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Connecticut School Shooting

Reporters Swarm

Wrong Ryan Lanza

12/14/2012 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hordes of reporters have descended on the home of Ryan Lanza in New Jersey, hoping to speak to members of his family after the horrific school shooting in Connecticut this morning -- but there's one problem ... it's the wrong Ryan.

Ryan's mother Nannette tells TMZ, her son -- 26-year-old Ryan John Lanza -- is a corrections officer-in-training at the Camden County Correctional Academy.

The Ryan Lanza that was initially identified as the possible school shooter -- who gunned down 26 people at the school, including 20 small children -- is 24 years old. (Police have since identified Ryan's brother Adam as the real shooter.)

Nannette says her phone's been ringing off the hook for several hours -- accumulating as many as 21 voicemail messages per hour -- and reporters are still sitting outside her house.

Nannette tells us, she hasn't been able to get in touch with her son since news broke of the shooting -- but she insists that's because cell phones are prohibited at the correctional academy.


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This guy chose a school because his mother worked there....and because he KNEW he would not be able to be stopped!

679 days ago


What don't you people understand? When they originally identified him as Ryan Lanza, they went after the Ryan in NJ instead of the Ryan in CT. The Ryan in NJ had no ties to the family of the shooter (Adam Lanza) and therefore, that is how they spoke to HIS mother.

679 days ago

Az Heat    

This is so sad and my thoughts and prayers go out to all if the families. I think schools need more security and a lot more cameras with someone monitoring them in a control area. I also think schools should allow retired law enforcement ans fellow citizens that would like to volunteer as security at schools.

679 days ago

maria antonietta pantig laluna    

..why is it their school has no guard house?
here, in our country,Philippines, even public schools have guard houses, security guard inspects "bags "of incoming visitors/parents/guardians.GOD BLESS THE SOULS OF THOSE CHILDREN & TEACHERS.

679 days ago


your info is incorrect

679 days ago


I fell sooo sorry for the families if these children and teachers as a mother my self it makes me feel even more sick RIP to all that lost their lives and deepest condolences to all involved

679 days ago


Only question I have is, are there not any security measures at schools in America in England there is and b4 I can even get into my sons school I have to go through two security doors only able to talk in intercom and only allowed in once they gave seen how I am, just wondering ?????

679 days ago


Sorry I'm on my iPhone and it keeps changing my words

679 days ago


we can debate gun laws all day long but it wont do any good.
People dont want to talk about the real problem and that is the soucre of the eveil is the 666.
when we took God out of the school system we
let the deviel in.
Our coutnry was bulit on christiane values but now we have all but banned out creator from being a
part of our society so this is what you get.
Our county is in a state of ungodly brokeness
and it well take bold leader s to turn it around.
Theproblem is we dotn trust in ourpotlitcal leaders or even in our spritualleaders any more.
There is alck of ture leader ship in america so our country has no compass we are just drifting
into a state of abis. we are becoming like a 3rd world country. Our learder ship is corrupt
with no intergety.I think the presindent is turely moved, but who didnt think his first tear was faked,
beaucse we just dont trust anyone any more.
Not our leaders not our nieghboors not our doctors
not our pastors not our politcalleaders.
we have to trust our leaders and we cant do that as long as they have no true spritual values.
chsitines treat chruchs like country clubs.
They are indffreint if you beocme a member if you are not like them. we all have become lazy in our faith and our direction of the country.
who is going to lead the fight agaisnt the deveil?
we need to closeour boarders for a few years and let america clean house.
america is seding allour jobs and tax money to forgieng countrys and not takeing care of our own.
we have to take care of our own FIrst if we want to be the worlds leaders.
we are goingt o see more of these masscars and also see compet fincical collapse and its all beaucse we have forgottn the values our country was bulit on and have tkaen God out of our schools. Our coutnry needs jobs, health care and spritual and polictal leaders we trust.

whenw e took in God we trust off the dollar bill we left a void that the deviel is now taken its place.

679 days ago


We are the people of this country and we have to step up for a change. If there is no change coming from the top athen the change needs to come from us: from the people. Vote now here to express if you want that we stop allowing gun possesion in our country. Please vote for a change now:!qid=gun_control_or_not_is_it_to_easy_to_get_a_gun_in_the_usa_and_should_be_more_restrictive It is time to create a better world and the time is now!

678 days ago


you suck TMZ, leave it to ppl who know what the f theyre talking about

678 days ago
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