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Manti Te'o

Fake GF Called Me AFTER

Her Supposed Death

1/16/2013 5:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Manti Te'o told Notre Dame officials he NEVER met his supposed girlfriend in person ... and only realized her death was a hoax last month ... after receiving a phone call from "Lennay's" cell phone.

Jack Swarbrick -- Director of Athletics at Notre Dame -- called an emergency media conference Wednesday night in the wake of the not-really-dead girlfriend scandal. Here are the highlights:

-- Manti is expected to address the media sometime tomorrow (Thursday).
-- Manti called Notre Dame officials on Dec. 26 ... and alerted them to the hoax.
-- According to Swarbrick, Manti realized Lennay Kekua wasn't dead when he got a phone call from her cell phone at an ESPN award show in December ... months after her supposed death.
-- Manti claims the woman who called from "Lennay's" phone was the same person who he had spoken with during his relationship with Lennay.
-- Manti says the woman informed him that Lennay was not dead ... because she was not real.
-- Swarbrick says Manti met with a media team, who had planned to release the story to the media next week ... but they were scooped by Deadspin.
-- Manti told ND officials he had gone to Hawaii to meet Lennay in person on several occasions, but she never showed up.
-- ND believes that Manti was targeted because he's too nice of a guy ... and the perps took pleasure in humiliating him.

Swarbrick also said, "This was a very elaborate, very sophisticated hoax perpetrated for reasons we can't fully understand but had a certain cruelty at its core."

Swarbrick says investigators believe there are numerous people involved in the hoax.

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No Avatar


Here I am thinking I'm "in the know" yet I have no idea who these people are and they are headlining TMZ. Yes, I know, google is my friend.

645 days ago


Maybe we should be worried about how many concussions this kid has had? He seems to be suffering from memory loss.

645 days ago

Throwback kid    

He may be gay and too afraid to come out of the closet so he comes up with this whole fake girlfriend thing and it just steamrolled out of control for him. But at some point the imaginary girlfriend had to die, if he kept it going much longer what would his excuse be for not being with her? She would be expected to be at the NFL Draft in April, he would become rich and could fly her to wherever he was playing in the NFL. It is almost like killing off a soap opera character after they ran out of storylines for them. Teo just didn't think this out enough, 3 years and he never met her? there are just too many holes in this story.

645 days ago

coco cola    

Drugs drugs

645 days ago


If what he is saying is true, that was an extremely cruel hoax to play on him.

645 days ago


Pendejo!!! Y Más Puto!!!!

645 days ago


max, bro! Dude here, help me out. This pertains to celebrities and the thirty mile zone, how! If I wanted a subscription to ESPNkids....

645 days ago


So call the ghost busters...or Nev...either way they'll investigate

645 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Years later, it will be revealed that Manti has an I.Q. of 48, and is what some people call "mentally retarded".

645 days ago


The story about his "sick and dying" girlfriend is hyped by him and ND JUST at the same time players are getting hyped for the Heisman - coincidence? Hardy.

645 days ago

True gf    

I don't care what u say I love him and my name is actually "Jill"

645 days ago


With all the tang he could've got on campus, what kind of high-end college athlete would chose an online relationship? Especially one where he has never met/seen the girl.

645 days ago


Just seems a bit fishy to me, I think he was in on it from the beginning.

645 days ago

Throwback kid    

Notre Dame has always been famous for their PR ALL Americans, guys who were just OK but the Notre Dame publicity machine hyped them up like they were all the next Bo Jackson. Well between Notre Dame and Teo they hyped this imaginary girl up like she was the next Mother Tereza, she had a car accident, cancer, still managed to graduate from Stanford and give Manti Teo all these life lessons that he would cherish so dearly even though he never actually met her in 3 years. Notre Dame and Teo should be ashamed of themselves, they are a joke!

645 days ago


What dreams may come
Te'o's, ND's destiny come full circle
October 12, 2012|By ERIC HANSEN - South Bend Tribune

SOUTH BEND -- It never felt like a chance meeting, although it probably appeared that way from the outside looking in.

Their stares got pleasantly tangled, then Manti Te'o extended his hand to the stranger with a warm smile and soulful eyes.

They could have just as easily brushed past each other and into separate sunsets. Te'o had plenty to preoccupy himself that November weekend in Palo Alto, Calif., back in 2009

Lennay Kekua was a Stanford student and Cardinal football fan when the two exchanged glances, handshakes and phone numbers that fateful weekend three seasons ago.

They started out as just friends," Brian Te'o said. "Every once in a while, she would travel to Hawaii, and that happened to be the time Manti was home, so he would meet with her there. But within the last year, they became a couple.

"And we came to the realization that she could be our daughter-in-law. Sadly, it won't happen now."

645 days ago
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