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Michael Lohan's Baby Mama

He's Finally Paying

Love Child Support

1/13/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Lohan
's no deadbeat dad -- so says the mother of his 17-year-old love child ... despite court docs proclaiming Michael is more than $300,000 behind on child support.

Kristi Horn -- mother of 17-year-old Ashley Horn -- tells TMZ, she and Michael came to a private settlement out of court regarding the outstanding child support balance ... and Michael has promised to pay up ASAP.

Which is interesting ... because court docs were just filed in Florida, where Michael lives, to enforce a child support judgment Kristi obtained back in 2009 ... ordering Michael to pay $316,720 in unpaid support.

Kristi says she had no part in filing the documents -- they were filed as a matter of course because the order is still active -- but tells us, she's waiting to have the order vacated until after MiLo's fiancée Kate Major gives birth later this month. It's unclear how much Michael agreed to pay her.

Kristi said she and Michael are on great terms.

TMZ broke the story in November ... a DNA test revealed Michael fathered Kristi's daughter Ashley back in the 90s when he was on a break from Dina.

Now ... let's all relive the moment Michael found out he's the father. His face is priceless.



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I say kick Ktrash off and replace them with the Lohans. That mess I would watch.

648 days ago


Seriously, F*CK this guy. I saw that turd on the Trisha Goddard show pumping that audience full of horsesh*t on a show after the DNA test....he would say something and then pause as an expectation for applause. He apparently is an interventionist and claims to do a lot of his work for free. Who in the hell would use this asshat as an interventionist? His purpose in life was best shown when he hung out with Jon Gosselin & wore Ed Hardy shirts...

648 days ago


It seems K8te has been pregnant forever, when is 'Rory' suppose to be here?

648 days ago


How is he paying support? Didn't think he actually had a job.

648 days ago


So Help--this is your precise response to a poster--

"Are you for real? Your child support case was in California. This child support case is in New York. It has already been ruled upon. He has 7 arrest warrants from NY. I guess the NY Judge did not agree."

Please answer this question: If the Horns live in Montana and Milo lives in Florida, how did a NY court obtain jurisdiction?

648 days ago

kanye east    

My dearest darlingest HELLpTurd...... no one's paying attention to you. You'd do better if you logged back in as @gingersnatch again so we can mock you more efficiently.

648 days ago


Hapless each state is different regarding Child Support do I have to go and site for you again you moron.

648 days ago


Article from Slate~

Stop trying to save Lindsay Lohan........

The summary ~ (I feel like I wrote it myself)

"This is the myth of Lindsay Lohan—that she is gifted with a special talent that is hers to employ if she so chooses. Sure, a child actor—Lohan debuted in Disney’s remake of The Parent Trap at age 11—can get by being talented and cute. A teen actress—Lohan broke out in Tina Fey’s Mean Girls at age 17—can survive being talented and pretty. (And was she really so great in that movie?) But a 26-year-old actress can't just show up and dispense her "gifts". Performing is a skill, and Lohan does not exercise it.

While her more successful peers have been busy working hard at their craft, Lohan has spent the better part of the last decade starring in paparazzi accounts of her own misbehaviour.

At first, we were captivated by this downfall—good girl gone bad! But now we are tired of that storyline, and we're impatient for the comeback portion of her life story to kick in.

But that miraculous return would require Lohan to exit the spotlight long enough to actually put in the work of being an actress. By that point, I'm not sure anyone would remember why we cared. And even if we did still care, who is to say she's still any good?"

BTW, I hate commenting on Michael threads and giving that vagina kicking fame-whore any hits.

648 days ago

Spicy mag    

That's $360 per week . Doesn't sound so high till you multiply it by 52 weeks x 17 years! Mwahahaga.

648 days ago


So why no Lindsay story? Do we really care about this guy? If he has a job, please keep us informed to what it is and where he works. The haters are camping out on the article about whether the five foot five inch midget porn star banged Lindsay. The difference between HELP and the haters and myself is that I don't really care what city Lindsay and Dina are in. I asked if LiLO was coming to LA to stay at the Chateau because that would be interesting considering her debt. After DiLO's performance on Dr. Phil and Lindsay's phone call to MiLO saying that DiLO took 30k from LiLO and was doing coke I'm jumping fence to MiLO's yard in this dispute. The guy is no dummy and gives poised clearly worded interviews and has some valid points. Lindsay seems uncomfortable in every interview that she does and squirms in her seat and laughs nervously at every question, very much like DiLO. I also have to believe that if MiLO had a say in what Lindsay invests her money in that he would probably have picked out some good stocks and she would own and a house and have a nice size portfolio. Well there it is I'm now with Rogue in camp MiLO. Stay way haters no one needs your immature juvenile comments on this thread .......................LilO Rocks!!!!

648 days ago


unless there is a strict judge where she lives, doubt that she will get that 300 grand at once or at a fast pace

648 days ago

jimmy d    

Mike ,you gotta start aiming more for the mouth,ass,between the calves and armpits

648 days ago


Here's another jackoff for you. People like this should be castrated on pay per view. Lousy good for Sh!t bottom of society garbage.

648 days ago

kanye east    

Ya know.... lots of people keep quacking about how serial-drunk-driver Linds used to be so talented, and I've never thought that was true, but I decided to Google it, and this changes everything - now it makes perfect sense. As it turns out, Linds did have talent about ten years ago - but it was rented - and DUIna skipped on the bill, so they took it back. I wonder if she's paid up with her Gypsy psychic?

648 days ago

help this young woman    

Since Ashley lived in Houston, Tx too does the TX child support laws apply. Montana, NY, TX, and FL laws. Which child support laws apply? What Judge has jurisdiction? Go ahead Hannah Montana start your research

648 days ago
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