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Britney Spears

VERY Close

To Closing Vegas Deal

1/13/2013 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0111_las_vegas_britney_Spears_articleBritney Spears' team has almost locked an enormously lucrative deal which will make her a fortune in return for appearing in Las Vegas ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Britney is seriously considering picking up stakes and making her residency Las Vegas -- something just made easier after her split with fiance Jason Trawick.  She's been negotiating with one of the Caesar group properties to appear in a Celine Dion-type show.

Sources connected to the negotiations tell us ... from Brit's standpoint, "The deal is a go. There are several stipulations that could throw a monkey wrench in the deal, but it's basically done."

One of the outstanding issues -- exactly what Britney will be doing.  There's back-and-forth over whether she will just perform on stage at a big theater multiple nights a week, or whether she will also make appearances at functions in the hotels, nightclubs and pool day clubs.

Our sources say the money being negotiated is "astronomical" -- more than Celine's $100 mil a year.


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northern gypsy    

i love vegas and it's not for the's for the shows (on & off the strip)...imo ...there's a certain caliber of talent in order to perform in that town...sorry...B.S. you just don't have it !!!

615 days ago


I love Britney but shes done as a performer and I think she needs to get out of the spotlight. Before breakdown, kids, and Kevin she was a great performer and entertainer and even though she wasn't the best singer she was good at what she did and people didn't really care about the lip-syncing because the shows she but on were great like the dancing and interacting with the crowd so people kind of forgot about her not singing live but now after everything it seems shes not into performing anymore. The music and tours shes done have not been good compared to her earlier work and when shes on stage shes hardly does anything barely dancing, not singing live, and not even talking to the crowd. I just think she wants to live a quiet life now its her handlers that are continuing to push her into the limelight with the X Factor and now this show she has 0 say in anything. Apparently shes not fit to look after herself or her kids but shes fit enough to be on stage, make albums and be in the public eye making money (which btw shes not even getting a cent of as its going to the handlers). She needs to fight to get control of her life again.

615 days ago


Over $100 million a year, that is an insane amount of money, this is why so many of us make so little. No one is worth that much money per year, even her.

615 days ago


so, people are paying her to sing live in las vegas, or will she be lip-synching as usual? i agree, i don't think she's emotionally able to handle a headline las vegas act.... remember how she freaked out and almost quit during the first days of x factor? that whole "she left to go to the bathroom" bull? that was just a talent show, now imagine vegas....

615 days ago


It's so sad when they are putting her in the likes of Cher, Celine Dion, Garth Brooks...Vegas is really going to become a joke instead of an adult get-away...who in their right mind would ever pay over $25 to see her lip sync...not any well rounded mindful adult that I know !!!!!

615 days ago


Britney is a smart girl, she understands that she will get to live in a Top Luxury Hotel for FREE plus make probably $120 Million or more in just 1 year, this is better than to go on Tour where she has to pay for all the hotels and plane tickets and everything else to end up making LESS than $100 Million...

615 days ago

Sugar Kitty    

I would like to see her show in Las Vegas. I think this is a good career move for Britney and good for her to be in one place for her kids too. They must think she will bring in ticket sales, otherwise she wouldn't be getting offered this much money. Go Britney! Keep in mind, Michael Jackson's show woud have been a huge hit too if he had not passed on. People want to see the stars they grow up with perform. There is no such thing as has been in Vegas. I mean if Wayne Newton is still performing, there ya go.

615 days ago


Listen, she simply doesan't have the health to do something like this.

It's in the eyes. Her condition is such that she has to medicate big time.

When you look at her she seems like she's not really there. Like someone needs to prop her up for almost everything she has to do.

That's why she doesn't have contact with the crowd. She isn't there, mentally. Sure she can smile but it seems a button needs to be turned on for her to look normal and usually comes off as being forced.

I'm not a huge fan. I giver credit for what she's accomplished in the past. But what she has been reduced to now, ( lip-synching and wandering on stage ) should be embarrasing for her.

Someone is really bent on making lots of money, which she already has. And I don't think it's her. Shas enough dough that she, her kids and heck even her ex-moocher never have to work another day and still have money left afterwards for the parents. So who is milking this, I ask.

She should just retire and tell herself she had a good run.

615 days ago


Now you people are going to pay top dollar to see this none talented, over exposed person, lip synch?

615 days ago

get real    

And How is she worth anything NEAR that amount of Money? Yes, she is nuts, or was Nuts. Shaved her head, talked with an English accent, first to Marry for a few hrs.... But does that make her worth Money?

615 days ago


Anyone with a name like Britney can be a Las Vegas star. She'll have a huge support system, back-up singers, mind blowing sets, glitzy costumes. Britney will do fine. She's older now and can focus better on how to improve her dancing. Her singing voice is actually not bad. People want to hear the hit songs and Britney has enough to carry a Las Vegas show. If Shania Twain can do it, so can Britney.

615 days ago



615 days ago


She can't sing half as well as Celine, and doesn't have the energy to dance like she used to, so what's with this 100 million plus?

615 days ago


@DEEMAREE Srusly, STFU!!! Stop regurgitating sh*t from wiki... every1 knows much of what ur talking talking about occurred when she could sing and dance in her late teens/early 20's. That was a decade ago. She is not that same "entertainer" anymore at 31. She's had knee surgeries between 2004-2006 and can no longer dance. Her mental rehab and 5150 state changed her mentally; now she's all drugged up and acts lethargic 90% of the time. Her live voice is gone, her mental state is deteriorating from all the meds, she can no longer dance. All interviews are pre-screened, questions edited before she does anything let alone live. As for her last tour - read the reviews around the world. The bitch got craptastic reviews from both critics and tweener fans alike. All her 100 mil sales were from a decade ago. That's no longer the case. Her last album femme fetale sold a craptastic 769k TOTAL in the US. The music industry has declined since about 2004 when the net came into play with free downloading. It doesnt take much to get a #1 single or #1 album anymore. Chek billboard. many times artists get as low as 130k-150k sales get a #1 album 1st week. Doesnt mean sh*t. What counts are subsequent weeks. Sales normally drop off 60% average 2nd week. Britney sucked in subsequent weeks. Also britney fans are retarded. Most create multiple user id's and download multiple tracks 100 times each. The numbers dont tell the real story. As for the tour numbers her fanatic fans buy the tickets expecting a show like of old Britney but they dont. It's not like you can get a refund if the show sucks unless under rare cir***stances (ie. the performer cancels). Chek the youtube, read the comments of her lame "shows". The promoters may claim the numbers are good in black and white but ask the fans and critics. Majority says she sucked and aint going back for $300 a ticket let alone 10 bux. Word gets around and spreads like wild fire. Her next album will do waaay less than 769K shipped. Bitch be lucky to get gold shipped. That's pushing it. Look, her daddy and conservatorship lawyers aint stupid I give them that. As long as the morons out there keep buying her crap they keep #winning. But that falls fast and they know it. Make as much money over the next 2 yrs then retire. She aint gonna be performing much after that, point blank. Dont be surprised if Vegas closes her show early due to lack of interest. The first 2 weeks will do it once the sh*tty reviews come out. Remember Toni Braxton and what happened to her Vegas show? Basically bankrupted her and she can sing live unlike Spears. Brit brit go learn a lesson. #TRUTH!!

615 days ago



615 days ago
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