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George Zimmerman

Ass Protectors

Jacked Up Prices On Me

12/27/2012 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Zimmerman
fired the security company he hired to protect him -- the company that's now suing him -- because of mysteriously high billing ... this according to Zimmerman's lawyer.

As we previously reported ... Associated Investigative Services filed a lawsuit against Zimmerman ... alleging he still owes $27,027 for its services.

However, Zimmerman's attorney tells TMZ his client felt "the billing got out of hand quickly. We trusted them to be efficient with their work and they weren’t." He claims Zimmerman dropped the security team because of concerns about the bills.

The attorney adds ... Zimmerman's supporters were paying the tab -- through the George Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund -- and he says, "I don’t believe those who have contributed to help George should be taken advantage of by such over-billing.”

We reached out to AIS about Zimmerman's claim -- so far, no word back.


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Suzy Q     

Just when you think Zimmerman and his attorney (and racist supporters) can't get any more ridiculous.....they do. The libelous BS they're spewing about the bodyguards supports the fact that they've been spewing crap about Trayvon and his family. If I were the prosecution, I'd depose the guards. Bet Zimmie Dough Boy was sharing his Cheetos and talking up a storm.

634 days ago

Suzy Q     

The bill got bigger in proportion to his ass.

634 days ago

BB not bb    

George looks like he is bulking up. Maybe he is lifting weights trying to be ready for some kind of assault. You have to hand it to him for his courage. He and his wife are in danger yet they are not backing down from his story.

Alot of people just cop pleas and that is why the jails are full. We have more people in jail than any other nation on earth, in the land of the free. At least it is the home of the brave with George in it.

It seems people who use their guns in self defense get in trouble for it. What is the point of having guns then? Then when the government offers to buy them back, they just go along with it.

Certain elements of the constitution make America what it is: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, freedom from unlawful detention and the right to privacy in respect of persons. These freedoms are all being chipped away at little by little until we are resembling more a sharia law state than the land of the free.

634 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

@Goldberg - go back to Stormfront org where you're racist filth is welcomed, or did they run you off with a torch because your name is Goldberg?

634 days ago


George zimmerman is da man he did what any good upstanding citizen would do and now everyone has an issue due to the punk being black and if he had of been anything else it wouldn't be such a freaking kangaroo romp room court waste of time.

634 days ago


Does he ever take responsibility for anything or is everything always someone else's fault ???

634 days ago


George who?

634 days ago


Zimmerman supporters were paying the tab, you mean ALEC and the NRA.

634 days ago


I get the feeling George is going to walk.

634 days ago


I hope George does time. But what's all the racism and hatred towards blacks? Some black must have done some horrible things to you or you're just simply ignorant and this is your opportunity to talk smack because we know you wouldn't say it in there face.

634 days ago


A young kids life was taken away. He followed when told not to.

634 days ago


obviously his murdering of an unarmed 17 year old that he stalked has not affected his appetite.

fat f**k!

the only way ANYONE would screw you is out of money.

634 days ago


@ BB not bb Hoodie wearing I see many other racist wear hoodies idiot, you need a life lol or maybe this is your life because no one wants to deal with you so computer time is all you get. Or maybe you hate yourself because your life isn't want you want STILL LIVING AT HOME WITH YOUR MOM lol 40 yr old virgin lol so u mad at the world. I sorry for your pathetic life maybe if your views on life wasn't so ignorant you would be a lot more happier

634 days ago


To all your racist douche bag who are big and bad using the key board please go to hell, you all are irritating and make yourself look really stupid. And the funny thing is you deal with people of different race everyday and I am damn sure you punks don't say any of this to anyones face. It just shows idiolts still exist and that some have no kind of intellect, that your stuck on stupid and racist. That's a bad combination

634 days ago


Every one hates blacks but yall white people chose to bring them here yall dress like us ...yall women want bigger ass and breast like black women and yall tan your skin to become darker ....but because its a black teen killed its not this fat link fault f all of u

634 days ago
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