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Lindsay Lohan

'Canyons' Article Was

Pretty Accurate

1/11/2013 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan admits ... she was a bit of a pain in the ass on the set of "The Canyons" ... but she's adamant she did NOT drink and drive. 

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ ... Lohan is well aware of the article published in the New York Times chronicling the madness that went down during the production of the movie.

Lohan is telling friends ... most of the stories in the article are TRUE -- she was late a few times, she was nervous about getting naked and she argued with producers ... but LiLo says stuff like that happens all the time on movie sets, so it's no big deal.

But we're told Lindsay says the allegations that she boozed on set and got behind the wheel of a car afterward are totally bogus. She claims she's not that stupid and irresponsible.

When there WAS booze on the set, sources close to Lohan say it was provided by the director Paul Schrader -- who would often pour vodka shots for the crew at the end of a shooting day. Lindsay swears she didn't partake in the alcoholic festivities.

In the end, Lindsay says she's not mad about the article -- and still has a good relationship with everyone she worked with, including producers, co-stars and even the director -- who she claims has already approached her about a new project.

The feeling's mutual for 'Canyons' producer Braxton Pope -- who called TMZ Live yesterday, and did verbal backflips to say how "excellent" Lindsay was ... and claimed the benefits of having her in the film "far outweighed" the challenges.



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She is syipid and irresponsible

587 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

I wanna know, why is everyone afraid of Lindsay Lohan?? There is a reason why people back peddle with it comes to her.
Do her Middle Eastern men threaten people or just pay them off??

587 days ago


Which begs the obvious question... If the boozing and driving drunk allegations are false, why isn't she suing for libel and defamation?

587 days ago


After reading that NYT article, I'm even more confused on how and why this girl gets hired.

Read about how she was trouble from day one, late for everything, disrespectful to her bosses and other actors... and ALWAYS with the delusions and the sense of entitlement. And of course the possibility of everything nearby being stolen.

A lot of TMZ's LiLo reports are apparently true, but the Times article shows you how excruciating it is to actually be in Lindsey's presence. I just don't get it; she's too much damn work - unreliable, unprofessional, a liar, irresponsible, a moocher, an airhead... and a bad actress. And yet they keep hiring her.

587 days ago


So we're supposed to believe that the reporter, who accurately reported everything else, for some bizarre reason decided to lie about her drinking and drunken behavior? Oh, Lindsay.
I think I'll believe an article in the New York Times (not a tabloid and considered the newspaper of record in the USA) over any promotional chat by her unlucky employers with a tabloid (TMZ). They want people to watch the movie, of course they're going to say how great she was. We heard the same from the Liz&Dick people, but even the promos I saw on tv were awful. The guy playing Burton was good but he was trying to play the scenes against a high-school-groan-inducing-play level actress who was unbelievable in the role and inconsistent. And the promos are usually the best scenes.
Lindsay was playing herself more in Canyons and it was porn (not just my opinion, the wife of this guy or the producer stopped reading it after a few pages, saying it was just porn, and media that keep up with porn say so too), so hopefully she managed better. She has no range as an actress but she can sob and cry on cue, as she has demonstrated in court. Worse, she acts like a diva without diva experience and ability to deliver, which is the only reason to put up with a diva. Lindsay- people trying to rebuild a sinking career don't act like divas. They show up on time sober and well-prepared, they let the director direct, and they don't try to weasel out of scenes they were contractually obligated to play (she knew exactly what was coming before she signed).

587 days ago


You know if you guys would quit following the Lohan, Kardashian, Hilton and Beeber trash around and reporting every fart they make they would eventually disappear which would be a feather in your cap.

587 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Have you ever seen a director go on TMZ Live to defend a actor??

Nope, I didnt think so.

How much did Braxton Pope get paid, to defend Lindsay Lohan??

587 days ago

Tammy LM    

That's Braxton Pope in the picture???? Thank Christ! I was so afraid Casey Affleck had let himself go...

587 days ago



587 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Hahaha! Lets just wait and see if he hires her again

587 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Oh what a lying skank she is. When you can't dispute the facts presented by a well-respected major media outlet, quickly try to downplay everything, like it's no big deal.

- She was a BIT of a pain in the ass.
- She was late to the set a FEW times.
- She was nervous about getting naked.
(notice that she never said anything about being nervous for her Playboy shoot)
- She argued with producers.

And, of course, the usual fallback excuse that everybody does it:
- "stuff like that happens all the time on sets, so it's no big deal". Wasn't that the same kind of crap that idiots on here said about her tax problem, that other actors failed to file?

And here are my personal favorites:

- She swears she didn't partake in alcoholic festivities.
- She claims she's not that stupid and irresponsible.

Oh give me a break, you damn junkie. Practically every day brings another story about you being at a bar until 4 AM, so everyone knows you drink ALL THE TIME.
As for you not being stupid and irresponsible, that's your M.O. - being stupid and irresponsible in EVERYTHING you do! If you weren't under the influence of something during that accident, then why did you try to sneak out of the passenger side, lie to police about driving, claim the truck driver cut you off, then claim the brakes failed? Lying skank.

What a pathetic piece of crap she is.

587 days ago


Too all my friends ....who know me.........
In my usual fishing terms..................
" Setting the Hook "..........

Morning folks.........
for the guy who is wanting to know why people always back pedal its not because they are afraid of her................. Sweeties.......its the PitBulls she holds by the balls and gives a sqeesze ever time she gets in trouble that scares the **** out of people....
Thats right TMZ work it ..You ain't failed me yet.....
Coffee''''''s Hot.......but bring umbrella its raining up here today....

587 days ago

News Flash     

She is such a liar.

587 days ago


@ Sam Good morning. Lindsay did not admidt to anything-she denied drinking and driving-she said her behavior was within the normal range for a movie set- which if it were-we would not be hearing about it and as I pointed out yesterday -this is not a rehash story from TMZ in regular news sites -this the NY Times. Sorry but you could not be more wrong on tis one.

587 days ago



587 days ago
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