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Gary Dourdan

Getting Killed Off 'CSI'

Left My Finances DOA

1/12/2013 5:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former "CSI" star Gary Dourdan has a really great excuse for filing for bankruptcy -- his residual checks from the show just ain't what they used to be ... this according to legal docs.

Gary filed new docs this week in his ongoing Chapter 11 case. It's all part of the bankruptcy process, where he explains how he got into this dire financial situation -- i.e. being in the hole to creditors a cool $1.73 million.

Here are a few highlights: 

-- Gary says he went broke all thanks to "diminished payment of residuals" from "CSI." 

-- The "CSI" checks drying up also caused him to default on his two mortgages.

-- His current goal is to rebuild his his career (and his bank account) with "pending involvement as an actor in two movie productions." That's it.

Lesson Learned: Don't get killed off of a top rated TV show.


No Avatar


Are there any pictures of this guy not wearing a Hanes white t-shirt with a suit vest and rapper chain?

648 days ago


Why do celebrities have mortgages when they clearly have the money to purchase a house outright?

648 days ago

Max Smart    

That guy earned more for one episode than most of us earn in a year. No sympathy from me. It's staggering that people can lose that much money from just spending it on themselves. What a jerk.

648 days ago


Residual I think you mean to say meth

648 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

So amazingly stupid to make millions and throw it all away.

648 days ago


Just maybe it was the drugs??? ha

648 days ago


Don't blame residuals and stupid crap like that on your own dumb mistakes. Maybe you shouldn't have been stupid with your money and spent it like there was no end to it.

648 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

He always looks like he's high on something.

648 days ago


Those 7 gram rocks didn't pay for themselves.

648 days ago


That's a damned shame. He looked so strong yet turned out to be a weakling. Shameful bastard he is.

648 days ago


He is the one that wanted to leave the show. He thought it was holding him down from other gigs is my guess. That was a good gig for him and he did a good job. Isn't retrospect hell??

648 days ago


I remember he was whining about being on CSI keeping him down and he was written out of the show because that is what he wanted. Guess he found out that jobs are hard to find. Isn't retrospect hell??

648 days ago


No, Gary, getting killed on CSI was NOT the reason your salary dried up. Your excessive drug use caused the producers to can you, then the rest of the movie community learned of your drug habit and stopped hiring you. THAT did it. You were riding the financial gravy train, but forgot that acting isn't forever. Look at you now ~ dissheveled and whining. Instead of cutting coke with $100 bills, you should have save that $$$ and bought a house FOR CASH. You had the cash. Now you have nothing, thanks to being a druggie.

647 days ago


Dude, your drug addiction is what got you fired from CSI, and drugs is where your money went.

647 days ago

There's a problem here    

I must have missed the memo. Last time I checked the story was you fvcked up so many times after them giving you so many chances that they had to let you go. That's too bad because you were lucky enough to play a popular character on a popular show. You could still be riding that gravy train but you flushed it down whatever toilet you were living in at the time. Too bad Dourdan, too damn bad.

647 days ago
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