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I Bought a Condo ... In L.A.

12/20/2012 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Psy's on a mission to prove he doesn't hate America ... by snatching up a $1.25 million condo in the heart of L.A. -- TMZ has learned.

The Korean video sensation used his "Gangnam Style" money to purchase a 2,700 sq. ft. pad in the famous Blair House -- an exclusive 29-story hot spot located near Beverly Hills.

We're told Psy wanted to keep the deal super secret -- and even had security around him at all times during the massive transaction ... which he made entirely in CASH, wired directly from Korea.

The cash payment isn't surprising, considering Psy raked in a reported $7.9 million for "Gangnam Style" in the last few months alone.

While the 2-bedroom condo is ridiculously nice ... we're told Psy still plans to remodel the place.

Consider the purchase Psy's second official apology to the US of A ... you know, after he sang that song about killing Americans.



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2 yrs later "Hey, My condo is being foreclosed on"

680 days ago


Psy's family is rich. This condo cost him next to nothing.

680 days ago


Psy's been famous in Korea since 2001. He's not a one hit wonder.

680 days ago


Lot of people on here saying he's going to be penniless soon. If your dad owned one of the most successful semi-conductor companies in your country and was worth over $100M, you probably could care less how much money your music made. He was born very wealthy and will die very wealthy, with or without music. This condo is chump change for him.

680 days ago


Unbelievable...all that money for that dumb sh*t he does.

680 days ago


The only thing America and more specifically - Caly'forny'ya - needs from this xenophobe POS is 39% of his gross income...When his 15 minutes runs out, deport him,.

680 days ago


hope hes on a high floor, so after a few yrs without another hit, he'll have a long way down.

680 days ago


How did he make that kind of money. It is a stupid little song. Gosh we're stupid.

680 days ago


On crap... So that means that after his dumbass song gets old he's not going back to Korea and never ever coming back? Can't wait for the world to end!

680 days ago


The ignorance reeking from the comments here are seriously nauseating. Course, I shouldn't be expecting much intelligence though from the readers of TMZ.

680 days ago


Hey! Who cares?

680 days ago


funny how his opinion of the US changed so redically once $$$$$$ was involved
from hating and performing anti US music saying to kill Americans to setting up house in America
can't believe that public that he wanted dead is dumb enough to now finance his new lifestyle
even the President- once Psy released a little apology for his previous stance (necessary for publicity but maybe not sincere since it appears that he previously thought killing Americans was the best thing to do)
the global embarrassment to the US this has caused - the world sees Americans being taken for a ride!
funny how people won't forgive Kristin Stewart for cheating on Robert Pattinson- but they'll immediately forgive Psy when his murderous anti-US song and statements come to light!!
go figure......

680 days ago


everything you read and see through US media right now is not everything about Psy. Plus, somebody mistranslated the song first of all. the song is about anti-war and anti-war criminal. It's not about American people. As I understood the song, it was written to " George W Bush " administration. The title says " dear America " is metaphor " Dear Bush administration. Plus, it's not even Psy song. Not written by Psy. He just participated partial performance. Well, for sure it's not written to American people. mistranslation.

680 days ago


It's sad. American people do not know what really happened to the two 14year old school girls who ran by US military tank on their way to school on 2002. First Korean government lied to the naive parents they will bring the justice. And then US court martial dropped the charges and let the soldiers go free without any punishments and completely ignored the case. They got acquitted. No korean journalists could report the incidents until the US soldiers went free, it spreaded little by little through internet and that fueled the protests among entire south Korea. Not because the girls just got killed. Psy is patriot. He's good man. You don't know the whole story. Us journalists they should write about the whole situation correctly. It is true. Sad.......

680 days ago


written by DON M7 days ago

That was an excuse to get away from murder charge you idiots. The was brutally flatten by Army tank on the way home from school.
Autopsy results showed the 2 girls body was completly flatted out SMASHED and had a multiples ran over marks on their skin by army tank chain(tires) which showed it was not an accident !!
How would do if your young daughters was flatted out brutally killed by a military tank way home from school and the murderes
were go free without any punishment? US GIs has been abusing SOFA aggrement to killed the civilians, raped, robberies in Korea and singers& rapers has freedome to express what's going to their society , thats exactly Psy did and Psy shouldn't have to apologzied.

680 days ago
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