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Brooke Mueller

Child Services Investigates

Turns Home Upside Down

12/12/2012 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services barged into Brooke Mueller's home the night following her OD, and turned the place upside down looking for drugs ... this according to Brooke.

Brooke is telling friends, DCFS investigators showed up hours after she returned from the hospital December 7th -- as we reported, Brooke was unresponsive after taking way too much Adderall.

Brooke says investigators tore her house apart for six hours, searching for signs of drug use, but finding nothing except a lone cigarette butt on the floor of the master bathroom.

We're told DCFS grilled Brooke ... to find out if she smoked indoors with the children present. We're told Brooke told investigators she smokes in her bathroom with windows open, far from her kids.

We're told DCFS woke up her twin boys and asked them questions like, "Has mommy ever touched you?" They also checked the boys for signs of physical abuse ... again finding nothing.

As we first reported, the kids are now with Charlie's second ex-wife, Denise Richards, while Brooke's in rehab.

We're told Brooke's pissed over the way DCFS conducted the investigation --  calling it "harassing."


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Good I'm tried of these stars getting away with everything under the sun

681 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Oh,I'm SURE her staff is on blast to sweep the place after every O.D..
(Nice effort by the cops, though. The more pressure on this b!t@h to clean up, the better. She's got kids!!!)

681 days ago

Church Lady    

I wonder who made the anonymous call. There has been some mischievous activity on Brooke's Wikipedia page recently. Someone edited the information about Brooke's mother to make it look like she had Brooke's father murdered when Brooke was 12. It has since been cleaned up. I read that the two sets of grandparents are at war, and Charlie's parents, or mother, has been publicly unkind in her assessment of Brooke's ability to parent.

681 days ago


Take the kids away already! It would appear that her parents or Charlie's could take them and raise them in a stable home. Pawning them off on Denise every time their mother goes off the rails and their father's "too busy" to care for them can't be healthy for them. Denise is really an amazing person to willingly take on twins for "indefinite periods of time". But that isn't the long term answer.

681 days ago

Dino the Dinosaur    

Stop letting the gestapo in the house Brooke.

681 days ago


call the whaa-bulance...or call it karma.

681 days ago


Better safe than sorry!

681 days ago


I call bullshlt on some of this story. Just anyone from any child protection agency can't stop the kid and ask about physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. In order for it to stick it must be done in a clinical environment with medical personnel or a clinical specialist. Otherwise the person next door might as well be asking the questions and making the accusations.

681 days ago


Bit@ch go straight to hell, who care about what you are pissed at, I'm pissed cause you a ish azz mother and the nanny and an ex-wife is raising ya dammm kids, now ho have a stadium full of seats.

681 days ago

Max Smart    

Poor kids, having to grow up with parents like that. They don't have chance. Give Denise custody. Remember when Bob Geldof got custody of Michael Hutchence's kid? She grew up to have a normal, stable life.

681 days ago


I'm pissed cause you got all that dayummm money, which you could do some good with, but instead ya azz sittin around all day smokin crack and makin crappy art, ho leave the planet.

681 days ago


If kids are sitting around playing video games all day a little second-hand smoke might be good to get there metabolism going.

681 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

HA!!! gestapo bitches got nothin'!

681 days ago


Damn Denise you need some kind of award, you certainly have a bigger heart than most... kudos!!

681 days ago


Is she kidding? DCFS does not do drug searches, neither does CPS..the cops do. CPS is an over burden system. My 2nd grandson drowned when his mothe rplaced him in the backyard with an open pool, while she went and watched Tv with her sister. Paramedics revived the poor child but he is brain damaged. She took off, the cops should have arrested her for child endangerment, they and CPS did nothing. She walks away free, while he spends the rest of his life trying to learn. Where will she be in 20 years if he needs help? Mommy's love..

681 days ago
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