever had in my life."

The DJs have been off the air since the incident, which they say has weighed on them ever since. Mel explained, "There’s not a minute that goes by that we don’t think about the family and what they must be going through and the thought we might have played a part in that is discouraging ... I wanted to just to reach out to them and give them a hug and say sorry, I actually do feel sorry, I really do."

Mel's attitude toward the prank was different before Saldanha took her life ... as TMZ first reported, she posted a photo on Facebook just hours before, joking about how impersonating the Queen should help her score free drinks.


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It's just a sad and unfortunate turn of events. Radio host do this stuff all the time. It's not their fault and I believe they are truly sorry for their part in all of this, but this nurse was obliously unstable to have gone so far as to kill herself over this. She wasn't even the nurse that spoke to the DJ's. She was just the nurse that transferred the call....Unstable from the start. This just pushed her over the edge.

629 days ago


Watching this interview in it's entirety, It seem like a lot of justification and no taking responsibility." Prank calls are and have been made everyday on stations all over the world", " We expected to get hung up on", " We have silly accents" and " We had no say in the decision making of airing the call, it goes way above us". Had that call not been made the Nurse would not be dead today. Mel seem like such a Bitch too, don't like her.

629 days ago


"Would've, should've, could've..." They keep blaming everybody else but themselves. According to them, the hospital was at fault for failing to magically guess two *******s were playing a prank on them. They don't look so smug now, do they?
I've heard thousand of these jokes and usually, they rely on telling the victim shocking things to elicit some sort of response, and at the end, the victim is ALWAYS let in on the joke. This hospital "joke" was solely concocted to get info on Kate's condition and they did not stop until they got that info. They never hung up. I don't think they are liable for the suicide, but they should be prosecuted for the call itself. That was no joke. That was a crime commited on-air.

629 days ago


These two are simply not believable to me. Nothing but excuses for what they did. Their remorse seems empty.

629 days ago


Crodile tears, they are not heartbroken because the nurse is dead. They are crying because they probably loose there jobs or get sued.

I hope they will never work again and have to live on unemployement benefits for the rest of there lives.

629 days ago


I think the moral of this story is that we as human beings need to think about how our actions may affect others. I'm sure that they have friends or know people who have suffered mental illnesses. They probably were not thinking about that at the time of the call. The woman who died probably had other things going on that led to the suicide, but there is no doubt that the prank call contributed to her suicide. Those DJ's were proud of themselves for what they did and the fact that they will not admit that is laughable. It's always fun and games until someone gets hurt.

629 days ago


I am sorry this happened, but I think the nurse probably had mental health issues. It is tragic, but you can't blame the DJs. According to the news the nurse is from India and maybe in her religion and culture she felt she had brought shame to her family. Or perhaps her co-workers were teasing her. So wouldn't that make the co-workers responsible too? It's tragic but time to stop the blame game.

629 days ago


There was absolutely no way anyone could foresee this extreme over reaction to the prank call. Clearly there was much more going on with this poor nurse. She was a troubled woman and it could have been anything that caused her to break. But that being said, theses two are only sorry that this has messed up their careers. I don't feel one bit sorry for them. When you make your living trying to humiliate others, then you are pretty much a s*** bag, there is no white washing it. But they are trying to make excuses and imply that it's the station's fault, not theirs. "We just do what we do and make the call." Ah yeah, exactly - YOU started it. YOU made the call. If not for YOUR actions, we wouldn't be discussing any of this.

629 days ago


I don't know why they didn't get a lawyer for the interview? i wonder if the psychic who was slapped by Linsay Lohan didn't see that coming

629 days ago


BS. They are only upset because the plan back fired.

629 days ago

Zach Swan    

A harmless prank? Come on. It was entirely predictable that their 'harmless prank' would completely and totally humiliate their victims. That's not harmless. They conceived of the prank. They executed the prank. The fact that others were complicit in their cruelty by approving the clip does not absolve them of any responsibility. I didn't hear a word in that clap where they expressed genuine contrition for their actions, but only that someone's life came to an early end. Shame.

629 days ago


I think an appropriate punishment would be to let the nurse's family member call the DJ once a day...for the rest of her life!

629 days ago

tony gee    

"There’s not a minute that goes by that

we don’t think about the family

and what they must be going through

and the thought
we might have played a part in
that is discouraging
... I wanted to just to reach out
to them and give them a hug
and say sorry, I actually do feel sorry,
I really do."

This is utter bull--it! She states that "they might have played a part in it. "


629 days ago


I once heard a "prank" where they tell this woman that her son had died in a car accident, and they fool around with her for like 10 min before tell her "Hey, we are kidding hahaha" this calls are not funny! Tragedy was about to happen, but I guess they will continue to do it, until something worse happen.

629 days ago


i feel sorry for the lady but if you kill yourself over a prank phone call it is not the dj's fault. The poor girl must of had serious mental problems to take her own life over something like that.

629 days ago
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