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Michael Lohan to Dina

STOP Saying I Raped You

... Or Else

1/9/2013 8:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan
is threatening ex-wife Dina Lohan -- either stop accusing him of rape, or face his legal wrath.

Michael's attorney just sent a cease-and-desist letter to Dina -- following a recent interview in which Dina claimed Michael raped her during a coke binge in 1990.

In the letter, Michael's attorney calls Dina's allegations "false, defamatory, and unlawful."

In the letter the lawyer claims Dina has been harassing Michael of late by leaving a slew of messages on his phone and on the Internet.

Michael wants Dina to shut her mouth and stop contacting him once and for all -- or he'll sue.


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Boy ! Zepher
I was just about to ream you a new one when I saw this under my last post......
"Piss off, you boring, fat, irrelevant, mentally ill loser. Nobody here cares what your opinions are.

And THAT is the truth."
Then when I went back and check to make sure it was gone and moved under Chief Gall......
So was it a mistake or do we need to talk....sweetie....

615 days ago

Chief Gall    

Another quick glance at the NYT story and a two things that are obvious are Lindsay's great looks and above average talent. People who know what the fk is what know what the fk is what. Her appearance is a matter of taste. Haters obviously have lousy taste.
She either gets her zhit together or not. She will get it together and the movies contracts will be signed. How angry will haters feel? On a scale of one to ten? LOL!!!!
Lindsay will sign at least two(2) movie deals in 2013.
really gone.......

615 days ago


This is just too good!
By midweek, Schrader and Lohan were locked in battle. One afternoon, he shot some of the lead-up to the movie’s pivotal sex scene. Lohan wasn’t happy.
“I hope you got my triple chin on that one,” Lohan said to no one directly. “That shot was hideous."

Even Blo knows that her and her 3 chins are hideous!

615 days ago


Beautiful A-List Emma Stone read the nominees for the 2012 Oscars this morning.

Blo's name was nowhere to be heard.

615 days ago


are these articles supposed to make us feel sorry for hohan?

not working with me. not working at all.

feel sorry for her? never.

she has had so many opportunities and she has sh*t on them. she has sh*t on life.

she needs to f*ck off.

615 days ago


@Grandma, I think that is what the beauty of the article is. It was supposed to be slanted in the Movie's favor, obviously that is why he was hired to write the article and was on set for the whole shoot. So...that article is slanted in Lindsay's favor and it still makes her look like an hard drinking, irresponsible, childish, hard to work with person.

And in the end it even shows that no one is happy with the final product!

615 days ago


Haven't read back comments but has everyone seen the ROL article abt Lindsay having a fake copy of the Liz bracelet made? Lol "Sam" has been on there too

615 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

It's a shame Linds turned to alcohol rather them smokin' fat ass doobies to dull her pain. Long as she laid off the cheetos she'd still look great instead of, well you know...

Instead she might still be a hot stoner girl like Mila Kunis!

615 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

R tard has no reading comprehension skills or is just scanning the article for complimentary items. At no time did I get the impression her looks or "talent" were above average. If you take anything away from the article, I'd think it would be, they didn't feel she was worth it--to back that up, the guy was considering her for another movie at the beginning (keyword WAS).

615 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Lindsay and Jared Leto were a perfect couple.

615 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Point was my quickly spun counter story making it sound innocent could be every bit as true and equally unverifiable to what ROL is claiming. Was just going on their own account and threw Help's tweet thing in their for a little extra kick! No idea what the real story is behind the bracelet, because everything said has been unsubstantiated gossip without any sources or facts.

615 days ago


Oh dear Red Turd you are truly delusional just read the New York Times article... she truly is that DELUSIONAL it is the primary reason no one is going to hire her... she will be on episodes of COPS and Court TV Red Turd that is her 2013 roles

615 days ago


Hey Mike -- you are one low-life piece of pond s***. Boy I would like to bop you in the mouth. I don't know who is worse? You of that classless whore Kim Kardashian....

615 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Within the last couple of days TMZ ran a story with "after" photos of Petra Ecclestone's freshly renovated Spelling Mansion.

Has anyone else noticed that it's quietly disappeared from TMZ without a trace? It had many hundreds of comments and i left quite a few myself. Search doesn't find it, and when i look through my own profile comments the ones i left for it seem to have disappeared as well.

Things that make you go hmmm....

615 days ago


Hold on just one damn minute!
4 hours ago ILG asked Sam for the nurse's name....only to get this answer from... Dr. Cornelia J. Dogfarter PhD

Srsly??? Sorry i can't reveal my "close sources" either, but rest assured Lindsay is totally innocent and this is all just a big misunderstanding. ;-)
I thought Sam only posts under 1 name?

615 days ago
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