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Sarah Silverman

DEFENDS 'Django'

... Let the N-Word Flow!

12/26/2012 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Spike Lee is breaking a sacred rule by criticizing "Django Unchained" for its pervasive use of the n-word -- so says Sarah Silverman ... who tells TMZ, art is art ... and "you can't tell art what to do."

Sarah was out in L.A. when we asked about Spike's refusal to watch the new Quentin Tarantino flick, which features the n-word roughly 110 times. Spike criticized the film, claiming it mocks slavery and is "disrespectful to my ancestors."

But last night, Sarah shot back, "Doesn't it take place like during slavery? Wouldn't it be odd if they didn't have that horrific word in it?"

Sarah -- a self-professed Spike Lee fan -- said, "[Spike's] got a lot of mishegas with a lot of art. I think you can't really tell art what to do."

Or can you ...


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Sarah who????

630 days ago


I think Quentin is making the movies the Spike Lee thought he used to make and it's rubbing him the wrong way. The "high-quality/much controversy" route was something that Spike Lee was perceived to have cultivated. Race-baiting doesn't make you an edgy director - it makes you desperate for attention. Lee hasn't been relevant since Reggie Miller retired.

630 days ago


***** please

630 days ago


Ok n.... Please

630 days ago


I'm just so sick of hearing blacks complain!!! About everything. I honestly think they are afraid to let racism go because then the would have no fall back crutch to blame for their inability to catch up. I grew up tolerable and accepting of blacks but as I have gotten to know more and more through work, school, and orgs. I just try to keep my distance. I can't stand people who feel sorry for themselves or people that blame their problems on everyone but themselves.

630 days ago


Who cares what Sara Sliverman has to say? Did the photogs forget its not 2007, and Silverman isn't famous?

630 days ago


Every time Tarantino releases a movie with black actors in it, spike lee resurfaces, criticizes, and reminds everyone he's still relevant. This has been happening since Pulp Fiction/Jackie Brown. It's getting old.

630 days ago

I luv u RPattz!    

This unfunny he-bitch needs to crawl under a hole and stay there. I can't stand her.

630 days ago


What does Spike want, a whitewash of history?

629 days ago


Sarah Silverman is irrelevant and unfunny. Who cares what she thinks

629 days ago


No double standards. If black people don't want to hear the N word, then THEY must stop using it as well - not 'glorifying' it in their rap, movies, day-to-day culture.
Nobody likes a hypocrite.

629 days ago


yanno, I'm sick and tired of reverse racism. no one in my family ever held or condoned slavery and I am from the deep south. get over it. people of all races have been enslaved throughout history. it was wrong then, it's wrong now. now stfu and get a life.

629 days ago


The "n" word makes me uncomfortable, and I've never once said it out loud despite my insane truckers mouth, out of pure respect. However, I do agree with Sarah on this topic - it was a horrific time, where African-Americans were treated terribly. I've yet to see the movie, so I can't make a fair judgment, but if it's based during those days, then in the name of accuracy and filmmaking, it's completely reasonable for such language to be used.

629 days ago


tarantino a shock value TERRORIST racist so bloated up by his own ego that he thinks he can rewrite history to remove a leftwing black president for the old boy white right wing sheets club`ss.Samual jackson says that it is a total fictional spaghettie western.SPIKE is right tarantinos shock TERRORIST flicks should be seen as unprotected hate speech and removed by the FCC and flim comission.IF you rewrote jewish history in a bash flick you would be shot or if you trashed and hate speeched eastern religions you would be hunted down.Hate speech is like yelling fire when there isn`t one and roiting a mob for your own profits.MURDER she wrote natual born rewritten news reels into fictional hate terroistisms are`nt protected by free speech but are protected by a FCC&film comission owned by the white old boy school monopoly hollywood power club still trying to hang on to yesteryear and even to rewrite it into a new modern put down hate terroristical kick at the whole black race.Tarantino has nothing to offer other than hate and racism for shock sales for the power white cub

629 days ago


david&david 42nd street new york new york you are currupting the union and hidding your terrorist brotherhoods within said union.Unions are great as long as thugs like you an`t in`um

629 days ago
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