Amy Winehouse New Questions Surrounding Singer's Death

12/17/2012 6:23 AM PST

Amy Winehouse -- New Questions Surrounding Singer's Death

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Amy Winehouse may not have died from alcohol poisoning ... this according to London officials who are launching a new inquest into the singer's death next month.

Authorities say ... the coroner who oversaw the autopsy when Winehouse died back in July 2011 did NOT have the proper prerequisites when she concluded the singer died from accidental alcohol poisoning. 

According to local reports, Assistant Deputy Suzanne Greenaway had been appointed to the job by her husband in 2009 -- despite the fact she did not have the required 5 years experience with the London Law Society.

FYI -- Greenaway's husband just resigned from his role as the coroner for inner north London earlier this month in the wake of the scandal.

Winehouse's family says they are NOT behind the push for a new investigation.