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Back on Welfare

1/6/2013 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0104-nadya-suleman-octomom-tmzIt's only been five months since Octomom got off welfare, but TMZ has learned the honeymoon's over for your tax dollars -- because she's back on government assistance.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ, Nadya Suleman signed up for welfare again this week after her October rehab bills devoured most of her savings.

We're told the mother of 14 will be getting $1,800 a month for food, $1,000 for emergency cash, as well as Medi-Cal benefits to help with mental heath and dental issues.

According to sources, Octomom only plans to use the welfare money while she gets back on her feet -- or on her back.

TMZ broke the story ... Octo went on welfare last March, but was able to get off guv assistance in July ... the result of a pile of cash she scored from stripping and masturbation porn.


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I do NOT want my tax dollars going towards this reckless bitch who decided she wanted to have 14 kids she can't take care of!!! I have one of my own I need to support, I'm not taking care of that bitchs kids!!! Get a JOB Nadya!!! A REAL EFFIN JOB!

662 days ago


A TMZ exclusive, geez must be a slow day. Whatever your opinions on Octomom she's still got to raise and care for those 8 kids somehow.
Seems pretty mean to make this an exclusive headline story.

Maybe TMZ could do something positive for a change and employ her via skype to pitch some stories?

662 days ago


That F N doctor that did that should be paying her child support.

662 days ago


Time for sweet Nadya to start doing some real porn! I would love to see her in a creampir bukaki scene! Stay golden, Nadya!

662 days ago


OMG, What a surprise, no one saw this coming(again) *sarcasm*. Just take the kids away from her already.

662 days ago

Az Heat    

Who in the Hell needs that many kids!?!? IF YOU CAN'T FEED THEM DON'T BREED THEM!!!!!!

662 days ago


To have this many children via the turkey baster shows that there's a loose screw in this woman's head. She really believed she could raise all these babies ON HER OWN without assistance. I'm not sure what believing in undoable fantasies is called but Nadya's bubble surely has burst by now. No matter how unpleasant a taste it leaves in one's mouth, the focus has to be on those children. I wonder all the time what is being raised in that home. I wonder how they are doing in school? Are they picked on because of their mother's actions? Normally keeping all the siblings together is best but can these kids possibly be getting enough individual love and attention. Once the state began to support this family I believe they have a right and responsibility to ask and find out the answers to these questions. Are there happy kids being raised by this increasingly creepy mother that will tell stories of a loving mom that did her best or do we have a house full of maladjusted kids that will be an even bigger burden on society as adults. We don't know how this will turn out but the children-all American children-need to be fed when the adult(s) that are suppose to take care of them, can't. Unfortunately, we are all aware kids need alot more than food to grow up to be happy healthy adults. What a train wreck.

662 days ago


Hard times is hard times. Lets quit being negative and help her. Cut her some slack.

662 days ago


I cannot stand this waste of space.

662 days ago


she better get on her back and make some money...why should the public pay her to stay home ?
she needs to adopt out all those kids...

662 days ago


if Honey Boo Boo family can have a show, then TLC should just go ahead and give Nadya a show too...Im sure it would be great trainwreck entertainment and get her off welfare...

662 days ago


Ground hog day comes early.

662 days ago


Too bad they don't put everyone that's on welfare on TMZ...maybe TLC will pick up a new show."people that live off other people"..should be a hit!!

662 days ago


Outraged yet not surprised. If you disect all or most of octo's financial transactions' be it childcare,furniture, cosmetic surgery, food, medical insurance,diapers, transportation,clothing, housing & even quite possibly the very children she conceived through medical science' break it all down & you will see that she never worked for what she has aquired. She is just adding to the state of California's already broke economy,

662 days ago


She needs to either land a wealthy man or become an escort.

662 days ago
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