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Washington D.C. Mayor

'Redskins' Is RACIST

... It's Time for a Change

1/9/2013 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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It's damn time the Washington Redskins changed its racist name ... at least if the team ever plans to move inside D.C. city limits -- so says District mayor Vincent Gray.

Now that the Redskins are winning again, there's been a lot of talk about bringing the team back to D.C. -- instead of leaving them in nearby FedEx Field, located in Maryland.

But Mayor Gray has some conditions before the Redskins move a muscle -- claiming, “I think that if they get serious with the team coming back to Washington, there’s no doubt there’s going to have to be a discussion about [changing the team name]."

Gray added, “I think it has become a lightning rod, and I would love to be able to sit down with the team … and see if a change should be made. There’s a precedent for this, and I think there needs to be a dispassionate discussion about this, and do the right thing.”

FYI -- the federal government controls the land where a new Redskins stadium would be built in D.C. ... so it does have some say.

There's no question, the term "redskins" is flat-out racist ... but we still gotta ask ...

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No Avatar


looks like he has a lot of free office time, make a rubberband ball instead.

596 days ago


Come on Mayor Why not think about your crime rate and how to change that and leave sports teams to deal with their names you senseless Bastard

596 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

"Redskins" is not racist.
words are not racist.
PEOPLE are racist.

doesnt matter what you label somehting, its people that offend people, not the words they choose.

596 days ago

I am Spartacus    

maybe they can take the Bullets since the Wizards dropped that name. It's also more fitting for that area.

596 days ago


It's not racist, I'm so sick of these idiots forcing this pc/racist crap everywhere, those people are the ones that are racist and not team names like the washington rdskins.

596 days ago


Well we wouldn't want to hurt anyones feelings.......... what a bunch of BS. It was fine for years then everything became rediculously politically correct. GET OVER IT PEOPLE. Worry about the big issues.

596 days ago


The Washington Scalpers, Grafters, Lobbyists, Carpetbaggers, Blanket weavers, Cigarette tax dodgers, Casino-ists...

596 days ago


New name...Washington Bullets. Oh, that name was already used and removed.

596 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

everyone that gets offended by some one or something please raise your hand, ok thats every one no to appease every one watch for the large nuclear flash

596 days ago

really! really?    

This is stupid! I am 1/4 Cherokee and my son is 1/2. Neither of us are offended by the team name "redskins". We are huge football fans and do not understand why the team should be changed simply because 3 or 4 natives have their panties in a twist.

596 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

everyone that gets offended by some one or something please raise your hand, ok thats every one now to appease every one watch for the large nuclear flash

596 days ago


ok. for all you crying "too sensitive" "its not racist" waah waah wah. you whine more than the pc police. and a large chunk of you probably havent experienced racism on any level. i have. i was subjected to a racist nickname everyday of my high school life. and yes, redskins is racist. it would be the EXACT same as having a sports team named the n******

596 days ago


When politicians focus on the name of a sports team instead of, oh idk, crime, budget, homelessness, infrastructure, etc. it's time to question the politicians, not the sports team.

596 days ago

BB not bb    

Aye yi yi. Does the Vikings insult Scandinavians? Does the Highlanders insult Scottsmen? I think it pays homage to them as fierce competitors and fighters. Maybe it is ironic that they are honoring them where they have taken their land, but that is another issue.

This country backstabs everyone, including the white man. Alot of people are treated unfairly but that is no reason to be overly sensitive. Does the Saints insult Christians? This is just worrying about something very petty. I think it is grandstanding for attention.

596 days ago


Right, we went through how racist it was when the Cleveland Indians fan were doing the tomahawk chop and chant. I like the Native Indian names for the teams, whatever the sport, it should be a tribute to them for being the FIRST ones here. JMHO

596 days ago
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