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George Zimmerman

Sued Over Bill

To Protect His Ass

12/27/2012 6:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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It cost roughly $67,000 to keep Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman safe after his release from jail this summer -- and now, the security company that protected him from angry mobs and vigilante killers is suing him for a huge chunk of that bill.

Associated Investigative Services filed the lawsuit against Zimmerman and his attorneys, claiming they hired the firm in June to provide security "in anticipation of Mr. Zimmerman's release from incarceration while he was awaiting trial on felony criminal charges."

According to Associated, Zimmerman's lawyer faithfully paid $40,000 while the company continued to provide security services ... but then payments stopped and the bills piled up.

According to the lawsuit, Zimmerman's attorney told Associated his client could no longer afford the protection services -- partially because he still needs to pay for his defense in the upcoming second degree murder trial.

Associated wants the $27,027 it claims Zimmerman still owes.


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Free George..........

667 days ago


Karma:..... better off just waiting in jail until his trial . Could have saved himself a lot of money plus time served. But I should take my own advice like he should have and mind my own business

667 days ago


Let me get this straight... Zimmerman's classy attorneys essentially told the security outfit that they could go and pound salt---because their illustrious client wouldn't be paying them because they (the attorney) would be soaking Zimmerman from the offerings of his devotees... and the court will rule in favour of the attorneys because---the court always has the backs of attorney getting their cut (from any source and by any means necessary)

667 days ago

BB not bb    

They should write it off as a charity and say they did a good deed keeping an innocent man alive. He is no one special and has no money to pay for heavy security. If they told these people that they couldn't afford them any more, why did they keep working then? Were they working on a loan basis?

If they were generous enough to do that, they should just let it go. I think they did a good job and it is some publicity for them. The Black Panthers and every racist black in the country wanted this man's head. If they protected him through all that, I would think that they know what they are doing.

667 days ago


LOL, tough sh!t for him. He has money from his 'whaaa, I shot a kid and people don't like me for it' website, then he lied about the money he had in court trying to hide it so that the public would pay for his legal defense while he hid his new found thousands. No sympathy for this creep, actions have consequences... well unless you are Lindsay Lohan anyway.

667 days ago


Cold blooded murdering p.o.s.

667 days ago


He'll get millions from NBC (?) for their reporting.

667 days ago

BB not bb    

Can't this poor guy get a break? I feel so sorry for him and so scared for this country. He did what any armed person would do, defended himself in a beat down that was about to end his life. Now he is hated for it like he likes to go around shooting little children in his spare time.

Even the president had to throw in a jab, saying Trayvon was his son. So this makes George now the murderer of the president's son in the minds of the rabble. The cops understood the story, but that wasn't good enough for the showboat of black rights to come sailing in with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson stirring the pot.

All George was trying to do was look out for his neighbors and neighborhood. I think they should get together and organize a defense for him. I think the NRA should do more to help him gain support and even maybe pay for his legal defense. They have millions, they are one of the biggest lobbies in the USA. If they really wanted to protect gun rights, they should see to it that George gets justice.

667 days ago


Z will be acquitted. This is just more sensationalism by he tabloids.

Attorneys will angle his bogus debt.

667 days ago


i repeat my Mel Gibson reply;
What kind of people are you, talk about worthless people, look at yourselves and your alarming comments. I'll bet most of you are liberal amendment/ liberty restricting idiots too.

667 days ago


Yes,,let him walk around with a bag of SKITTLES and see if he can protect himself from a vigilante! The Punk Bytch! Y would he need security, according to him & his fans, he didn't do nothing wrong!

667 days ago


Bankrupt him and throw that wannabe Policeman in jail! Sue the Housing Development for every dime you can!

667 days ago

Saints fan    

He should sue Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton for screaming racism and stirring up a **** storm where there shouldn't have been one. Then sue TMZ and the main stream media for aiding and abetting the race pimps. The man hasn't even had a fair trial and he's been convicted by the public. Absolutely pathetic.....

667 days ago

BB not bb    


667 days ago


The news media should have to pay the bill. The only reason Zimmerman needed protection was as a result of them whipping the black community into a frenzy over the case.

What was with them showing Trayvon as a little boy instead of the 6'2" nearly grown man football player that he really was? Why did they show the injuries to Zimmerman in black & white instead of full color? Why did they doctor Zimmerman's 911 call to make it sound like he was racist?

This is like the Duke Lacrosse Rape Hoax all over again.

667 days ago
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