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Miley's B'day Gift

Grabs a Handful of

'Big Booty Ho'

12/19/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus
had a butt-naked birthday celebration -- latching on to a stripper's bare ass, and TMZ has the first pic of the awesome encounter ... inspired by none other than 2 Chainz!

Miley rang in her 20th last month with a house party in Hollywood ... and sources inside the bash tell us Miley's friends ordered a few strippers -- one of whom dropped a booty-shaking lap dance on the birthday girl.

We're told Miley couldn't resist (we understand) ... jumped up, hugged the dancer and grabbed her ample butt, which was busy swallowing a pink g-string.
Miley issued a warning tweet before her birthday ... "if I don't get atleast one big booty hoe my friends are officially not my friends anymore" -- a clear nod to "Birthday Song" by 2 Chainz.

Even with Miley's hands-on approach ... her stripper-palooza was totally G-rated compared to her bf Liam Hemsworth's last birthday cake.


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White Trash

611 days ago


This little girl tries way to be hard to be cool. Maybe she hopes the "hard look" will distract from her terrible music. She obviously craves attention....typical of celebrities.

611 days ago

Cynical Sam    

Man, she looks like the Bieber at first glance. 'Good taste in hoes.

611 days ago


I thought the "kid" in the picture was Justin Bieber .... before reading the headline.

611 days ago


Trying WAY too hard there Miley Bird... Sorry but you look like a HOT MESS and I'm sure Liam's parents probably don't approve of what you've become after he proposed to you... Jekyl & Hyde transformation much???

611 days ago


So trashy! Act like a lady! So off putting!

611 days ago

BB not bb    

I really thought she was so cute with her wavy brown hair and husky voice and big hearted personality. People who are freaks are generally shut off from the world and unbale to connect. She seemed like she connected so well in a positive way.

I think there is nothing worse than a poser freak. A freak can't help what they are but if you know better, why would you stoop to that level? It is not like you would think she needs sympathy for something.

She has a very clean cut looking fiance also. I can't picture him acting like this. I think she is going to scare him away with all of her trying to have an adult image.

There is nothing wrong with being an innocent adult from being an innocent child. That doesn't make you immature, it just makes you pure and of good character.

The fact that she says she is a Christian and acts like this is worrysome. I think she should think about what walking with Christ means and not try to fit in with the world.

611 days ago

BB not bb    

You can compare her to Reese Witherspoon or Dakota Fanning who were also child actresses from down South. They are not trying to pose as freaks now. I wonder why Miley is. Is it the Disney affect? It seems to do that to the girls who starred in its shows as children: Britney, Christina, Lindsay, etc.

If she is a Christian, I recommend prayer and fasting so that she doesn't lose her mind.

611 days ago


I'm 31 and I remember turning 20. I never chopped my hair off, bleached it blonde, and partyed with low-class, tasteless FEMALE strippers. How is that an idea of fun? No, if it were male strippers, I would have said, sure why not. But why would a straight female want female strippers at their bday party and then proceed to grad her ass? That's strange to me. If she's gay, that's fine. But just admit it and move on.....

611 days ago


Well you look redic. That's your "normal" now so be it. Sad.

611 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

She is so skanky and just unappealing, even gross now with the dyke doo. To think our daughters idolized her as Hannah Montana. She needs to get the cameras off of her now that she is no longer relevant.

611 days ago


she is so ****ing stupid. she hangs out with all these yes men who wont tell her how stupid she is being. her and that stupid fake grill smile is as retarded as they come

611 days ago


idk why everyone is being so negative. 1. dont say your "daughters look up to her" no child should look up to a celebrity. 2. shes young and rich. i would have done the same thing for my 20th birthday if i had that kind of money. instead i got tanked minus the strippers. 3. stop watching celebrities and do something productive with your life, judging only brings negativity to your life

611 days ago


She's a skank just like the rest of them. Too much money too young and this is how they turn out. Again, with parents who are more concerned with her making them money then her actual well being. This crap started with her when her parents could have stepped in, now she's gonna a loser adult like lindsay

611 days ago

The Ean    

That song is one hot pile of ****.

611 days ago
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