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Justin Bieber

Party With Me ...

I Own You

1/7/2013 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0106_JUSTIN_BIEBER_COMPOSITE3Justin Bieber's people have smartly tried to contain the teenage singer's hijinks by attempting to make it clear to anyone who parties with him ... any pictures snapped are automatically the property of Justin. 

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Justin's people routinely place a sign in places where Justin parties -- a sign that says any and all photos taken at the party do NOT belong to the people who took them -- they all belong to JB.

It's a literal and figurative sign of the concern Justin's people are showing for a famous teenager with a penchant for risk-taking.

As for the photos taken last week in that Newport Beach Hotel room showing Justin smoking a blunt, our sources say if there was a sign it wasn't obvious ... because the people who took pictures saw nothing.

In addition to signage, we're told Justin's security people are supposed to "manage" private situations like the one in the hotel room, but apparently security didn't do its job ... or they've been co-opted by Justin.



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Well, this shows what little the Canadian reject knows about the legal rights of photographers. Unless he gets everyone coming to his party and signing a work-for-hire contract and pays them for each image, he has no standings in making the claim that he owns all the photos. This has gone up the judicial system in favor of the photographer as to who has the rights to their work. Posting a dumb sign doesn't get it just because you sold some records and you think you're privilege and what ever comes out of your mouth is not a commandment from God. Hey, Canadian, this is your brain (And the call it puppy looooo-uh-ove) and this is your brain on dope (I call it the Sixteenth Chapel on Letterman cause the blunt burnt my lips).

652 days ago

justin bieber    

Why are u guys talk so much stuff tmz I'm a mature 18 year old I love u beliebers

652 days ago


I usually don't care what stars do in their personal lives, its no concern of ours, is what I usually think. But when my 7 year old son started to idolize Justin in a way that meant growing his hair out, buying clothing and shoes to look like him and telling us he wanted to sing so he could make people happy like Justin did, I started to seriously think about spending our hard earned money on signing him up for a fan club. Not two days later I see posts everywhere either smearing him or giving him a pat on the back for smoking weed I was first shocked then in a short time a little angry. Yes you are human and have a right to do as you please, you to can make mistakes and learn from them and I hope this is what he does because know it or not- Justin your actions have a ripple effect on young men and women, boys and girls, and mostly parents and guardians around the world. Sure you can pick up a blunt and smoke it then say what does it have to do with you if I do this well here is what... Someone somewhere is going to mimic your actions and it will not only hurt them but it will be the source of pain throughout their family. If my son wants to be so much like you, because to him you brought happiness to so many with your talent, that he may think smoking a little blunt is ok he may then do it himself and then I will have to be the bad guy and put a stop to it. I will have to find the strength to discipline him because you didn't have the stregnth to discipline yourself. Your actions cause ripples not just a few thousand but millions and even those who would stand by you and protect you will be affected in the most shameful way. I wish all stars, or famous people would keep this in mind. Yes you too are human and are entitled to your mistakes but unlike us working class your in the spotlight to influence millions more with those actions.

652 days ago


you know..that thing he's holding myt be a pretzel.. u knw the pretzel sticks.. i mean i sometimes hold it lyk that just to pretend im smokin... just my opinion.. plus most artists smoke so does my neighbour..

652 days ago


Justin is soo dame stuiped what if his fans cut there selves to deep and die he need to think about his lil fans like 5, 4,6 and above thats stuiped

651 days ago


That's not a blunt, it's a Black and Mild; leave the kid alone.

651 days ago

Ian Clue    

Bieber smokes bones? I swore he only smoked poles...

649 days ago


It's a look alike ,it's Robin Verrecas he looks just like him

644 days ago



580 days ago
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