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'Sandy' Tragedies

Parents Will Likely

Steer Clear of Name

12/17/2012 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The name "Sandy" is not likely to appear on many birth certificates for at least several years -- given 2 enormous recent tragedies with Sandy front and center -- but the reality is the name hasn't been popular for decades.

The evidence is compelling and also pretty obvious -- parents shy away from giving their children names associated with death and destruction, and in 2012, with Hurricane Sandy and the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, the name conjures up those images.

Take Katrina -- immediately before the storm hit, the name was listed as the 281st most popular baby name for girls. The year following the hurricane it dropped to 379th and in 2010 it plunged further to 865.
But here's the thing with Sandy. It's a name whose popularity peaked in the 60s, and has failed to make the list of top 1,000 baby names since 2005. Sandra ranked somewhat higher, but still a relatively unpopular 614 last year.

Pamela Satran from Nameberry tells TMZ,"The mass murder at Sandy Hook is so horrible that we think parents will avoid Sandy as a name for a long time."


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BB not bb    

I know alot of Sandys. That was a very popular name. I see nothing wrong with it. It is the kind of names people give kids now that we used to laugh at as kids. The names all sound like they are from the olden days.

Someone might want to name a kid after their mom or grandma or maybe a famous Sandy. I wouldn't think of any tragedies if I heard that name. Katrina is a more modern name that really sounds like it is Russian. I think that you might think of the hurricaine, but then realize that it is just also a girl's name.

I think there is a significance to the names connected to these tragedies, but I don't think the names are unlucky or bad.

674 days ago


I wonder if Sandra Bullock will stop going by "Sandy" to her friends and loved ones.

674 days ago

Church Lady    

Maybe we should stop giving Hurricanes Christian names. There is nothing "Christian" about Hurricanes, and it's really not fair to those who have the misfortune to share the same name as a deadly natural disaster (ie, all the "Katrinas" out there).

674 days ago


R. I. P. To all of them.... ox

674 days ago


When I hear the name Sandy I think of this sweet super hot babe I knew once. It's too bad some people might associate the name with negative. It's actually a very all-american name. Being a surfer, for me it also conjures images of beautiful sandy beaches.

674 days ago


...and there is that other disaster known as Sandra Fluke...oh, wait...that is more of a disgrace than a disaster.

674 days ago


"Articles" like this remind me why TMZ is such a pathetic joke. TMZ is staffed by a bunch of ****ing losers. **** off TMZ!

674 days ago


So, @TMZ does this mean if someone calls their daughter KIM, we should automatically think of her as a gold digging money hungry wh0re?
I give that question to fat Mike...

You guys at TMZ get dumber by the day, I tell ya...

674 days ago



674 days ago


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! These recent, horrible killings should've sparked more serious and deep consideration about our mental care system, about gun control and security at schools, and about the way we parents are raising our children in this new, ultra fast changing technological era, and all you can think about is what's in a name?!?!?!?! Deep, guys. Very deep.

674 days ago


The next topic TMZ will post today will be about the name "Adam".

674 days ago


TMZ: How about a story about Emilie Parker and her father's heart-breaking, tear jerking message to the victims' and the killers' families?

674 days ago

St James III    

I'm mildly insulted. Sandy was my mothers name. Sandy being associated with these events is just random chance.

674 days ago

Mike H    

Seriously one of the most useless articles you have ever published....Thanks for that waste of 30 seconds of my life.

674 days ago

Rock Goddess    

And this is news why????!!

674 days ago
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