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CT Shooter Adam Lanza

Learned How to Fire Guns

... From His Mom

12/16/2012 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1216_adam_lanza_mom_abcMass murderer Adam Lanza learned everything he knew about firearms ... from his mother.

Adam's mom, Nancy Lanza -- who was Adam's first victim -- was an avid gun collector who reportedly bragged to friends and neighbors about her weapons and took her son to several firing ranges to teach him how to shoot ... in the months leading up to his deadly assault.

One of Nancy's neighbors, Dan Holmes, told the NY Post ... Nancy was a gun enthusiast ... an avid collector ... often taking her kids to the gun range, infusing them with her obsession with firearms.

Adam used several different guns when he opened fire on Sandy Hook Elementary school earlier this week ... all of which were registered to his mother.


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BB not bb    

Another point is that some people are not for guns or violence at all. They will then have to find some other way to defend themselves. You would think that a school full of so-called experts on children would have been able to talk this essentailly a child down from his anger. They taught this kid but then had no connection with him at all. There seems to be a problem with people who deal with children misunderstanding and mistreeating them.

One of the people he shot was the school psychologist. Maybe he was mad at beling labeled and placed on meds and denied the right to be taken seriously as a human being. People tend to treat those who have autism as malfunctioning robots instead of people with feelings and a point of view. It must be excrutiatingly frustrating for them day after day. Then to be placed on torturous psych meds and still have enough sense to get around in the world, you have the potential for this to happen.

People need to learn to get along with each other and stop judging each other. When you judge others, you will be judged in the same measure. You will be denied your own rights and freedoms once you deny them to someone else. If you think it is fine that this mother had not guns, one day you will have none either when maybe you would like to save your own life.

674 days ago

joey1978 racist comments now. Oh but its a tragedy its not about race now, huh. Black white gold orange. Don't matter what race evil is evil. This young man was evil to shoot up a ****ing school.

674 days ago


A few things to point out,

first off I'll give you the heads up, I'm the Christian nut in this forum. But on to the real point

As it has been stated a few times already, it wasn't the guns, that is probably the most foolish thing I've ever heard. A gun does not aim and fire itself, it shows the true nature of some truly sick and wicked people, it's easy to blame guns but the kid could have just as easy made bombs, stabbed people, mowed them down with a car, or beat them to death. What would you blame then?

Second, stronger gun control is the WORST thing we can do, i fully agree with have regulations for conceal carry, and ownership, but to say that we will be neglected our right simple for the evil of another??? That would be like outlawing cars because of negligent or drunk drivers. I have seen a few things about the founding fathers, I do believe in what they stood for, obviously being a woman myself I do feel I'm entitled to my rights as a citizen, and I am totally against slavery. That was apart of the sin nature they had and it was absolved. This country was founded as a nation meant to bring glory to God in every aspect of it's existence. George Washington himself said that since we are a nation established for God's glory, He has blessed us and Washington would praise and glorify his Alimighty God for His blessings, but also acknowledged that if the nation ever turned their back on God, the blessings would fade. God never leaves us behind but i fully believe that like a loving father He allows hardship on his creation for discipline in hopes of turning them back to Him. We live in a time of "tolerance" which gets skewed into "I like this, don't judge me" and a relative truth mentality which is dangerous, for there to be order and justice truth must be absolute!!! indulge me in reading this passage from Romans:
Romans 1:18-32
New Living Translation (NLT)
God’s Anger at Sin

"18 But God shows his anger from heaven against all sinful, wicked people who suppress the truth by their wickedness.[a] 19 They know the truth about God because he has made it obvious to them. 20 For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.

21 Yes, they knew God, but they wouldn’t worship him as God or even give him thanks. And they began to think up foolish ideas of what God was like. As a result, their minds became dark and confused. 22 Claiming to be wise, they instead became utter fools. 23 And instead of worshiping the glorious, ever-living God, they worshiped idols made to look like mere people and birds and animals and reptiles.

24 So God abandoned them to do whatever shameful things their hearts desired. As a result, they did vile and degrading things with each other’s bodies. 25 They traded the truth about God for a lie. So they worshiped and served the things God created instead of the Creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise! Amen. 26 That is why God abandoned them to their shameful desires. Even the women turned against the natural way to have sex and instead indulged in sex with each other. 27 And the men, instead of having normal sexual relations with women, burned with lust for each other. Men did shameful things with other men, and as a result of this sin, they suffered within themselves the penalty they deserved.

28 Since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God, he abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done. 29 Their lives became full of every kind of wickedness, sin, greed, hate, envy, murder, quarreling, deception, malicious behavior, and gossip. 30 They are backstabbers, haters of God, insolent, proud, and boastful. They invent new ways of sinning, and they disobey their parents. 31 They refuse to understand, break their promises, are heartless, and have no mercy. 32 They know God’s justice requires that those who do these things deserve to die, yet they do them anyway. Worse yet, they encourage others to do them, too."

Sound familiar yet? Israel, the nation of God's chosen people FOUNDED FOR HIS GLORY faulted many times and didn't always come back and they were punished that watched there civilization burn many times because of their wrong doing.

I know I've been long winded but allow me one last thought: how do you expect a no gun policy to work? I mean think about it... the people that enforce laws namely local law military etc. use guns in their line of duty and I don't know of a person in that type of work that doesn't own at least one firearm of their own. Do you really think they would surrender their rights? The attempt to enforce such a ridiculous law would be the spark of anarchy in this country because I could almost guarantee mutiny against such a government.

okay end rant :) God Bless

674 days ago


Old racist Klan people on here bashing Halle Berry for some bull**** and we got people shooting schools and areas and mass areas. Who y'all. Blame now. Halle or Obama? I wanna hear it.

674 days ago

BB not bb    

People want things to be normalized. They can't think outside of their own experience and perceptions. They want there to be a standard by which they all live and expect life to follow their own imaginations. You can't control life and what happens in the world. You have to expect the unexpected. If you think you can pass some gun law and make the world a better place, you are just fooling yoruself.

There is no love in this world, only standards. Some kid doesn't meet expectations, and then he is labeled autistic. Maybe he is now distracted from mercury in vaccines, maybe his parents are too self absorbed to relate to him, mabye they even want sympathy for having a sick kid they can control, who knows? But when you single someone out as mentally different, don't expect them to then act like just any other person. You have ostracized them and denied them their basic human rights. You will be called to account for how you passed judgement on them.

People are rejected and mocked for being different or unique. This is Nazi mind control psychology in action. The outsider is treated like the enemy. If you don't want enemies, stop tormenting those who you don't understand, who you don't like, who you think are weird, etc.

674 days ago


I learned to shoot from my dad. I also learned gun safety. Respect of guns. How to care for them. And also self respect during the process. If u take away guns they will use other methods. It's not the damn guns.

674 days ago


Guns are always the weapon of choice for nutjobs. Readily available and you can knock off alot more people with firearms than a knife. The US has many more gun related deaths than any other country in the world. As for the mother, she lived by the gun and she died by the gun. Good ridance.

674 days ago


Check this out and tell me that guns don't kill people. It countries that allow guns have extremely high rates. These are the FACTS!
Now tell me guns don't kill. As for the argument of defending yourself, yes, I guess if you are a coward, buy a gun.

674 days ago


Parents are allowed to teach their children how o shoot guns. It's the mental state of the kid that really needs to be taken into consideration. The media keeps talking about the 26, but there was a 27th victim, Ms. Lanza. No one knows what currently was happening in that household. She may have been worried about her son. I have a stepson, in his 20's that has many mental problems. We CAN'T do anything until he gets into trouble with the law. That's how it goes with mentally ill adults who are their own choices!

674 days ago


Ran the husband off. Father hasn't seen his son in months. Mother more concerned about her career......and has a cache. All the elements are there......and then some.

674 days ago


We beg the media to report CAREFULLY RESEARCHED FACTS!!!! The fact is that she was a single mother living in a big home with two sons, she had firearms in the house for protection. How does one practice shooting to ensure they can protect their family? Target shooting. Friends of hers who are willing to speak to the media have said she did not brag about it, that they are shocked something like this happened. This time the victims are just babies that were at school, the media MUST BE RESPONSIBLE AND RESPECTFUL!!!!

674 days ago


Take the mother****er's picture down. Not sure why everyone keeps saying they've been taught to shoot, or teaching their kids. Were you mentally sick? Are your kids mentally sick?

674 days ago


Access to semi-automatic weapons + lessons + crazy mind = tragedy.

674 days ago


As everyone knows and has heard and know.
Guns kill because of the person(s) using them.
Now, since the law would be tough to enforce[ in this case the guns were owned by his Mother NOT him so even with his instability and access to the killer guns, what good would it have done to check anybody?
He still would somehow get his hands on them.
The thing is to screen for mental instability anyone in a household or anyone who has access to guns.
Stricter tests, stricter laws .
It will be a tough row to hoe.
Anybody who knows of anyone who is unstable needs to secretly report that person or persons to LE.
That way they would at least be on the radar...
know any unstable people?
Oh don't we all?????

674 days ago


You can't regulate the human factor ... that's always the variable and if someone means to do harm they will.

674 days ago
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