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End of the World

Dumbasses Swarm Mayan Temple Before 12/21/12

12/20/2012 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
End of the World News

And now a new TMZ game ... SPOT THE DOPES!!!

Here we have a photo taken today at El Castillo in Mexico -- otherwise known as the Temple of Kukulkan, a Mayan structure built some time between the 9th and 12th centuries AD to honor the snake god Kukulkan.

Somewhere hidden in the photo are hundreds of idiots waiting to catch a glimpse of Kukulkan before the Mayan apocalypse, scheduled to occur tomorrow ... December 21st 2012. See if you can spot 'em!

The temple usually attracts a decent crowd during the solstice, but this is ridiculous.

On a more serious note: It was nice knowing all of you.


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No one knows the day or the hour folks. Put your trusts in God, not in some ancient old myth. And while your at it say a prayer for all the Sandy Hook victims. Peace!

674 days ago


That's impossible! All the idiots are at TMZ!!

674 days ago


TMZ... and every idiot that thinks people going there are for the end of the world are.. well, idiots. People "swarm" chichen itza at every solstice. The "snake" appears only on the solstice and equinox. Maybe if you all weren't such idiots, you would have looked it up.

674 days ago

Chicago aka ChiTown aka ChiRaQ     

they're soo gullible

674 days ago

Master P    

There should be a survey here: Who's the bigger idiot: The one who sits around the Mayan temple - OR the one who takes a tour on the TMZ tour bus...

674 days ago

Corey Stuart    

Another hippy fest. Everyone there will be getting laid tonight. WHY must I be in NYC this weekend???

674 days ago


They're not waiting for the end of the world Harvey. It is Maya tradition to pray and meditate on the winter solstice, to make the next cycle better. The Mayans NEVER predicted the end of the world. That is what WESTERN SOCIETY did when they twisted the Mayan calender into a doomsday prophecy. There are 17 Mayan calenders, not ONE. And this one is ending, while another is beginning . No end of the world, no doomsday. Blame that BS on America.

674 days ago


It's 12-21-12 in Fiji. It's already started.

674 days ago

Az Heat    

Just in case the world does end tomorrow I'm gonna miss reading some of the comments on here that post a lot haha

674 days ago


Obama voters.

674 days ago


Mostly stupid fat Yanks by the looks of it.

674 days ago


I'll wait for a YouTube video...if there is one.

674 days ago


Lol you guys have the Audacity to call these people "Dumbasses" on the headlines and u report ridiculous pointless news regarding the phucking KhuntTrashians LMFAO ... The Only " Dumbasses here is TMZ and The K Klan KarTrashians Betta yet u guys are DumB PHUCkS

674 days ago


you guys are idiots every year this happens and why are they dumb because they want to the serpent that appears in the stairs of the pyramid the dopes are tmz saying the mayans think the world will end no mayan ever said that and yes they still exist

674 days ago

Cirrus Unicus    

At the solstice, the acute angle of the setting sun casts the shadow of the pyramid onto the side of the front steps, creating the shadow of the snake god. It's pretty cool to see, speaking from first hand experience.

674 days ago
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