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Ignore Hugh Jackman


1/14/2013 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Jackman
's Golden Globes acceptance speech last night was stuffed up with TERRIBLE ADVICE -- when he jokes that flu shots aren't necessary -- and now, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention are on a mission to correct his message.

A rep for the CDC tells TMZ, "I don’t know if he really meant that vaccination was not a good thing to do, but each year millions become ill with influenza; more than 200,000 may be hospitalized; and between 3,000 and 49,000 will die."

The rep adds, "The first and most important step in protecting against the flu is to get a flu vaccine each season."

For those who missed the show, Hugh took the stage after winning Best Actor in a comedy or musical -- and joked, "Sorry, I’m at the tail end of this flu and I was kicking myself for not getting the flu shot ... but it appears actually you don’t need one.  I feel great!"

Bottom line: get your damn flu shot.


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pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

Oh also what if I get a mild case and go around a bunch of young adults that are 't vaccinated I might only have a flight case but I could make others very sick. Like Typhoid Mary. I am in a wholistic field and even all my colleagues are getting the vaccine. ITZ NOT ABOUT YOU BUT THE FACT THAT YOU COULD KILL ANOTHER UNVACCINATED PERSON BY CARRYING THIS STRAIN THAT DOESN'T MAKE YOU FEEL THAT BAD. THINK ABOUT IT.

647 days ago

Reno Actor    

Actually, Jackman is right and the CDC is wrong. A flu shot only protects you against one strain of the flu and there are many strains. You are no more or less likely to get the flu after getting a flu shot.

647 days ago


I got that he was feeling good because of the moment. It had nothing to do with getting a flu shot. He didn't say no need to get one. Stop taking things out of content.

647 days ago


Get a grip people it was a damn joke!!!!

647 days ago

T.J. Phoenix    

I have never had a flu shot. I couldn't agree with Hugh more... sorry! I do however, have a lot of friends and family who do take flu shots and still go on to be
violently ill. I will not be an intentional petri dish. Life can pitch whatever at me, but injections are a real mixed bag medicinally speaking.

647 days ago

BB not bb    

I think he was babbling and rambling and there is no telling what he meant, but it sounded like he was saying he is at the end of the season and still feeling great. That is enough to get the CDC mad because they want people to get these shots.

If you want protection against the flu, the next sunny day, go out and get a huge dose of vitamin D. That helps with infections in a major way.

647 days ago


Yeah, well theres some truth in what HJ says. Last time I got a flu shot was 8 yrs ago. I got the flu a few weeks afterwards, for 3 wks. it was hell.

I have not gotten a flu shot since, and have also not gotten the flu.

Both my parents got their flu shots 2 wks before coming down to LA for the holidays. They were both sick for the entire 2 wks they were here. Being that it was the holidays, and I was around them the entire time they were here, I also did not get sick from them.

Im telling ya, this whole flu shot hype / crap, is BS.

647 days ago


Look at all the sheep getting bent over shape because they didn't understand the joke.
Look at all the sheep thinking vaccines are needed...and will say something about polio.
Look at all the sheep clueless about so many things.
Wake up!

647 days ago

BB not bb    

If you want to hear something crazy, hospitals are already planning on storing flu patients in hallways and conference rooms. Now how do they know it is going to get that bad? I haven't encountered anyone with it yet. If they push these stupid vaccines, maybe more people will get it.

The thing you have to watch out for now is MRSA. This can ruin you fast if you don't get it under control, and it is even spreading through the air.

647 days ago

BB not bb    

Oh and if you wash your hands before you eat and after the bathroom and when you get home, you will wash off alot of the flu germs that can get to you. Now if you want to be very precautious about it, you can wear a surgical mask like the Chinese do to filter the air and keep yourself and others from getting sick. At least the mask won't make you sick like a shot will.

Why do you think that these shots are free either? Once you get sick, the hospital and drug companies are going to make a ton of money off you when you turn up complaining.

647 days ago



647 days ago

BB not bb    

Do you know that there is toxic mercury in vaccines, aborted babies, cells from diseased animals, and other disgusting things? Now they wonder why there is alzheimer's disease so much all of a sudden. Maybe these old people are just debilitated by all the junk injected into them all of their lives. Mercruy destroys your brain. They used to call people mad as a hatter, because hatters shaped the felt with mercury and it ruined their minds.

Mercury builds up in your tissues. It comes from vaccines and dental fillings and fish from dirty water. When you inject it straight into your blood though, that is like a bullet to the head.

647 days ago

Made it Past 27    

I will never get a flu shot. I minored in clinical neuroscience and I read about a young college student who was a healthy, great athlete on her school's basketball team. She got the flu shot so she wouldn't miss any games. She had a RARE side effect from the flu shot, that caused her entire body to become paralyzed permanently. She couldn't even make facial expressions. It broke my heart. I know its a rare side effect. I know Jackman was making a silly joke, but people should be aware of the risks involved with any vaccination or medication.

647 days ago

BB not bb    

Lets look at a generation or two ago. Old people were sharp and still worked and took care of themselves. They were considered elders and looked to for advice. Now they are all looking to find a rest home and be taken care of like they are disabled. Why is this a fact of life now for so many? People never even heard of this alzeimer's until recently. I think the old people from the turn of the century from the 1900's didn't get vaccines and so they were fine.

Now they especially want the old people to get the shots. It seems to be destroying the minds of young children who get autism. The old and the young have the hardest time filtering out mercury.

647 days ago

Rene Garcia    

CDC Calm down...He was talking about how he feels great because he just won the Golden Globe..He is not saying you really don't need one. Everyone just needs to calm down and not take things literally.

647 days ago
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