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Obama to First Lady

I Got a ...

Whole Lotta Love

12/27/2012 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President Obama got down with the First Lady -- mouthing the lyrics to a classic, and filthy, Led Zeppelin song during the Kennedy Center Honors ... and it might be the most badass move a Prez ever made.

Barack got his pimp on while Lenny Kravitz sang "Whole Lotta Love" as a tribute to the surviving members of Zep ... who were hailed during the KCH that aired last night.

While Lenny was jamming the camera cut away to the Prez and Michelle Obama a couple of times ... including once when Barack lip synched the chorus, "want a whole lotta love."

Interestingly, there was no cutaway to the First Couple during the following lyric:
- I'm gonna give you every inch of my love, gonna give you my love

Or ...
- Shake for me, girl. I wanna be your backdoor man.

Bet W never pulled that move.  Clinton on the other hand ...


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Voted for him. Got a Genius level IQ. What's yours"J"?
The KCH event is to honor our Nation's finest Artists.
As such, the President and First Lady have traditionally attended.
Such functions are in the Job Spec.

662 days ago


Obama has offered everything to the Republicans and they still don't want to avoid the Fiscal Cliff, Republicans want 100 % of what they want, Obama offered 99% of what Republicans want and Republicans rejected Obama, Sometimes you can NOT get 100 % but if Obama offers you 99% of what you wanted then you should take it............Republicans loves the RICH.

662 days ago


Well... I can tell you one thing ... He don't love America.... She is a beast...

662 days ago


TMZ, please stop with all these Obama stories. He is a politician (he's not worthy of the title "statesman" in my book), not a celeb and this is supposed to be an entertainment news site, not world news. I for one couldn't give a damn whether or not the US president is "badass" or "cool" or "cute".

662 days ago

It's Dave    

Okay... not a big fan of Obama, I think the banks own him just like they owned Bush, but like him or hate him politically, you have to admit we have a pretty cool president. I mean honestly, who would you rather hang out with? Obama or Romney?

662 days ago


in 2004 i Voted for John Kerry to be the next USA President but W. Bush Won Re-Election instead, i'm glad Obama named Kerry America's Next Secretary Of State But i would like Kerry to be Hillary's Vice-President in 2016, i remember in 2004 John Kerry got 6O Million Votes But still Lost..............Michelle Obama For GOVERNOR in 2016

662 days ago


Okay, I can see people getting ticked off if President Obama does something they don't agree with. We all have different opinions and all that. But WTF is up with getting furious at the man for doing what he is supposed to do? The president always attends this event. Some of you should really do some soul searching on why your hatred is so strong that you get mad at him for EVERYTHING. I mean, when Bush was president, I didn't get mad at him for EVERYTHING.

On the story about Bush sr. being sick, many said that people need to show some respect, which I agree with. But I have a feeling more then a few of the people who screamed "show some respect" then posted some vile junk on one of these Obama stories.

He was supposed to be there! Chill out people.

662 days ago


First off i would like to say, the problem with the us as a people today is that we always want to blame somebody for the mess we are in. This country for a long time now has been jacked up long before obama came along. We are the crooks, look how we stab at eachother , blame eachother, kill and steal from eachother. Obama doing what he can within his rank . He's our leader in a puppet world where the goverment and the rich are the puppet masters! SO ALL OF US THAT HATE RACE CULTURE AND BLAME PLEASE IF ITS IN GOD WE TRUST lets do just that and stop depending on one man to fix our pro lems when its deeper then him! Go Obama....

661 days ago

Steve Stewart    

this cow is NOT Presidential....I guess that makes her perfect for oBama

661 days ago


not elmo , he is the best looking presdient , he is hot and sexy. who cares what he does for the country, i like his man parts. and i voted for him first cuse he sexy second he's a man of color,, third, he gives us free health care, 4rd,i don't have to work no more , i stay home with my kidsand watch pres butt on the tv. he is a sex machine. wow he ever need a mistress i will do it for free with him for free barack hear that come to my bed and i will make you one happy mans. wow , maybe a threesome, sexy man ?? yup you got the man parts for me

661 days ago


I think I just threw up in my mouth a little, no class president......

661 days ago


And here in Chicago, word is that he is in the closet, trying too hard B-Zero......

661 days ago


Cool got a bad ass Potus who can still Get It On

661 days ago


Obama wants to use Bill Clinton's Tax Plan that created over 23 Million Jobs in USA But Republicans in Congress all the Care about is to Protect The RICH, Republicans are a DisGrace !

661 days ago


Can you just imagine Romney listening to this ??????????? HELL NO

656 days ago
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