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Gabriel Aubry

NO Fighting ...

NO Prosecution for Brawl

1/3/2013 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry is in the clear in the Thanksgiving Day brawl at Halle Berry's house ... with one string attached.

TMZ has learned ... the L.A. City Attorney conducted two office hearings -- one where Halle and Gabriel's sparring partner Olivier Martinez showed up together and another where Gabriel showed up alone on a different day.

Sources tell TMZ ... the case has now been resolved and Gabriel will not be criminally prosecuted, PROVIDED he keeps his nose clean for a year. 

TMZ previously reported ... anger management was on the table as a possible condition to avoid prosecution, but the City Attorney has a policy of neither confirming nor denying specifics.



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...anger management. What a crock of sh1t, Had to be a woman behind that crap. HE's supposed to not get angry when a nutcase nanny gets in his face and tells him what he can and can't do or when his ex--another nutcase's boyfriend gets in his face and provokes him--IN FRENCH. That's right, it's all his fault---Halle is playing that vagina/celebrity card.

626 days ago


Seems to me Martinez should get anger management counseling too.

626 days ago


Gabriel look so slow in that picture. What happened to the sexiness?

626 days ago


He's hot - she's nutz!!!

626 days ago


If the kid spent Christmas with Aubry and not with Halle it shows he is not the problem or Halle would not have left the kid with him.

626 days ago


How can so many ppl seemingly forget that Gabriel threw the first punch, no matter if provoked or not. Not to mention he started the fight with his daughter present. Gabriel needs to be happy he can still see his daughter unsupervised!!!

626 days ago


Only in Hollywood. It's obvious who did the fighting - Olivier. He beat Aubrey to a bloody pulp and Aubrey is blamed? This is disgustingly wrong. And as most of you are saying here, Nahla will pay the price. She knows her daddy loves her - she will soon figure out her mother is using her.

626 days ago


wait a minute.isnt Martinez, a professional fighter -boxer....if you beat someone to a pulp like he did to Gabe, while also interfering in Gabe and Nahla's life, why is it that Gabe is the one needing anger management...only in LA..where money talks and criminals walk

626 days ago


F*** that prosecutor. Is he/ she fresh out of school? Why would there be a provision on Gabriel at all much less alone without provisions for he perp, Olivier? You know, I'm so disgusted with that whole story I will go out of my way to avoid anything related the H. Berry. I will NOT pay to see any movie she is in nor buy products she reps. And I will voice my opinion to people I know on the topic. The whole thing is disgusting.

626 days ago


Am I the only one who feels that Halle and Olivier probably paid Gabriel a big fat settlement to take the heat for the entire debacle and just keep quiet? After all they have the most to lose by far. After this shiz went down it sounded like such an obvious set up. Aubry got his azz BEAT. No one mentions anymore that Gabe also had broken ribs though Olivier was said to have just thrown a few quick 'rabbit punches' into Gabe's mug. Initially Gabe claimed that Olivier had him down on the ground banging his head against the concrete and had kicked him. The injuries seem more consistent with Gabe's story than Olivier's. And all of the cameras pointing away from the action...pretty shady if you ask me. Gabe may have sthrown the first punch but I think he was deliberately provoked.

626 days ago


Gabe has anger issues. The people backing this ass haven't met him.

626 days ago


TO: whateveryou who wrote:
"I'll say it again. If he asked the cops to look at the security tapes, how can he be the one a fault? Guilty people don't do that."
The cops did look at the security tapes and found out that Gabriel Aubry started the fight, he just didn't know that Olivier Martinez was a bad mo-fo.
In my opinion, if it weren't for the fact that Halle Berry is a multi-millionaire and Gabriel Aubry is looking to cash in on that (which he already has, he's, he's getting $22,000 per month from Halle Berry just so he can look rich enough for his daughter to hang out with), the Gabriel Aubry would have been history, and with another woman a long time ago.

Read more:

625 days ago


Halle keeps talking about how black she is but finally has a child with a white guy who she continues to degrade. There is something wrong with her has seen what frenchy can do with his fists

625 days ago


It is really messed up that Olivier wasn't brought up on charges. No matter who started the fight - Olivier used excessive force and it isn't legal to go as far as he did when beating up Gabriel

625 days ago


What a buncha crapola that he was the one being questioned and facing possible punishment..."daddy why are you all bruised up in that picture?"

625 days ago
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