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'Whale Wars' Star Sued

You Sank My Boat

... and Blamed the Japanese

1/8/2013 10:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The star of the reality show "Whale Wars" LIED about the fate of the show's most famous ship ... falsely telling the media it sank due to a crash with Japanese whalers, when in fact he secretly SABOTAGED the boat himself for publicity ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Paul Watson (above) --  founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society -- has been sued by Ady Gil ... who claims he owned the famous Ady Gil ship featured on "Whale Wars." Gil claims he let Watson's organization use his boat, so long as they took care of it. 

In his suit, filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Gil says his vessel was rammed by a Japanese whaling ship in 2010 ... and suffered damage to the nose ... but the damage was repairable.

According to Gil, Watson saw the collision as an opportunity to spin the incident into a major publicity and money maker for his organization ... so instead of towing the boat to port for repairs, he secretly gave an order to sink the ship "under the cover of darkness" ... and blamed the Japanese.

Gil claims Watson knew that blaming the whalers for the destruction of his ship would garner sympathy for his cause and spark outrage against the whalers ... inspiring more people to donate to his anti-whaling organization.

Gil is now demanding more than $5 MILLION in damages ... claiming Watson failed in his promise to do everything possible to keep the Ady Gil from sinking.

FYI -- Watson resigned from his position as the President of the Sea Shepherd society yesterday in the wake of other legal issues facing the organization.

So far, no comment from either Watson or the Society.


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Paul Watson is a founding member of green peace. His original badge number was 007. He was kicked out because of his extreme tactics and views. He's not a bad guy, just really believes in what he's fighting for. I don't always agree with the choices he makes with his organization but I will continue to support them as right now they are the only group making any headway on this subject.

617 days ago


Whales are just animals. As the child of a Norwegian, ive eaten whale. Its not that good, but its part of their culture. Who are they to try to say which animals theyre allowed to eat, just because some lefty thinks theyre cute? Dont say intelligence, because pigs are smart, as far as stock goes.

617 days ago


I hope he gets eaten by a whale. There I said it.

617 days ago

Dat Pimp    

I know Ady Gil personally. He's a weasel.

617 days ago


Paul Watson is a wanted criminal who skipped bail in Germany and is on the lam. How he can do this show and not be arrested on an international warrant is beyond me. He is a disgrace to Canada and all Canadians. I'm not really for whaling, but I wish Japan all the best when one of their whaling ships meet up with this eco-terrorist. There are better ways to achieve your goal than to terrorize people who are not breaking any laws.

617 days ago


My first question. is why is TMZ commenting or even interested .... no boobs or bathing suits here Paul Watson does amazing work.... he does what he has to do to save the whales. As for sinking the boat... I doubt he put himself and crew members at risk on purpose. What good are they floating to the whales

617 days ago


And btw, the fat a s s is always on the run whenever he breaks the law and he needs to show his aass up to give his side of the story he runs like a rabit,money hungry fat piece of shi t :)

617 days ago


South Park lol

617 days ago


Paul Watson is a reprehensible low-life eco-terrorist who fabricates situations in order to make money of the idiots who believe his crap. He did it in Canada for years and somehow he got a TV show. He doesn't care about animals. Money is his goal.

617 days ago


No idea about the merits of this lawsuit, but I do know that the most "famous" of the Sea Shepard ships is the Steve Irwin. After that comes the Bob Barker. The Ady Gil is maybe third.

617 days ago


That sucks

617 days ago


Reality shows are fake

617 days ago


to the people who support these terrorists how would yall like it if someone showed up to your job and just started throwing stuff at you because they dont believe in what the product your company makes?the japs are trying to earn a living yet these s*** try to make their lives a living hell.

617 days ago


Until all of you actually watch Whale Wars and read about Sea Shepherd and the work they have done for many, many years (even before the Animal Planet show), you have no right to comment one way or another on this ridiculous article. I have watched every episode and always follow up with the facts afterward. I am friends with Ady Gil, and personally spent time with Paul Watson and Pete Bethune, and they all have good points to make, but in this instance, Ady is flat wrong with his lawsuit, because all that happened is on tape and is very clearly the fault of Pete.

617 days ago

Tammy LM    

I LOVE whales, and all animals... but this guy and his team of obsessed lunatics actually makes me LOVE to see a whale shot and killed in front of them just to see them cry over it. I hate this guy and his other PETA-esque co-horts with an undying passion. There is a time and a place for everything and there is something called tact. Outragiousness, shock value, and violence that people like this push to try and help a cause does nothing but drive people away from it, or worse causes people to hate their cause because they hate the messengers. They along with peta and all these other FANATICS do more harm to their causes than good. The only people these tactics impress are other overly dramatic nutjobs like them. NOT the regular public....which is where the majority of the support they need comes from.

I'm against wearing fur. I don't like to see little animals killed just for their pelts, HOWEVER, I do approve of using the hides of animals raised for comsumption rather than throwing it away and wasting it. I don't believe that throwing a bucket of red paint on a woman wearing a fur coat is going to do a damn thing for your cause other than to give a rich woman with a more than likely INSURED fur coat a reason to go out and buy A REPLACEMENT COAT. Now 50 more minks are going to die tomorrow when they otherwise wouldn't have had replace a coat PETA destroyed today. STUPIDITY. But all the raving college kids that support outragious tactics are now whooping and hollaring to a stunt they think "did something". I don't agree with killing whales, but when whalers are in INTERNATIONAL WATERS that they have a right to hunt in as much as anyone else.......they are within their rights. They are not in a santuary. They are in waters that are open to huting, and as long as they tag in each animal they process, (which they do keep logs of it ) they are within their rights. This dumbass takes his boat and causes destruction of private property to other within their rights. HE'S the bad guy in my book. The Sea Shepherd crew does nothing BUT break the laws. They try and physically wreck other ships, cause physical harm, they try sinking whaler ships. That's attempted murder of a Japanese sea crew. They all belong in jail. Why do you think so many people that otherwise would agree with no whaling actually root for the whalers because of this show? FANATICS, they need to take a good hard look at that and ask themselves what good they really are doing when they have people rooting for whalers because of their actions. I hope this jerk is sued and loses his case. I hope he loses everything he has. And secondly I also hope someone kicks Bob Barker's ass for giving that lunatic a ship in the first place.

617 days ago
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