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Ben Affleck

Snubbed By the Academy!

(But Maybe Not)

1/10/2013 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The people who select the Oscar nominees clearly HATE Ben Affleck, 'cause he didn't get a Best Director nod for "Argo" this morning ... but it WAS nominated for "Best Film."

So, did Ben really get snubbed??? Depends who you ask -- here's how the argument is breaking down in the TMZ newsroom:

Matt -- Yes, Ben was snubbed ... "Argo" was as good as the other movies that were nominated. As a director, "Argo" was very well done. I think he was snubbed because of who he is. 

Kelly -- No, Ben did NOT get snubbed ... sometimes you're nominated, sometime's you're not ... Ben has a long career ahead of him. He'll be fine.

-- No, Ben's not that great.

Max -- I don't think he was snubbed because I know nothing about directing.

Harvey -- Yes, Affleck's being snubbed because people are fawning over him too much ... I think there's a lot of jealously in the Academy.

Van -- HUGE snub ... it was a well-directed film and it was enjoyable, one of his best. Incredibly well paced.

Brian McDaniel -- He did NOT get snubbed, because do you like apples? "Argo" made $110 million, so how do you like those apples and stuff?

Chad -- I don't give a s**t either way, but are the 49ers gonna win this weekend?


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Sorry, but Argo is an overated movie. I did not get the hype. The movie was good but not as awesome as people were making it out to be.

629 days ago


If they didn't nominate Bigelow they weren't going to nominate Affleck.
But "Argo" was not better than "Lincoln."
That's for sure.

629 days ago


Hahaha best article Twitter- @iHawkk

629 days ago


Aw, Is afflack pissed cause he didn't get nominated? Aw, poor baby...

I know, take some of your millions and go help some starving people, that should make you feel better. No? SMH

629 days ago


what a surprise, Shevonne acting like a brat

629 days ago

Lo From Wisco    

Totally snubbed and the 49ers are going to lose this weekend. Go Packers.

629 days ago

Who the Hell is Khloe    

Argo was alright, Lincoln was better

629 days ago

Lo From Wisco    

Best Picture and Best Director should be the same category, because clearly without the director, there'd be no film.I feel bad for Benny Bpy. Wosh Anne Hathaway got snubbed so we could all watch her flip out, and finally stop hearing her talk about it.

629 days ago



629 days ago


By all accounts of people that watched Argo, present company excluded, it was a good film. The problem is Affleck is a douchebag and Hollywood cant forget that.

629 days ago


Ben is ever so slightly a homophobe, unless he can prove otherwise.

629 days ago


Yeah, he got snubbed, but some of the academy's nominations were so stupid it's not surprising. How in the hell does some stupid movie called Amour, which I've never heard of, get nominated for best picture and foreign best picture? There were so many dumb nominations it's no wonder people hardly watch it anymore.

629 days ago


Niners win this week but lose the next week against Seattle. Sorry Chad.

629 days ago


I didn't see the movie, so I don't know, but I love the TMZ staff survey lol!

629 days ago


Meh, we'll be heading back to the 80's and 90's when rumors floated every year that the Academy hated Steven Spielberg. He got his Oscar finally for Schnidler's List. That same crap is being floated now about James Cameron, when he released Avatar everyone was screaming he'd get the Oscar, too bad for him his 3rd ex wife won it, Bigelow for the hurt locker. I'm starting to wonder if the Academy hates listening to the rest of the world screaming It's an Oscar winner and they purposely pick something else to win. I do believe Harvey has it right LOL.

629 days ago
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