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'Pawn Stars' Ex-Agent

New Agent Stole My Clients

So Pay Me!

12/11/2012 6:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guys from "Pawn Stars" struck it rich with their hit show  -- and then turned their backs on the agents who brokered their initial contracts ... that according to a new lawsuit filed by the jilted talent agency.

The suit, filed by Venture IAB in L.A. County Superior Court ... claims all 3 Harrisons and Chumlee inked deals in 2007 and 2009 for the agency to represent them -- before "Pawn Stars" started airing on The History Channel.

According to the suit, in January 2010 -- 6 months after the show hit the air -- another agent and 2 'Pawn' execs ... convinced the cast to terminate their deal with Venture IAB.

In the suit, Venture claims the execs -- Mary Donahue and Nancy Dubuc -- "intended to disrupt" the agency's deal with the guys so their "friend and agent" could sign them.

Venture IAB is suing The History Channel, the agent and the execs for more than $5 million in damages.

As we previously reported, a very similar suit was filed by an ex-manager -- but that one named the Harrisons and Chumlee as defendants.


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I can't believe people still watch this. It is scripted and totally fake, The "Pawn Shop" employees have criminal records as long as the "show". And the shows premise is the same...people so strapped for cash they must "give away" their belongings for a tenth or less than market worth.

651 days ago


Show sucks anyway I hope it goes off the air! History chanel sucks anyway though they just show the same shows over and over.

651 days ago


I must admit fake or not pawn stars is my guilty vice I love this show watch it every Monday I learn a lot of interesting things regarding the items that's the part I like learning the history

651 days ago


Why did you go from a good picture of all four of them to a mediocre picture of three of them?

651 days ago


Venture IAB should be smarter than this. If these reality retards owe them commission then the lawsuit is against them, not the network or studio.

651 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Umm remind me why we give a damned about some agents problems on a celebrity gossip site? His reality tv clients are barely stars, nobody gives a f*ck about him.

651 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

People, of course the show is scripted and fake. If the offered REAL pawn shop prices for this stuff people would hate their guts for being the ass cancer on society that pawn dealers are.

651 days ago


Damn People are still talking about this show? They need to cancel it along w/ all the other fake ass pawn shows like hardcore pawn while their at it. So stupid!!

651 days ago


No joke, look at the one all the way on the left. He looks just like jabba the hut from star wars

651 days ago


if they were hust low life pawn brokers, why the f did they need an agent, before the show even aired..the average joe is just sittn around and says oh man I need an agent..f no..its fake..they just found the four fattest ugly mofos alive and put em on one show..

651 days ago


i don't know why people even bother trying to sell stuff to them. i mean if you put in half an hour doing research, you could almost certainly get yourself an infinitely better deal than what they will ever give you.
can't count how many times i have seen people go there thinking they will get anything APPROACHING a fair price even getting an appraiser telling them the item is worth 4grand and then try to get 4 grand and be told the offer is like 6 hundred- 650 tops.
if you want fair value- you must not sell to people like them. they make a very good living screwing people over.

651 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

For some reason I love the show but you know that they are all dic.ks. No you have to buy it for the right price to make a profit!
Phishie from Philly

651 days ago


These guys try to come off as tough guys. The show is borderline entertaining.......What's with the mafia attitudes......How they made it on TV is almost comical.

651 days ago


They're hustlers! The experts make the show watchable. But they are a sorry looking bunch of uneducated and overweight Americans. And Chumlee's salary does shock me!

651 days ago


Chumlee is the best on that show.

The son is so stupid I’ve’ noticed they have him do home work on the items coming in so he don’t look so dumb like he is.

The guy is so stupid he thinks glass can run with age.

He used to give his opinion without people telling him up front about an item and he never had it right, Chumlee, is much more intelligent then him.

Now he wants to be a partner. The only reason he is still around there, his dad owns the place, if not for that the guy would be long gone.

I am betting he never finished high school.

650 days ago
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