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Connecticut School Shooting

Reporters Swarm

Wrong Ryan Lanza

12/14/2012 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hordes of reporters have descended on the home of Ryan Lanza in New Jersey, hoping to speak to members of his family after the horrific school shooting in Connecticut this morning -- but there's one problem ... it's the wrong Ryan.

Ryan's mother Nannette tells TMZ, her son -- 26-year-old Ryan John Lanza -- is a corrections officer-in-training at the Camden County Correctional Academy.

The Ryan Lanza that was initially identified as the possible school shooter -- who gunned down 26 people at the school, including 20 small children -- is 24 years old. (Police have since identified Ryan's brother Adam as the real shooter.)

Nannette says her phone's been ringing off the hook for several hours -- accumulating as many as 21 voicemail messages per hour -- and reporters are still sitting outside her house.

Nannette tells us, she hasn't been able to get in touch with her son since news broke of the shooting -- but she insists that's because cell phones are prohibited at the correctional academy.


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you guys really need to check who you talk to. Unfortunently he also shot his mom this morning.

679 days ago


Do what u will with gun laws...if someone wants a gun...they will get one. The only way to stop these tragic incedents is to destroy every gun on Earth. Not going to happen. Im not an advocate for more gun please beef up security at vulnerable places filled with vulnerable people. My prayers go out to all those affected.

679 days ago


Ban guns and only the criminals will have them.

679 days ago


I don't understand how other major industrialized countries have so few gun murders, what are we doing wrong

679 days ago


My children go to school in Newtown PA.
I was at work today and we have a TV for the clients and FOX News was on.
When I heard them say a school shooting in Newtown I was sick to my stomach instantly and my heart stopped. I can't imagine what the hell everyone is going through up there.
I want ARMED GUARDS at my kids schools. I want those security bars that everyone must walk through. I want the DOORS LOCKED!!!
After shool when all the kids let ot, they all buch together and it always makes me nervous because I always feel it is just a bulk of kids and a great target for the latest messed up punk to become famous for shooting a bunch of kids.
I am the first person there to quick get my kids and get out of dodge.
Nice world we live in...... huh?
Now it is even worse.

679 days ago


IMO – School safety needs to be taken more seriously. Need to put cameras in classrooms & hallways, install & monitor metal detectors at entrance doors. Have one entrance door and make all others emergency exit doors. Now I’m thinking back to when I was in school and all doors were usually unlocked, but things were nothing like they are now.
A lot of parents are against metal detectors, but if your child isn’t trying to conceal anything then they have nothing to worry about and neither do you because not all threats come from students inside the school and today’s events were a prime example. Unfortunately there are just way too many psychotic crackpots walking around and gaining access into places they shouldn’t be. Nowadays people can walk into some schools without (hardly) being questioned.
I wouldn’t blame parents at all if more of them start removing their kids and home school them. The mess that happens in our high schools is bad enough, but this should have not have happened. These were still babies.
And changing the gun laws won’t do anything because if a crackpot wants that assault weapon, they’re going to get it and use it.

679 days ago


Mommy went down first, Harvey. This lady probably broke the news 2 those hounds

679 days ago


Speaking as a dad of a 4 year old son and 4 month old daughter, I truly weep over this tragedy. Unfortunately, some politicians such as Bloomberg and Menino have chosen to use this tragedy immediately to push their politics which is absolutely disgusting. Now is a time to mourn, not to debate.

679 days ago


I wish that sick bastard would have lived so all the parents of the young innocent children killed could have their chance to slowly and painfully torture that kid so he would feel just what those children felt. What is our world coming to that people kill children. They had a full life ahead of them. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and people hurt by this

679 days ago


I see TMZ found their angle to excuse reporting on this story. I'm guessing ESPN has an entire crew working overtime looking for a sports angle so they can get their share of the pie as well. Worthless jackals...

679 days ago


Pure evil. That's all it is. Can't stop what you can't see.

679 days ago


I love how lil Wayne said this was senseless. dude you rap about guns and murder.

679 days ago


The news said this guy killed his mother! So how did anyone speak with her?

679 days ago


This Whole Week Has Been A Sad Tragic! From the mall in Oregon to this...

679 days ago


I know I will get lots of hate clicks on this post by the pro gun "Enthusiasts" but you know what , I couldn't give a rats what you think. To all of you banging on here about your precious "RIGHTS TO BARE ARMS"
and guns don't kill people bullshyte.
I guess if that was your darling child who had to go thtough the absolute terror of watching a crazed freak shoot your class mate at point blank range in front of you before befalling the same fate, I think you might change your minds.SHAME ON YOU!!!!!! WTF is wrong with America, change your fvcking constitution.
The absolute horror and shock that is going on right now with all of the loved ones involved would be unbearable. This is so tragic and fvcking sad, my family and I wish and hope that those that have lost their lives may they RIP. to those loved ones that are left to comprehend this carnage, our thoughts are with you all. What a fvcking DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

679 days ago
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