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Justin Bieber

Party With Me ...

I Own You

1/7/2013 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0106_JUSTIN_BIEBER_COMPOSITE3Justin Bieber's people have smartly tried to contain the teenage singer's hijinks by attempting to make it clear to anyone who parties with him ... any pictures snapped are automatically the property of Justin. 

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Justin's people routinely place a sign in places where Justin parties -- a sign that says any and all photos taken at the party do NOT belong to the people who took them -- they all belong to JB.

It's a literal and figurative sign of the concern Justin's people are showing for a famous teenager with a penchant for risk-taking.

As for the photos taken last week in that Newport Beach Hotel room showing Justin smoking a blunt, our sources say if there was a sign it wasn't obvious ... because the people who took pictures saw nothing.

In addition to signage, we're told Justin's security people are supposed to "manage" private situations like the one in the hotel room, but apparently security didn't do its job ... or they've been co-opted by Justin.



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Is that all we have to do? Okay, from now on, ALL photos taken of anything belong to me. I want royalties if you take a photo and use it. I wish I heard about this sooner. Now I'll be rich like The Bieb.

655 days ago

Cincinnati Sugar    

"I want to model my career after MJ"....Michael Jackson never cared who took his picture, he let anyone and everyone, take his picture but then again....he never did anything wrong. Obviously Justin(e) is afraid.

655 days ago


The world belongs to J B that means everything you to Harvey the photos u take are JB

655 days ago


If you take a picture with your camera and did not sign anything then the sign is meaningless. 2013 the crash and burn of Biebs.

655 days ago


Deport bieber to Canada...

655 days ago


Who cares if he smokes pot!? The majority of people smoke or want to and at this point it should be legal. Lay off the potheads!

655 days ago


No one actually knows what he is smoking. Yes it seems to be a blunt but there is tobacco in those. It's a mini cigar basically. People are so quick to jump to conclussions. If it is marijuana so what. He is a teenager and I can almost bet that anybody who is saying something bad about it has at least tried it themselves at one point in their life. He is still growing up. But nobody should judge until they have the actually proof. Leave Justin alone already. He is a good kid and everybody is trying there hardest to trash his name. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

655 days ago


justin's ah bad mutha....#legalizeit!

655 days ago


I just have to point out that if you look at the blunt it is burning normal and there isn't a lot of smoke. If there was marijuana in that blunt there would be smoke coming out of it that would be able to be seen in the picture. I smoked weed as a teenager and I have smoked out of blunts so I am familiar with the way it burns. Not an expert but from experience. People really should stop hating on the poor kid. There is worse going on in the world and people have to focus on something like this, really. It's sad and pathetic if you ask me.

655 days ago


I would think unless they sign something agreeing to this he can't do sh**

655 days ago


"And the day that TMZ took this picture for the boy who looks like me I WAS WITH LILT-WIST , AND SCOOTER AT THE STUDIO! AND I WAS WEARING RED. I SAW THE PICTURES OF THE GUY AND I DONT WEAR TENNIS SHOES! I ONLY WEAR SUPRAS...and scooter told me that guy named calm down guys.. i didnt smoke and i will NEVER do!"

TRADUCCION : "Y el día que TMZ tomó esta foto del chico que se parece a mí.YO ESTABA CON LILT-WIST Y SCOOTER EN EL ESTUDIO! Y yo estaba vestido de rojo. Vi las fotos del chico y yo no llevo zapatos de tenis! Yo SOLO USO Supras ... y scooter me dijo que un tipo llamado Robin .. así que calmense chicos .. yo no fumo y nunca lo voy a hacer! "

655 days ago


this is fake! justin never wears nikes me being i belieber i know he doesn't really like them so TMZ quit being so thirsty for attention and get a life seriously is stalking him for money that fun to you where the hell is the respect and manners your mothers taught you? If i was your mom i would be so disappointed in you!

655 days ago


ITS A FKN PRIMETIME PEOPLE....NOT WEED! HAHA wow, your all soo young and stupid!

Nice try TMZ......

655 days ago


Let the boy get baked...who cares what he does as long as he is not hurting anyone

655 days ago


This kid needs a 2 year stint in the Candian Army.

654 days ago
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