Dwayne Haskins Selfie Fan Claps Back At Critics ... 'For Once Prioritize The Fans!!!'


The guy who took a selfie with Dwayne Haskins while the QB was supposed to be on the field is telling critics to shut the hell up, saying it's about time the Redskins put their fans first!

"I think it is important to, at least for once, prioritize the fans," Jaime López-Verduzco tells TMZ Sports.


If you missed it ... Haskins finally led the Redskins to a win over the Lions on Sunday -- but the QB's been under fire because he missed the final snaps of the victory to take selfies with fans.

In fact, legendary Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann said of the whole incident, "That’s unprofessional & wrong."

But, when we spoke with the guy whose iPhone caused all the drama ... he told us straight-up he thinks the criticism is BS.

"The Redskins are unfortunately losing fans by the day," Jaime says. "Dwayne took the time to make sure that didn't happen ... Let's give the man credit where it's due."

Jaime tells us he hasn't had the opportunity to speak with Dwayne since the infamous pic ... but he says he's hoping to catch up with the QB at the Redskins' next home game on Dec. 15.

As for his plans for the selfie ... Jaime tells us he's trying to frame it with a Haskins jersey -- and have Dwayne sign them both at the game next month!!!

"Hopefully, I won't bother him during the game," Jaime says. "I'll make sure I wait until after."

Good call.

Redskins' Montae Nicholson Victim's Family Protests at NFL Game ... 'You Didn't Call 911'

Fox 5

Julia Crabbe's family wants to know why Montae Nicholson did NOT call 911 when she was dying of a drug overdose -- and they went to FedEx Field on Sunday to get answers.

TMZ Sports broke the story ... cops say Nicholson dropped Crabbe off at a Virginia hospital on Nov. 13 and left the scene, despite the fact she appeared dead on arrival.

Officials have NOT accused Nicholson of any criminal wrongdoing, but Crabbe's family is clearly PISSED at the NFL player ... and they want answers.

"In her time of need, no one decided to call 911," Crabbe's aunt, Shirley Kirkland, told FOX 5 in D.C. ... "If they just would've called 911, she may have had a chance at life."

Several members of the family wore shirts with messages directed at Crabbe including -- "#JusticeForJulia" and "#35NeverCalled911."

Fox 5

Of course, #35 is Nicholson's jersey number.

As for the investigation, officials believe 21-year-old Crabbe had been at Nicholson's home in the hours before she died.

Cops obtained a search warrant and found several concerning items at Nicholson's home including marijuana, prescription pills and foil with residue.

Crabbe's father told FOX 5 his daughter had been dating Nicholson for several months before she died ... and he's upset Nicholson hasn't contacted the family since her passing.

For his part, Nicholson says he's cooperating with police and says the days since Julia's death have been "extremely hard" on him.

Montae Nicholson Breaks Silence On Woman's Death ... 'It's Been Rough'

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"Man, it's been rough, to say the least."

That's an emotional Montae Nicholson -- still clearly distraught -- talking about how he's been handling the death of a 21-year-old woman while cooperating with police.

"I'd like to make it known that this week has been extremely hard on not only myself but Julia's friends and family as well," the Washington Redskins safety said.

We broke the story ... cops say Nicholson and another man dropped Julia Crabbe off at a Virginia-area hospital last Wednesday night, where she died from a suspected drug overdose.

Montae played for the Redskins vs. the Jets just 3 days later -- and on Thursday, Nicholson was asked point-blank if the team pressured him to take the field.

"End of the day, it was my decision. I wasn't forced into anything."

In fact, Nicholson says the Redskins organization has been extremely supportive while he deals with the tragedy and police investigation.

"My teammates and fans ... the head office, they made it very well known that they have my back ... they could have shut the door on me and turned their backs, but they didn't."

As we previously reported, investigators believe Crabbe had been at Montae's house before the OD ... and a search of Nicholson's home turned up marijuana, pills and "foil with residue."

Nicholson has NOT been accused of any criminal wrongdoing -- and says he's cooperating with police.

Meanwhile, the Redskins are set to play the Detroit Lions this week and Montae says he plans on taking the field again.

"If I can play, I'mma play," Nicholson said. "I love this game. I love what it's done for me and the people around me and the opportunity that it's given me. And, if I can, I will be going."

Washington Redskins Montae Nicholson Will Play Sunday ... Despite Death Probe

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Montae Nicholson will play for the Washington Redskins on Sunday despite being a key figure in a police investigation into the death of a 21-year-old woman, the team says.

"As of right now, he is active," Redskins head coach Bill Callahan said Wednesday.

"He did play Sunday and right now he is on the active roster and is scheduled to play."

TMZ Sports broke the story ... the 23-year-old safety claims he's cooperating with authorities in the death of 21-year-old Julia Crabbe, who died of a suspected drug overdose Thursday morning.

Officials say Montae and another man dropped Julia off at a Virginia hospital in the middle of the night and then left the scene, despite the fact she appeared dead on arrival.

Investigators believe Crabbe had been at Montae's home before the OD -- so they got a search warrant and found marijuana, pills and "foil with residue" inside.

It's important to note cops have not said if the drugs belonged to (or were provided by) Nicholson -- and he has NOT been formally accused of any wrongdoing.

For his part, Montae claims he did NOT leave the hospital on the night in question -- and stuck around to help out until Crabbe's family arrived.

Nicholson suited up and played for the Redskins just 3 days after Crabbe's death -- and was on the field for 70 of the Redskins' 71 defensive snaps, recording 5 combined tackles.

The Redskins take on the Detroit Lions at home on Sunday in a game that's really meaningless for Washington, since they've only won 1 game this season and have virtually no shot at the playoffs.

... Which begs the question -- is playing on Sunday REALLY the best decision?

Montae Nicholson Home Search Pills, Weed & 'Foil With Residue' ... Cops Say

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12:49 PM PT -- The search warrant, obtained by TMZ Sports, spells out a disturbing scene at the hospital.

Officials say Montae and another man rolled up to the ER in a black Nissan in the early hours of Nov. 14 -- where hospital staffers "helped remove Miss Crabbe from the Nissan Armada."

They add, "Hospital staff reported that Miss Crabbe appeared to be deceased during the extraction from the Nissan Armada."

Officials say after Crabbe was removed, the two men "exited the area" -- something Nicholson's reps have since disputed. They claim Montae stayed at the hospital to help until her family arrived.

Officials say they reviewed hospital surveillance video to identify Montae and the other man, Kyle Askew-Collins.

Investigators say they found pills, weed and "foil with residue" when they searched the home of Redskins safety Montae Nicholson in connection to the death of a 21-year-old woman.

It's all spelled out in the search warrant obtained by TMZ Sports, which does NOT identify who the drugs belonged to.

In other words, just because the items were found in Montae's home does not mean Montae provided them to the victim, Julia Crabbe.

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Nicholson and another man brought the 21-year-old woman to a Virginia hospital late Wednesday night, where she ultimately died.

Officials believe the cause of death is a drug overdose.

Montae's reps and the Washington Redskins have both said Montae is cooperating with law enforcement.

We're told Montae has NOT been named a suspect and has not been formally accused of any wrongdoing.

However, Crabbe's mother spoke with local news and said she believes Montae "could have done more" to save her daughter.

Cops say they're still actively investigating the death.

Story developing ...

Originally Published -- 12:32 PM PT

Montae Nicholson Returns To Redskins Practice Amid Police Investigation

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10:52 AM PT -- Redskins head coach Bill Callahan says he is not sure if the ongoing investigation will prevent Nicholson from playing against the Jets this weekend.

"We're still gathering information," Callahan said. "And, we'll make that determination and decision as we move forward."

Washington Redskins

Callahan added he has not yet spoken with the safety on Friday over the incident.

Washington Redskins safety Montae Nicholson is back at practice ... this while an investigation into a 21-year-old woman's death continues.

Nicholson was one of two men who brought an unconscious and unresponsive woman to an E.R. in Ashburn, Virginia on Thursday at around 1:30 AM. Officials say the woman died at the hospital and all signs point to a drug overdose.

Nicholson has NOT been arrested or accused of any wrongdoing -- but officials are VERY curious about what happened before she arrived at the hospital. We're told Nicholson is cooperating with authorities as the investigation continues.

The 23-year-old defensive back had missed practice on Thursday to deal with the matter ... but on Friday, Nicholson was back with his team, wearing sweats and his #35 jersey.

Nicholson has yet to comment on the situation ... and it's unclear if he'll play this weekend against the New York Jets.

Redskins head coach Bill Callahan is expected to meet with the media and address the situation later on Friday. The team has said it is also cooperating with law enforcement.

Trent Williams Accuses Redskins Of Misdiagnosing Cancer ... 'I Almost Lost My Life'

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Trent Williams says Washington Redskins doctors misdiagnosed his cancer more than FIVE YEARS ago ... and the 7-time Pro Bowl left tackle says it nearly cost him his life.

The 31-year-old -- who held out from the team earlier this season -- returned to the Redskins this week ... and in his first meeting with reporters, he made the stunning revelation.

Williams claims back in 2013, he approached team doctors about a growth on his head ... but says after they told him it was a benign cyst and nothing to worry about, he essentially ignored it.

But, Williams says the tumor kept on growing ... and when he finally went to have it checked out by independent doctors this year -- they told him it was a serious form of cancer.

"[They] told me it was DFSP," Williams said, referring to Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans. "That's what the cancer is called. It's a very rare soft tissue cancer."

Williams said the form of cancer was so serious, "I almost lost my life" ... and added, "I was lucky."

The 6-foot-5, 320-pound offensive lineman said he needed multiple surgeries -- including one where surgeons extracted the tumor from his skull -- to fix the issue.

Williams says other than some lingering effects on his scalp due to the surgeries, he's relatively fine now ... but he says he's having some serious difficulties trusting the Redskins.

Williams says the alleged misdiagnosis from team doctors is the reason he's been away from the 'Skins this season ... and he didn't seem sure if he'd ever play for the team again.

"Seriously, I almost lost my life," Williams said. "You're 30, coming off your seventh straight Pro Bowl and a doctor tells you to get your affairs in order."

"It's not going to sit well with you. And, it still doesn't."

We're trying to reach Redskins officials for comment ... we'll let you know when we hear back.

Report: Alex Smith Needed 17 Surgeries ... To Repair Broken Leg

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Alex Smith went under the knife SEVENTEEN TIMES to repair the leg that he gruesomely mangled in a Redskins game back in 2018. Yeesh.

According to The Washington Times, the 'Skins QB was speaking at an Inova Sports Medicine event earlier this month in Fairfax, Virginia when he made the revelation.

It's a pretty shocking figure ... considering in December, it was reported 35-year-old Smith only needed SIX surgeries to fix the issues.


Of course, given how violent the injury looked when J.J. Watt sacked the QB in a Nov. 18, 2018 Texans-Redskins game ... it's not exactly a surprising number.

Smith has battled heroically throughout the whole recovery process ... remember, it was just a few months ago when his leg was spotted at a Wizards game with a nasty metal brace on it.

Alex has since had the contraption removed ... and told reporters at Washington's training camp this summer that he still has hopes he can return to the field someday.

As for the 'Skins ... they've really struggled without the QB -- since he went down with the injury, the team is just 2-10 and recently fired head coach Jay Gruden.

Jay Gruden Poses for Last Sad Pic In D.C. ... After Redskins Firing

TMZ Sports

Here it is ... the last moments of Jay Gruden in D.C. right before he boarded a plane and got the hell out of town.

The footage was shot Monday at Dulles International Airport ... just hours after Jay got the chop in Washington. Jay was heading for Orlando, where he has a home.


And, ya gotta hand it to the guy, because despite JUST losing his job -- we're told he couldn't have been nicer to people who recognized him in the airport.

He even posed for pics and shook some hands before getting on the plane.

One witness described the scene this way ...

"He was ready to leave and kept his head low. I talked to him for a few minutes and wished him good luck on his next job. He was at the bar with his wife. It looked like he was having a long day."

This officially ends the Jay Gruden era in Washington. At this time, make sure your seatback's up and tray tables are in their full, upright position and that your seat belt is correctly fastened.

Santana Moss Gregg Williams Should Replace Gruden In D.C. ... 'He Needs A Chance'


Santana Moss says he has the PERFECT candidate to replace Jay Gruden on the Redskins ... telling TMZ Sports Gregg Williams would KILL IT as headman in D.C.!

Of course, Moss is a bit biased ... he was playing receiver for the 'Skins while Williams was the defensive coordinator there back in the early 2000s.

But, Moss says that's exactly why he's pounding the table for Gregg after Gruden's firing Monday ... saying his time with Williams has convinced him the 61-year-old should be Dan Snyder's next hire.

"I watched our defense for years," Moss says ... "One year, we had a lot of missing bodies out there -- like, key guys. And, he made us a contender."

Moss says Williams' defenses were so inspiring, it actually made the offense play better ... telling us, "He implemented what we needed as a culture."


Williams is currently the defensive coordinator in New York ... but it seems like he might be available for hire in 2020, 'cause the Jets are currently terrible.

And -- even though Williams is seemingly constantly surrounded by controversy (see Bountygate and the 2019 Odell Beckham drama) ... he does have a SERIOUSLY impressive resume.

But, if Snyder chooses to go another route ... Moss tells us some of the other names he's hearing as possible candidates -- including one of Andy Reid's top assistants in Kansas City.

Washington Redskins Jay Gruden Fired

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The Jay Gruden era in Washington is finally over ... the Redskins fired the head coach after losing its 5th game in 5 weeks.

Surprised? No way. Washington (0-5) has been garbage this season ... and last season. And, the season before that.

But, losing to the New England Patriots at home on Sunday was the final straw for owner Dan Snyder, who fired the 52-year-old just hours after the game.

The team issued a statement saying, "Through the first five games of the 2019 season, the team has clearly not performed up to expectations, and we all share in that responsibility."

Joe Theismann Dwayne Haskins Can't Starts vs. Patriots ... He Isn't Ready


Dwayne Haskins needs to go back to the bench now ... 'cause Redskins legend Joe Theismann says the rookie QB ain't ready to face Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

The 22-year-old rookie out of Ohio State -- the 15th pick in this year's draft -- was thrown into the Skins-Giants game in the 2nd quarter ... and things didn't exactly go smoothly.

Haskins was 9 of 17 for 107 yards ... and he threw 3 interceptions. The Redskins lost 24-3.

That was against the mediocre New York Giants ... with the undefeated New England Patriots -- and their hellacious defense -- coming into town this week, Theismann says DH can't start at QB.

"You cannot start him against the New England Patriots. You can't start Dwayne Haskins against the New England Patriots. I mean, it can't happen. It wouldn't be good for him, it wouldn't be good for the franchise, it wouldn't be good for football for crying out loud."

Joe says he's seen all-time greats play bad in the beginning ... so just 'cause Haskins struggled, doesn't mean he won't be a star in the future.

"I go all the way back to Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning's rookie season, he threw 29 interceptions. And, you just have to be committed to somebody and realize that it takes time to be able to play this position."

Joe also says the Redskins problems go a lot deeper than QB.

"What bothers me more than anything was the undisciplined nature," Theismann says.

"The penalties that we got. The offsides. The continuing holding by the offensive line. Those are my concerns, besides Dwayne."

"So, if you're a Redskins fan, it isn't just the quarterback position, case missing people open, Dwayne having to go in and play and not really looking like he'd be able to handle it at this moment. But, it's those other things that really have got me concerned."

"I think we're a very undisciplined football team and that is scary."

Joe Theismann Warns Redskins ... Stay Away from Antonio Brown!!!


The Washington Redskins could definitely use some help in the WR department ... but Joe Theismann is warning his former team -- STAY AWAY FROM ANTONIO BROWN!!!

"I don't care who you need. I don't care what you need ... the answer would not come up 'Antonio Brown,'" Theismann told TMZ Sports.

"You can give me multiple choice on anyone you want, the one that would not come up would be 'Antonio Brown.'"

For his part, AB has said that he's done with the NFL ... and has re-enrolled in online classes at Central Michigan to kill the time.

Theismann says Brown does "unbelievable" things on the field ... but it's just not worth the baggage that comes with it.

"I wouldn't want to be on a team with him," Theismann tells us. "A lot of questions that I would be asked during the course of the week would be about him. It becomes a distraction to be perfectly honest with you."

"There's so much that's going on around his life that it just makes it really tough to say 'I just want to go to work every day and worry about myself.'"

We also ask Theismann about Washington's chances at making the playoffs ... and he is extremely optimistic.

Hey ... someone's gotta be.

Donald Penn Unloading $5.2 Mil L.A. Mansion ... I'm A D.C. Guy, Now!!!

Donald Penn's got a new home in the NFL ... and now he's trying to get rid of his old home in L.A. ... 'cause the Washington Redskins lineman is selling his $5.2 million mansion!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the 36-year-old Pro Bowl tackle is parting ways with his 8-bedroom, 11-bath Encino pad ... which comes with a private home theater and a freakin' walk-in shoe closet!!

If that ain't enough, the 11,000-square foot place also has a game room, private gym and a sauna ... as well as 2 private guest suites.

Oh, yeah ... AND it's got a pool!!

Penn was an undrafted free agent out of Utah State ... but grinded his way to a 13-year career with the Vikings and Raiders ... and made more than $60 MILLION along the way.

So, why did he have a home in L.A.? Penn was born and raised in SoCal ... and was a star standout at St. Bernard HS.

We're told the pad just hit the market at $5.2 milli ... so grab your checkbooks, rich people!!

Joe Theismann Redskins Will Win NFC East 'Nobody's Giving Us Any Credit'


Sorry, Cowboys and Eagles ... those Super Bowl dreams you have AIN'T HAPPENING this year -- so says Joe Theismann, who tells TMZ Sports the Redskins are taking the NFC East!!!

"I just like the Redskins," the legendary QB says ... "Nobody's giving us any credit. Nobody's giving us any props whatsoever."

Of course, Joe is biased ... the guy spent the entirety of his great 12-year NFL career playing in D.C. -- but he says there's a method to his wild prediction.

Theismann tells us he thinks every team in the division has holes ... and the door is open for the 'Skins to grab the crown, partly because everyone is picking them to finish last.

"They have them winning three games, they have them finishing last in the division. And, it's fine to be under the radar."

Joe also opened up to us about his thoughts on 'Skins rookie QB Dwayne Haskins, who's struggled so far to begin the preseason.

Theismann tells us Dwayne has some issues with his footwork ... and thinks the 22-year-old will benefit from spending the year behind Case Keenum and learning the system.

But, Joe says next season ... watch out for the guy then!!!

By the way, Joe also says he's been impressed with what rookie QB Daniel Jones has done for the Giants this summer ... but he says there's no way in hell the guy should start over Eli Manning.

Jay Gruden Savagely Burns Josh Norman ... With Bull-Jumping Joke

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"I knew the bull wouldn't hit him. He avoids contact."

That's Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden savagely roasting his star cornerback, Josh Norman, for his bull-jumping incident in Spain ... and yeah, BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURN!!!

Of course, Norman famously leaped over a bull after the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona on July 11 ... and the video was intense.


Norman's since gloated about it all, saying he's now considered a hero in Spain ... claiming locals call him "El Saltador" because he's "The Jumper!"

Well, Gruden was asked about the whole ordeal at his press conference Wednesday ... and he said he wasn't worried one bit about his CB -- blasting the guy's tackling ability!!!

The room erupted with groans and laughs ... so Jay followed up the joke with, "Just kidding, Josh, just kidding!"


Jay went on to say, "Obviously, we wouldn't recommend that for our players, and we want them to keep out of harm's way, but Josh is a unique man and a unique person ... I applaud Josh and his way he lives his life."

For the record, Norman has piled up over 60 tackles in each of his 3 years in Washington.

But still ... someone get that man some aloe ASAP!!!