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Casey Anthony

Fried in Florida

12/12/2012 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony
Unencumbered by babysitting, Casey Anthony dined on hot wings and fries at a Florida restaurant ... so claim people at the restaurant.

A woman who sure looks like the famous former defendant is seen in the photo chowing down at Flanigan's Seafood Bar and Grill in Lake Worth, looking somber -- as if someone just died.

The restaurant was mum when we called, saying they don't comment on people who patronize the joint.

We couldn't even ask if duct a l'orange was on the menu.


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So the fact that she didn't commit the murder (you actually believe that???) makes it ok, huh. I'm guessing you don't have kids, douchebag.

687 days ago


Uuugggghhhh. I cant wait for karma to catch up with this BIOTCH. :O

687 days ago


Unless this b...tch choked to death on whatever she was eating, please don't report on this baby killer's comings and goings. I only want to hear about her being killed.

687 days ago


Uh oh! Skank baby killer is going to be infuriated that Lindsey Johan is getting wayyyy more comments on tmz today then she is! Look out..I'm sure she shaking her wiggle fisties in frustration!!

687 days ago


Nevertheless, do not judge unless you are free of sin, or if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

687 days ago


Uh people, she was found NOT GUILTY! Which means she didn't do it. But I do hope they find the real killer though.

687 days ago


What is it with TMZ making light of serious stories these days? "looking like somebody died", "Duct L'Orange". Really? An innocent little girl was murdered more than likely by the woman in this photo. It's not the time to be "punny", TMZ.

687 days ago

Jesse James     

Ugh oh all the jealous bitches I see are out in full once here. Remember when you a$$holes said you where boycotting tmz and dr Phil for their coverage of her parents interview? And then you stayed here and dr Phil went on to have his highest season opening ratings ever. You jealous morons ain't going to do **** but sit here on the Internet and wish you where half as attractive and free as this woman.

It must bother you your husbands, boyfriends, men would dump you on a second for this hottie that's why all this venom for someone found not guilty.

687 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

Ugghhh...really TMZ?. I thought you were gonna report that somone FINALLY kicked her ass.

687 days ago

Jesse James     

Just look at the amount if female with nothing better to do with their lives. It's because they are sad and lonely as their husbands at work talk about what they would do to Casey. When themselves haven't been desirable in years. It's just jealousy that people are paying attention to her and not them and their pointless lives.

Just wait till her book comes out (which she has been paid for ) you losers are really going to go nuts lol

687 days ago


Casey, since I know you are probably reading this cuz you're a sick narcissist: KILL YOURSELF, baby killer. I hope people spit at you when they see you in public and you live a miserable, lonely, life. I hope the sweet face of Caylee Marie Anthony (you remember, your daughter, who you killed and blamed on your father?) haunts you forever.

687 days ago

$am BZ 1001    

Karma is on da bitch heels. An **** u jesse james fo defending da bitch. U proably child molester or some hineous slime of society too punk ass prick.

687 days ago


I kinda don't mind TMZ posted her pic, I WANT ppl to know where she is. She doesn't deserve to ever be safe.

687 days ago


Caylee will never get justice and tmz is making duct tape jokes. Caylee was murdered, an innocent babe, and tmz makes jokes about that wicked woman no longer needing a babysitter. The "celebrites" showcased by tmz can handle your humor, most love the attention and its fun to tag along on the bs journey with you recognizing the unimportance of it all; but Caylee was a child, murdered because her existence wasnt convient. Think of that!!Caylee did nothing but have the horrible misfortune to be born to an evil mother and have no one to protect her from that evil and tmz thinks that is funny? I dont know who wrote this story but you should be ashamed and if anyone approved it they too should be ashamed. If you feel no shame then your moving toward the darkness where Casey already dwells.

687 days ago


Oh yeah I still do her.

687 days ago
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