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Lindsay Lohan

Front Row Groupie

at The Wanted Show

12/10/2012 6:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

She may be strapped for cash, but Lindsay Lohan still managed to score a front row seat to The Wanted's show in NYC this weekend.

Continuing her latest gig as the band's biggest groupie, Lindsay was all smiles as she took in lead singer -- and new man friend -- Max George's intoxicating awesomeness from the front row of their latest concert.

After riding the band's tour bus from Philly to Boston this week, Lindsay was also spotted getting touchy-feely with Max at a NYC club on Friday night.

Despite all of Lindsay's court, career and financial troubles, at least she can say she's still going places.


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Its Nikki Bitches    

Not only is she butt ass ugly in this pic, but those fun bags are down to her belly button. Check out the Skank in her Skanky outfit that is hilariious. This is the outfit she wore that night.

Lindsay you look like a cheap cracked out hooker!/photo.php?fbid=56860......5576499642&set=a.138622032831334.22784

650 days ago

Ellie G    

Aww look how happy and healthy she looks with her sun kissed tan....oh wait thats not tan that jaundice from her liver quitting the bich.

650 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

why isnt this whore in jail?

650 days ago


Sorry Sweetie but that is her......Look on facebook Free Lindsay page for the rest of the pictures that go with that one...she takes that jacket off and shows the world her sagging boobs that are in clear view though a see though sheer black tank....and she's wasted really really wasted grinning like a fox caught in the fermented mesh corn.....same black guy and dark hair woman with her......
My god her she must be worn out in and sore from being the sex toy for that group of men the lost long weekend.... Just hope England doesn't blame the US for the savage STD's outbreak that these boys are bring back to England with them....after all she managed to shut down the Porn industy in Hollywood for a mouth after screwing that James Deen fellow and him going back to work and infecting the others in those two quickie moveis ......LOL....So "hooking up" with any of these boys would be hazardous to your heath now.......LOL

650 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

TMZ you're three days behind. The Wanted is alreday back in London and they are throwing the "HOMELESS TOUR BUS HOOKER"! Under their bus

Speaking of being proud, I’m sure that Lindsay, world class The Wanted groupie, was super proud that she was able to steal a hoodie from Max George, the boy bander she’s been canoodling with. A few days ago, Lindsay was photographed with him while he was wearing the hoodie, and a few hours ago, she posted this photo on Twitter, along with the caption “missing something?”

This is obviously a girl who has no shame in her game. Sadly, her game was cut short, because The Wanted traveled back to England yesterday. She retweeted Max’s status about it right before she tweeted him the photo of his hoodie. I’m guessing she’s trying to communicate that even though she can’t leave the country, he can’t leave her heart. Not ever.

650 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    



Lindsay Lohan proves herself to be a bit of a bunny boiler as she tweets picture of Max George’s hoodie

We all know Lindsay Lohan isn’t ya ‘average’ kind of a gal.

Putting aside the getting arrested every other week thing, she’s also a bit of a nut job when it comes to lovers.

Remember her extremely tumultuous relationship with Samantha Ronson?

Anyway, for the last few days she’s been following Max George and his band The Wanted around America being the ultimate groupie.

According to reports a rather bleary-eyed Lilo was all over Max following the Jingle Bell Ball in New York.

Onlookers claim they was a lot PDA going on and they were making out before heading off to their room together.

The next day Lindsay tweeted a picture of the back of Max’s hoodie (which he was wearing the night before), writing ‘Missing something?’

Lindsay we hate to say it but you are the one missing something… the plot

650 days ago

really! really?    

Lindsay's big carefree ain't-life-grand smile is a testament to her delusion... unbelievable! She needs to sober up and face reality.

650 days ago


Money problems? What money problems?

650 days ago


It's obvious. She's hitching a ride back to LA since she doesn't have any money.

650 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

The Wanted's Max George Admits Lindsay Lohan Parties Really Hard

Author: Mack Rawden

published: 2012-12-08 14:05:08

Lindsay Lohan’s publicist claimed the actress was sober when she was arrested at a New York City nightclub late last month for allegedly punching a fortune teller, but if the boys from the Wanted who she was with that night are to be believed, the Mean Girls star hasn’t exactly been the picture of sobriety lately. In fact, one of the main reasons why Lohan and the members of the boy band have bonded is because they all can throw down pretty hard.

Speaking to The Huffington Post, Max George, Lindsay’s rumored new fling, told the outlet it’s been an absolute blast hanging out with her lately.

”I love that she can party nearly as hard as we can. We had a big night on the bus where Ed Sheeran came on with us and a few of our mates as well, and we just had one big party. It was great!"

Given all the legal problems Lindsay is currently facing, the last thing she needs to be doing right now is drinking regularly in places she could get in further trouble. There’s a distinct possibility she’ll wind up in jail for violating her probation, and with any more errors, the possibility will likely turn into an almost certainty. She should realize that, and deep down, George seems to realize it too.

"I’m sure she’s got people around her that know her much better than we do. We're probably not the best influence, to be honest."

At the end of the day, Lindsay needs to be responsible for herself. She needs to make wise choices and spend her time with people who will help keep her on the straight and narrow. These dudes from the Wanted seem like good guys. I’m sure they’re a ton of fun, but right now, she should look into getting obsessed with a harmless hobby like Scrabble or video games.

650 days ago


she promised to keep the hotel room smoke filled and just the way he left it until he returns.
even the brillo and scented underware will remain in the same place..Vodka bottles are now considered furnishings and a act of esigning the room
what a Vile little home maker

650 days ago


So.... the user becomes the used and doesn't notice, or does she? Who wants to take bets?

650 days ago


this is a warm up story until court on Wed..
I am sure we will get "Tons" of these.
I want to hear more about the IRS..
and her crack habit

650 days ago


This groupie is probably not the least bit interested in The Wanted, or Max for that matter. She craves attention and whatever money this guy has, she'll shake him down. Too bad for her Max isn't interested. She just can drink them under the table. This dimwit, is she even remotely aware of her legal crap coming up? Glom onto someone your own age Lohan.

650 days ago


Priorities?!? I hope the judge sees all this and put her ass on jail. She takes nothing serious but everything for granted...

650 days ago
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