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Lindsay Lohan

End of 2012

Shows Wear and Tear

1/1/2013 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The photos tell the story -- it was a rough year for Lindsay Lohan.

These pics of Lindsay were snapped as she returned to her London hotel just before the stroke of midnight.

Lohan looked disheveled and a little bloated after celebrating the end of a year that included --

-- a car crash
-- 3 fresh criminal charges for lying to cops
-- getting her probation in the jewelry heist case revoked
-- arrested in NYC for assault
-- arrested in NYC for hit and run
-- calling cops after epic fight in NYC with Dina
-- huge tax problems
-- Liz and Dick
-- Liz and Dick
--Liz and Dick

Happy New Year.  May 2013 bring you peace ... just a little.


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Blonde Ambition    

She reminds me of Boy George once again.

Actually, BG is so much happier & healthier these days than this hopeless girl.

630 days ago


Oh I think she earned enough this weekend to keep her mothers house out of foreclosure and pay off the IRS liens without a she can prance her ass into court and tell the judge some freaking huge lie about how hard she has been working to to it and how if she has to go to jail it would ruin all her hard work......and she need to be free to all know the drill.....What this weekend really shown the world about Lindsay
What she is ..........and how low she will go to keep the money and drugs coming in......the Daily Mail article said it she "shocked the fans" with how used and drugged out she was in those pictures ..if it hadn't been for that black guard keeping her on her feet she would have falling flat on her face in front of those fans she was So out of it ..just look at her eyes....."Hello" nobody was home........and in another picture Dina woobblling her way out of the car behind her.....which truly disgusts me.....and they crash for a couple of hours sobber up drug up and clean up for the next appointment and if she got 233,000 US dollar for a 'wink" at the princess I gareanette you better check on the English Slang usage of the work wink......... She was their as a hired whore to be used by any who would pay the price.....and She looked to be used a lot......
What did it show the world .....
That she is what I have called her a long time now a High Priced Hollywood Whore pretending to be a actress......she has never been a actress has always been the whore...and Her Mother has always been her Madam and Pimp.....
But by looking at those pictures it is going to be a short career .....she doesn't have a lot of time left that is a dying woman.......

630 days ago


Don't blame Crackie a bit for partying-afterall, these are her last days of her FREEDOM. TICK TOCK... So she's selling herself out as a "paid date"-maximizing her financial potential-don't blame her a bit as these are the last days of her FREEDOM. TICK TOCK.... Judge Revel gave Crackie 2 weeks to "surrender" herself before her 2 week jail sentence in 2010. She spent the 1st week firing Holley and hiring Shapiro and the 2nd week detoxing in Shapiro's recovery house and then firing Shapiro and rehiring Holley. So will this new judge give Crackie 2 weeks to surrender- so she can detox privately- or will she remand her directly to jail when she's found guilty of VOP only to be rushed to a detox unit in full view of the world? When an alkie detoxes only to relapse and detox again, the withdrawal becomes more severe with each detox and the risks for irreversible damage increases. This is called kindling. So how times has Crackie done this? TICK TOCK....

630 days ago

There's a problem here    

She looks like a common cheap beer bar slut. Dime a dozen.

630 days ago


What happened to her face? No photoshop available?

630 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Interesting thought, Ketjo.

If Lindsay comes to court on the 7th with a freshly paid-off tax bill to try to impress the judge, then we'll know exactly what she was doing over in London with the Turbanators.

Since she has no projects in the works, it can only be one thing.

630 days ago


Sorry odie, but I thought she was quoted as saying she wasn't going out NYE. Is she not to be taken at her word anymore?

630 days ago


Sez, did you get my reply on page 17?

630 days ago


Man, she looks AWFUL, and I mean in a bad, "on-her-way-out-the-door" way. Woah. This bish won't make it 'til next New Year, I can almost guarantee it.

She's a washed-up drunk druggie that has no talent, and is as useful as a turd. One you just flush down the toilet. She's a goner before long. She looks that bad.

630 days ago


Lindsay was hired as a party favor to service anyone at the party who wanted to be serviced. Dina, as Lindsay's coach and trainer, was there on a side deal to provide hand-jobs to the camels.

630 days ago


ROTF That rol pic says it ALL. . . .

630 days ago

Blonde Ambition    

Why are the Like/Hate arrows frozen? Did Dina get upset & tell you to lock them?

630 days ago

Chief Gall    

Bravo TV
Designer to the Stars Sneak Peek, pt.1
Lindsay Lohan enlists Kathryn's help to redo her new home. Jan 1 @ 10/9c

Don't forget to watch. Beware, haters. Lindsay looks great. You've seen the clip. LOL!!!!!!

630 days ago


Is this the only purse this bish has? She's photographed with it everywhere. What, did she sell all her other ones to pay the IRS, or the STD clinic bill, or the liquor store tab? Just

630 days ago


well I tell you one thing they don't get her ass back to the States and start to detox her before she goes to court they are fools......she goes to jail right now she will end up in the detox unit in 24 hours....and Jail detox is a lot different form some private one...even with her adderall on her allowed presciption she won't get it in the same amounts she is taking now....and with all the other drugs and vodka to amp the aderalls up she is in for one hell of a detox..... and in her mental state I don't know if she will come out the other side of it without a lot of damage......
I have a personal hate for that drug.....Had a friend who's boys had ADD and the docter put the boys on it changed them completely into little zombies and anytime she tryed to take them off of it they went hyper she keep on giving it to them.....Now they are grown and both damage mentally...the older one can't hold still is constantly twicking and studders..hes 28 and has the mental age of a 12 yr old...the other boy is a 400 lb. blob...who sits in his room all day watching cartoons and can't work she will support him for the rest of her life....all because of Adderral ....the choice of Hollywood and the drug world....

630 days ago
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