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Lindsay Lohan to Judge

My Spiritual Advisor Can Vouch For Me!!!

12/16/2012 3:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is DESPERATE to avoid jail time ... so much so, she's enlisted the help of her spiritual advisor to make sure that happens.

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ ... the actress is asking friends, family and her spiritual guru (yup, some people have those) to write letters on her behalf to the judge hearing her case.  Lindsay believes the letters will help prove jail is not the best option for her.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay is currently facing up to 245 days in the slammer for her recent probation violation. Or the judge has the option to send her to counseling instead.

We're told Lindsay is convinced a letter from the spiritual advisor will have the most impact. Specifically because he's been helping her since 2008 -- following her 2nd DUI arrest -- and can vouch for the fact that LiLo has benefited from counseling in the past. When she shows up.

As we previously reported, Commissioner Jane Godfrey -- who will arraign LiLo -- isn't big on jail regardless and often times chooses counseling over serving time.

A hearing is scheduled for January 25th.


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This dumb ass needs a LONG jail sustenance. FACT. Throw her in jail for a year. Seriously. She's too stupid to be in the wild.

647 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

This sh*t is a fvkin riot.

647 days ago


Nicole, she's NOT going to REHAB! Its OUT of the fvcking question. Her charges are NOT D/or/A related. Get it?

647 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

I'm glad I signed in again........most of you with the exception of a few......are on a roll cheered me up. Thanks.

647 days ago

LA Native    

GODFREY, JANE Commissioner Airport Courthouse 147 (310) 727-60...60

647 days ago


Omg tmz, has it been eight hours already? Time for your lindsey fix. Lindseyobsessivesyndrome from now on to be called lo bs. There is help for this tmz. Quit now before you start mainstreaming this crap.

647 days ago


Well, being Lohan has stolen from or thrown under a bus to cover and save her own ass are these the same friends? Didn't think so.

Lohans drinking and drug buddies moved on.

647 days ago


If she were desperate, she'd have made better choices.

If she had an advisor, spiritual or otherwise.. I'd say they needed firing LOOOOOOOONG ago.

647 days ago


While she's at it maybe she can get a letter from " Santa Clause " too ... I mean what better reference could ask for from Santa saying " Lindsey is nothing but a S*it Stain on the Panties of Life" aka Hot Mess !

647 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

"Lindsay Lohan is DESPERATE to avoid jail time ... so much so, she's enlisted the help of her spiritual advisor to make sure that happens."

Other names "Spirtual Advisors" go by... Easy Money, Under the Table, Manila Envelop, Bank Deposit, Oh What's This, Look What I Found, Checking or Savings, Green Back, Name Your Stack, Birthday Gift, etc...

647 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

LINDSAY: Marty, you promised you send the judge a letter!

MARTY: Yeah but my phone broke and I lost my contact lenses. Then my passport was stolen, so I couldn't leave Hawaii. Then I got rushed to the emergency room and was diagnosed with a severe case of Walking Dead.

647 days ago



647 days ago


Has anyone noticed that all of her judges have been women, and they always go easy on her? She needs to get a male judge that won't fall for any of her bull$hit and give her that tough love by tossing her @ss in the pokey for 3 months and then make her do a years worth or rehab and then 6 months worth of community service. I bet she would straighten her @ss up then.

647 days ago


I'm not sure that having Gary Busey as your spiritual advisor will help matters.

647 days ago


Hey TMZ..... never mind the stupid letter from Linds' Peruvian "advisor".... print the one from DUIna. *"Single Mom, everything's fine, family first, on set, on set, quack quack quack....."* I've seen her Tweets - guaranteed one million "hits" - almost as good as her "Dr. Phil" performance.

647 days ago
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