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Conrad Murray

Prosecutors Try to Block

Bid for Freedom

12/28/2012 4:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If prosecutors have their way ...Conrad Murray will stay locked up, even though an appeals court could reverse his manslaughter conviction in the death of Michael Jackson.

According to new court docs obtained by TMZ ... the California Attorney General is scoffing at Murray's bid for release pending appeal, arguing that he's totally unconvincing when he says he's not a flight risk.  Murray is claiming if he gets out he'll live with his GF/baby mama Nicole Alvarez in Santa Monica, but prosecutors are quick to point out ... he has 7 kids with 5 women, which does not exactly make him the poster child of stability.

And get this ... Murray argued that he can't flee because he's a celeb and therefore can't run and hide.  But prosecutors blanch at the doctor's argument, claiming it would be a travesty to reward him for becoming a celebrity by killing a true celebrity.

 Prosecutors also say the fact that Murray has shown no remorse is a red flag that he might continue to be a danger to the community if set free.


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Doctor Death.

630 days ago

Mick from uk    

Celeb my ARSE

630 days ago


I find it so scary that he STILL refuses to take responsibility for ANYTHING!!!...I'm someone who actually watched the trial and it was RIDICULOUS what Conrad Murray did.......ALL PROVEN BY SCIENCE THAT IT WAS DR MURRAY WHO GAVE THE FATAL DOSE AND NOT MJ would have been IMPOSSIBLE for MJ to load himself up with THAT much.....This guy is a scary ass pathological liar/sociopath...the longer he's in jail the better off the world is. I feel like throwing up when people on here defend him...ughhhh

630 days ago


Well murray if you dont want to be locked up dont go around killing people.

630 days ago


People in the public eye kill me, claiming its too uncomfortable in Prison to stay! Heelllooo, it's not supposed to be. Idc who he is or who's life he took, that's not the matter. He took a life by being greedy & careless.

630 days ago


Conrad Murray how he forgets that he was the one that bought and ordered the medication. He even recorded MJ conversation with him without consent. Murray knew of Michaels state. MJs autopsy report showed he was not an addict. Murray was the one that provided and administered the lethal drug. Murray should stay in jail. He shows no remorse I hate him

630 days ago


I thought Murray had a case for release, he's on appeal, that he has not shown remorse is irrelevant as he believes he is innocent (uh, yeah, right), and ... OK, that's the extent of his case.

Though to be honest, I think bigotry plays a role. Not that he's black, but that he has a strong foreign accent, like he's going to go back to Jamaica or where ever he's from.

I think the prosecutors have convinced me though - keep his ass in jail. He is not stable enough to risk letting him free.

630 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Why do the fans always like to throw out the comment "he hasn't shown remorse"? How do you know that? From his legal defense perspective that would only harm him. Someone would only make a public statement of remorse if they plead to a lesser charge and were awaiting a sentence.
If he did show remorse publicly, I'm sure the fans would not take it sincerely anyway.

630 days ago


Murray did everything a doctor should not do and killed a patient. He needs to stay put.

630 days ago


Murray has such a superiority complex, he views himself as a celebrity.
He may be infamous , but that isnt quite the same as being a celebrity.
I think his superior attitude is why he , for the most part, chose to work with geriatric patients , because they are more likely to view their doctor as , all knowing ., and not question him.An elevated status.
I think this same attitude , is one of the reasons he chose to leave his patient on a drip and walk away and make superficial phone calls .
Except , of course for the time , he chose to sit by , recording his patient , in a disoriented state., no doubt , as the judge said as, a future insurance policy.
What A GUY!
He is the boss, not the famous Michael Jackson.
And those concerts were just as important to Murray, as MJ , if not more ..
Even if MJ lost his catalog and everything else, he could start over with his talent , and be filthy rich all over again,(after all , when Murray made that recording , MJ was talking about building a hospital, not saving his catalog...)
MJ was Murrays one opportunity to get rich and meet powerful people .
He was the guy that should have been hanging with all those powerful people from AEG., so he put their needs before the welfare of his patient.
He would like people to believe MJ forced him into giving him the drug that day, and he was helpless ,but he was on a power trip to me, once he saw what doors, knowing MJ could open , he felt certain , that he deserved that status ,even more then his patient
But the only way to get there , is with MJ , who was damaged , and I think it pissed him off,So it is almost like he was punishing him , to give it to him and walk away..
I am with Walgren when he wondered just how many times , Murray had messed up before , by almost killing him with his incompetence.

630 days ago


What a incessant whiner. Did the crime, do the time. 'Nuf said.

630 days ago


Just by looking at his fugly face he's guilty.

630 days ago
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