Sarah Jessica Parker Tight with Makeup Artist Popped for Shoplifting

12/13/2012 11:15 AM PST

Sarah Jessica Parker -- Tight With Makeup Artist Popped for Shoplifting


Sources connected with Sarah Jessica Parker told TMZ the woman nabbed for shoplifting sunglasses at a Norway airport Wednesday was employed by the Nobel Peace Prize group ... but TMZ has learned she's worked side by side with SJP for years.

The woman -- Leslie Lopez -- has been Sarah's personal makeup artist since 2005. She's traveled with her extensively, both domestically and internationally.

For whatever reason, Sarah's people wanted it to look like the makeup artist had no relationship with the actress, but that's simply not true. They went so far as saying ... the makeup artist (never revealing her name) was NOT on Sarah's payroll. Yet all that meant was someone else picked up the tab.

As you can see from the video, Sarah didn't want to talk about it this AM in NYC.

As for stealing the expensive sunglasses at the airport ... as we first reported, Lopez paid a $1,400 fine and was then allowed to leave the country. Sources connected to Lopez tell TMZ ... she "mistakenly" took the glasses out of the store and paid the fine not because she's a shoplifter but because it was the only way to say farvel to Norway.