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Rick Ross

Chicago PD Investigating

Death Threats from Gang

12/11/2012 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rick Ross says he's not hiding from gang members who made death threats against him -- but the Chicago Police Department took the videotaped message seriously enough to launch an investigation ... TMZ has learned.

You'll recall ... self-proclaimed members of the Chicago-based Gangster Disciples posted a video (below) -- in which they demand Rick Ross cut a check for GD founder Larry Hoover ... or else.

The video went viral a few weeks ago, and Ross then cancelled the remaining dates on his tour.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Chicago PD was made aware of the video, and will be taking a closer look at the YouTube post.  

Ross told Miami radio station WEDR the real reason he cancelled the tour was due to shoddy promoting -- and claims it had nothing to do with the GD threats.

Ross defiantly said he's not afraid to go to Chicago, and humbly added ... "Ricky Ross is a boss. You can't cancel a Ricky Ross show without Ricky Ross's permission."


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Rick Ross wants to be 2pac and Biggie so bad

678 days ago


Oh you silly gangsters, you know what your mommy said, if you want something you have to use your words. Pull up your big boy pants and use your words like mommy taught you.

678 days ago


You don't get a cheque if you provide shoddy services. How stupid do you have to be to be a GD.

678 days ago


Don't get scared now, tough guy.

678 days ago


Can't we just put all of these embarrassing p u s s y a s s gangbangers on an island somewhere and blow it up? Or, to save money, let them just "do they thang" and kill each other? Freaking ****roaches on society.

678 days ago

mo money, mo problems. somewhere vanilla ice is laughing.

678 days ago


Rick Ross is a fake...and so are these niglets in the video "threatening". Most people, not from Chicago, would take this seriously. Let me tell you -as a REAL Chicago native from the street- this was some BS. lol. REAL GDs would NEVER do some silly shiat like this - showing their FACES?!?!?! - and then post it on the internet for the gand investigations unit to see. Next - if they REALLY wanted to get to dude YOU - NOR TMZ - would ever hesar about it. Guaranteed. I keep telling you people, this shiat they show you on these celeb websites IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PUPOSES ONLY. LOLOLOLOL

678 days ago


Hmmmmmm he needs to take them serious chi town is no joke and the gangs are serious

678 days ago


I'm sick and tired of these thugs. Rick and all the rest of these gang banger rappers, have all of these violent lyrics in their songs. When trouble comes they want to use valuable resources to protect their behinds. I live here in Chicago and I'm sick of the violence in these streets. I wish they would just bundle them all up take them in a field and let them kill/shoot each other. So that everyone can walk the streets again without fear of getting our heads blown off.

678 days ago


sounds scare to me. those poor chinchillas

678 days ago


If you belong to a gang that just means u can't handle **** on ur own and need 30 goons next to u just to be tuff. Kids, please go to school

678 days ago


Live a Thug life I guess you die a thug life....who less fool on this earth...let thugs kill thugs, be good for less crimes!

678 days ago


That was ignorance at it's finest! And a sad way to display the black community!

678 days ago


and the nasty looking fool makes it worse by snitching out the gang........if not this gang another one will get him....he plays the big man and cries to the popo cause he cant handle his crap...thats as bad as snitching...another rapper puzzy like chris brown and drake!

678 days ago


They use to laugh at Will Smith for being a bubble gum rapper. Now who's laughing?

678 days ago
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