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SJP's Makeup Artist

MORE Shoplifting Allegations!

12/14/2012 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

10:17AM PDT
Sources close to Leslie tell TMZ ... Leslie handed the lipstick in question to a blond salesperson and has "no idea what happened to it after that." Leslie also claims she went back to the store the next day to buy more stuff and no one said a word.

So much for Sarah Jessica Parker's makeup artist mistakenly taking sunglasses out of a store in Norway without paying ... we found out, on the same trip a tube of lipstick mysteriously disappeared from ANOTHER store after the makeup lady had it in her hot little hands.

As we reported Wednesday ... Leslie Lopez -- SJP's trusted makeup artist since 2005 -- was detained at the Oslo airport after allegedly stealing a pair of sunglasses. She paid a $1400 fine and was allowed to go on her merry way.

You'll recall ... Sarah's people tried to throw the Nobel Institute under the bus, claiming at first the culprit was employed by the organization -- making it seem like she had no connection to Sarah.

As for the lipstick incident ... there's surveillance video showing Lopez picking up the item and then walking out of frame. The store manager tells us ... after Lopez left the store they realized the lipstick was MIA. The store filed a police report. ... the website that first broke the lipstick story ... obtained the surveillance video.


A source close to Lopez tells TMZ ... she did indeed pick up the lipstick but handed it off to someone in her entourage. The source then groused, "There's far greater mysteries to solve than a blurred video over a tube of lipstick that accidentally disappeared.

Wonder what else was missing in Norway?


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591 days ago


What a klepto.. get a life and some therapy..

591 days ago


If your job was to makeup that face, you'd be nuts too.

591 days ago

Who the Hell is Khloe    


591 days ago


people shouldn't be surprised when a woman steals, they should be surprised she she DOESN'T steal.

591 days ago


Well...Here in Norway the prisons are luxuries, so her paying a fine of $1400 is great. If she was thrown in the Prison...we tax payers would be farkin feeding her, Also she would have got a free lawyer.

591 days ago


Why does SJP need to cart around her make up person everywhere she goes? We all know the answer.... and Mr. Ed would agree. BTW, the store filed a police report for a lipstick? Cheez, they would declare war if a whole scarf were stolen. SJP needs to reign in her little thief because it is getting embarrassing.

591 days ago

Walter Blickner    

Yeah, here's a "far greater mystery": why is Sarah Jessica Parker famous?

591 days ago


Maybe this is her way of asking for a raise?

591 days ago

Keyser Söze    

You're a grown-ass woman, got tons of money at your fingertips, yet still end up being caught shoplifting at multiple stores?

Lady, you're officially a cleptomane. Time to seek some treatments before you end in jail.

591 days ago


Whats with this b*tch? Does she not have money? Hasn't she worked for all these Hollywood b*tches? or is she just seeking a trill? All's I know is that they are all f*cking annoying to me now. Throwing other people under the bus like that and denying and lying about their involvement with each other.

591 days ago


Anyone else watch that video and go "huh?" I wish they had circled the crime happening. All I saw was a bunch of blurred out women doing who knows what! (Not that I doubt she's a klepto or just plain thief or whatever.)

591 days ago


Maybe the make up artist is not as wealthy as Mike Walters thinks she is after all Mike thought Lindsay was wealthy and well we all know how broke she is.

591 days ago


This woman is innocent. SJP's mole attached itself to her and is in full control of her thoughts and movements. This was just a practice run. Horses are next...

591 days ago


It looks like Sara Jessica Parker can say Goodbye to a Nobel Peace Prize.

591 days ago
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