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Lindsay Lohan

Tales of Drunken, Crying

Debauchery on Movie Set

1/10/2013 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0110-lindsay-lohan-canyons-tmzLindsay Lohan was an utter disaster on the set of the movie "The Canyons" ... this according to a writer embedded with the production, who says he saw a seemingly drunk LiLo get into her car and drive off the set after a boozing session.

The man who wrote article is Stephen Rodrick -- who says he was allowed to chronicle the project from start to finish.

According to Rodrick, Lohan was a mess who was initially fired after blowing off two days of filming. Rodrick says Lohan showed up to the director's hotel room, pounded on the door while hysterically crying and begging for her job back.

Rodrick says Lohan stayed in the hallway sobbing for 90 minutes before finally leaving.

Eventually, she was hired back to the production -- and things got worse ... with Lohan constantly criticizing producers and her co-stars.

But the most concerning part, Rodrick says Lohan had been drinking before a scene in which she would be simulating a 4-way sex scene with some real-life porn actors.

After the scene, producers offered Lindsay a hired car to drive her home ... but she refused ... and drove off in her Porsche. Rodrick says producers "all hoped they would still have a lead actress in the morning."

In the article, Rodrick says Lohan also freaked out before a sex scene in which she was supposed to get naked ... and locked herself in a closet. Rodrick says the director had to beg her to do the scene ... and eventually stripped naked himself to show her it was no big deal.

The gimmick worked -- Lohan eventually dropped her robe and shot a 14-minute sex scene.

According to the report, Lindsay once partied with Lady Gaga until 5:30 AM ... when she had a 6:00 AM call time. She eventually showed up to the set at 9 AM, but left soon after a doctor said she was too sick to film. 

Gaga posted a picture of her night with Lindsay on her website last July, along with the caption, "I love to stay up late and take pictures of beautiful celebrities."

We reached out to Lindsay for comment -- but so far, no response.


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Thats right Milk it for all its worth..........Now que the violins and the harps.....for background and bring in the experts on addicts and line them up in front of the cameras and the judges and listen to them as the try to convince you that she should be allowed to go to a rehab insitute instead of jail etc etc etc........
Don't any of you find it a might suspicious that all this shy is hitting the fan a week before her court date to void her Probation...Remember Judge with a little J said if violated then staight to jail no ball she would go straight to jail without bail and stay till the trial...when the court get to it...
This is all shyt spin to keep her nasty ass out of jail......which is eactlly were she needs to go....
Next story please.....lets built this house of bullshyt as high as you can......

620 days ago


How does she GET roles?!! Who would want to work with this train wreck? She's not THAT talented for the liability she is.

620 days ago


"Elizabeth was drunk on sets. I've never been drunk on set, ever,"the starlet who will next appear in sexual thriller "The Canyons" claimed. She went on stating,"I did my time and I respect the law."

620 days ago


Random drug screens should be part of her blanket contract!! Girl's a hot mess

620 days ago


I haven't read the article in full but its at the ready but I can't tear myself away from you peeps. THIS is GOLD BABY, PURE GOLD!!

620 days ago

delusional much LL?    

it's because of the internet and all the media outlets that have sprung up from it that lowhan's trainwreck existence is so high profile, coupled with her and her "parents" incessant attention whoring.

without the high profile nobody'd hire her she'd just be another hasbeen.
despite being a hasbeen she's been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars and still pis ses all over everyone.

noone should feel sorry for this nasty,ungrateful, entitled a-hole.

620 days ago


I think I'll wear the pinstripe. Just shopping for LL's funeral, I case I don't have time to get to Barney's after she carcs it.

620 days ago


Down, down, down in a burning ring of fire.

620 days ago

Wow ...    

Is this news anymore? I think this is the norm at this point. Lindsay misbehaved on a set, is drunk, drugging, at a club, having a family problem, stealing, blah, blah, blah. In case you didn't already know - the sun will rise in the morning. JS.

620 days ago


It's good that someone is do***enting what a complete disaster of a human being Lindsay Lohan has become.

If she were smart -- which, of course, she isn't -- she would stop this charade of acting and just become a full time drug addict. (I suspect after this article, that is precisely what will happen).

We all know how this is going to end for Lindsay, and frankly she has been such a screw-up that no one cares anymore or has ANY hope that she will ever get herself some help.

Lindsay is beyond redemption, especially after reading this NYT article no one will ever want to hire her.

620 days ago


*crickets* from DUDMAR & Company

620 days ago


Yeah, she's nutz, but look at what you get when she eventually gets naked...

620 days ago


She is such a waste of life! She thinks she is Gods greatest gift. Abusing the people who give her the opportunities and just throws them away. She has been bailed out of messes her whole life, if people would stop bailing her out and let the hammer fall maybe she might grow up and get right. She needs to go to jail and not pretend jail, real down and dirty jail to straighten her butt up! And whatever happened to her storage unit, who bailed her out of the $16,000 bill? And she's broke, how is she partying up in Europe? Who is she sucking to get that money! I can't stand that stupid B***H! Somebody shoot her and put her out of her misery and the public too!

620 days ago



620 days ago


I agree WowSoSad. Let us know when she isn't acting like a train wreck. Until then it's status quo for lilo and non news.

620 days ago
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